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Chapter 12


Isabella POV


I woke up and found out I was in a in familiar room



The bed was different and so was the room design I’m very sure this isn’t Leonardo’s place


First of all ,what is it with me and getting kidnapped


I came down from the bed and walked towards the door The door wasn’t locked


I made my way out and passed through the huge hallway this house must be huge


I walked down the stairs and heard some noise on reaching where I guess it’s the sitting room The noise died down but I noticed only one person The guy from the function




“leave”he said to people that were with him and they all left immediately “what do you want from me”


“why am I here”


“why did you kidnap me ” I asked angrily


“Are you hunny”he asked back ignoring my question


“No I want to go home”I replied sternly which made him laugh loudly



As much as his laughter sounds pleasant to my ears ,I still don’t get why he kidnapped me


“you call that a home”


“were your own parents treat you like trash and sell you off because of money they owe” he said and my body went numb


his words affected me because they were really true “why am I here”I asked and he walked towards me


“your here because I want to give you a better life , just let me take care of you”he said touching my hair


“no thank you”I replied moving backwards “I want to go”i replied back


“you b*tch “he snarled angrily grabbing my neck while I gasped for air


“I gave you an opportunity to have a better life and you turn it down ..I guess I might have to do it the other way”he said


“what do you mean”I managed to ask


“I’m going to use you and kill Leonardo”he replied throwing me to the couch “I’m sure he must have heard your missing by now”he added


“Leonardo won’t come for me”I replied and he gave me a weird look “What do you mean” he asked


“it was only a deal,he threw me out after that”I replied



“well you better wish he comes for you because if he doesn’t I will kill you”he said walking away


I rushed to the main door and yeah only a password could open it


I looked through the window and just like Leonardo’s place ,it was filled with guards


I slumped back on the chair and used my palm to cover my face .


Since when did my life get messed up


From one bad situation to another and to worsen it all I’m in the hand of two dangerous men


Can things ever get better ?


My stomach grumble but I didn’t care i just sat down in the couch Minutes later I was feeling really pressed


i really needed to use the bathroom and Walter is out of sight


I walked through the hallway trying to find the room I came out from “I think it’s this one” I muttered to myself and walked in yeah I was right


I quickly walked to the bathroom and opened the door , meeting the shock of my life


A naked Walter in the shower.





. The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


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