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Chapter 11


Isabella POV


Days flew by and finally that day came


yeah you heard me


I’ve spent Days days so far


I spent the remaining days healing and Leonardo have been really caring and nice to me even if he doesn’t say much sometime


I have learned that what made a man is either by his surrounding or past


That was exactly what happened to Leonardo


His past was so bad that it turned him to a heartless human who kill as he please and don’t care


And being a Mafia is a lot more to handle ,you must never show your weakness else your opponent might use it against you .


I woke up and strolled to the bathroom ,I did my business and came out I dressed up and waited


A knock landed on the door and I knew it wasn’t Leonardo “Come in “I said and the door cracked open


“ma’am ,Mr Leonardo asked me to take you home when done”he said and I gave him a sad smile


“I will be down in a second”I replied and he nodded Where the hell is Leonardo?


Why didn’t I feel happy going back, gaining back my freedom?


i walked downstairs with a few things and entered the car ,still no sign of Leonardo I took a last glance at the house before the car engine started i was beyond sad


He didn’t even say a word to me, just like he said “Ten days on his bed” and that’s all


when I was actually beginning to believe that I meant something to him due to his change of attitude towards me


I guess I was wrong


once a Mafia , always a Mafia


He was still the same heartless and selfish Leonardo I met in the beginning .

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The drive took about an hour and finally we pulled up at the entrance of my house Sadness and pain was the only thing I felt at that moment


I can’t believe where I was born hold a lot of bad memories like this I can’t even remember the happy moment


I came out of the car took my things and went in


The whole place was oddly quiet which I was thankful for


I didn’t want to see the man who calls himself my father or the woman who call herself my mother


I went into my room and everywhere looks like a disaster


I sure it’s my parents trying to check if they could see any money.


My hand still hurts a bit so it took me time before I was finally able to put the room in order


I just took a shower and collapsed on the bed Tired .


I woke up feeling really hungry because I didn’t eat last night I did my morning business and came out


as usual I heard my mom and dad shouting


“Look who finally came home after whoring around”my mom said dramatically while I just rolled my eyes


I think the best option for me now is to move out and find a job I checked the whole place and there was nothing for me to eat so I just went to the nearby cafe and got some breakfast


The whole day went by smoothly ,I tried my best to forget Leonardo and find a job Night came and I went to shower before coming out


I felt a presence behind me and I turned quickly but no one was there


I searched for my hoodie when I felt something covered my nose and that was it .


I blacked out.






The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing



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