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Chapter 6


Isabella Pov


It’s obvious his doing this out of anger and that’s what hurts the most.


He emptied himself on my body and walked out of the room slamming the door shut and locking it from outside


I dragged myself off the bed and entered the bathroom


I sat in the bath tub drained and tired


I was out of strength ,I couldn’t cry or yell I felt numb.


I was freezing and I managed to get off the bath tub it was morning already and I slept in the bath tub I was freezing but my temperature is really high


I snuck under the duvet and covered myself properly Leonardo POV


I kept throwing punches at the punching bag I was furious ,I was angry at myself


My hands were beginning to hurt but I actually don’t care


I just want to let out all the furstration I was feeling at that moment


I feel guilty


I feel bad


This isn’t the first time I’m doing such,I’m a devil, I’m cold and I don’t have a heart


I don’t treat girls nicely


They are just sΒ£x tools to me


I use them and throw them away like trash But why is she different



Why do I always have this feeling of guilt anytime I do something bad to her Why do I hate seeing her cry


When I saw her walked down the stairs in her black outfit


she looked extremely beautiful ,I tried really hard not to look at her


She has added some weight just in a few days ,unlike when she recently came here


She looked like someone who can break at any moment due to lack of sleep and good food


We sat down in the car and I focused on my phone well that was what she will be thinking


Even if my eyes were glued to my phone ,my attention was on her ,I noticed every single move she made


We came down from the car and I placed my hands on her back Her body got tensed but she later relaxed


“Do not say anything to anyone”I said sternly and I could see the confused look on her face


Her face lit up as she starred at the beautiful decorations


She was doing well by not saying anything until that demon walked up to her “Walter Brian”


I hated him so much and we never really get along his like my opponent



“Leonardo Davin “he called smiling as usual “Walter Brian”i said coldly “Miss”Walter called starring at Isabella


He raised her hand and kissed the back of her palm it pissed me off


“What’s your name beautiful”He asked


“Isabella “she replied back smiling


I thought I told her not to speak ,why us Walter an exception and why is she blushing


“I will take her”Walter said turning to me


“she’s not on sale “i replied coldly ,,i was more than angry right now


“what do you mean ,,all girls here are on sale …why is she an exception”Walter asked


“she’s mine “i replied


“ohh I see ”


“we will see about that “walter said and whispered some words in her ears As if that wasn’t enough another guy came up to her


Hugging,kissing and touching all over her she wasn’t even bothered or pushed him away



Her eyes were shining and she looked more than happy It’s obvious the both of them are in love


The sound of her in another man’s hand made me even more angry


Is this what they call jealousy?




After the whole event of last night,I decided to go check up on her


I unlocked her room door and saw her lying lifelessly on the bed








The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing



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