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✏Few years later ✔


✏Rebecca’s POV



“Greta, please pass the oranges to the other table, I’d like someone to start making the fresh juice now.” I called out to her.


“Alright.” She said, almost bumping into a worker.


I smiled, going back to slicing the tomatoes.


Who knew family dinner would be so stressful? I had been planning this since Elena and Daniella came into our lives, that was like three years ago, exactly on the sixth of June. We had two beautiful angels.


So much for wanting a male child.


Now, Elena and Daniella just turned three, today and Liano and I planned to make tonight special… All family members are going to attend!


Camilla is going to be here with Marcos and Manuel, her cute little boy who is also three. Piper and Diego got married two years ago and Piper was pregnant with her first child.


April had a beautiful baby Girl, Janice.


My mom arrived from New York yesterday. she and Emeliano’s mother, Luciana were outside making arrangements for the kids play house


Marcos’s Mom was not able to make it because she and her husband were busy with their usual monthly trip to Los Angeles. In all, we were all complete and happy, kinda .


Emeliano still had issues with Marcos, but he was sensible enough to know when to say stupid stuffs and when to leave his angry comments to himself.



Camilla and April weren’t on the best friends basics yet… But they still tried to get along with each other. Tried.


My mother and April were on speaking terms now though. Two years ago, April and I travelled back to New York to spend some time with Our mom.


Emeliano and I had a proper normal wedding the same year I got pregnant. But we kept the private wedding to ourselves though… No need for another family drama.


After slicing the tomatoes, I brought out the pan, and poured a little amount of oil in it. I placed the tomatoes in the oil, stirring it from side to side… Then I poured the onions, frying everything together.


I opened up a restaurant last year, it was already flowing with business and very happy costumers… But today, I left all the work to my assistant, Julie, she assured me that she’d be just fine with the work…


She loved cooking as much as I did.


“Hey!” Emeliano called out, rushing to the kitchen. He looked nervous and somewhat scared.


“Hey, what have you done?” I asked him, taking my attention off the pan for a second.


He scrunched his brows. “Why do you think I’ve done something wrong?” He asked. Now he’s just trying to be cute… Only if he knew that he didn’t have to try.


“You have the. ‘i have done something wrong look’ on your face.” I stated. “So, tell me… What’s wrong?”


He only sighed before speaking.


“Everything.” He said. “I can’t find the girls.”


I frowned. “Pablo, please come take over!” I said, as Pablo took control of the cooking.



I pulled Emeliano out of the kitchen. “What do you mean by you can’t find the girls? You were supposed to get them ready for this evening.” I said to him.


“Yeah, I was helping them get ready, but then I got a call from the office. I swear it didn’t take long, maybe like thirty minutes or so.. and then when I got back, they were gone.”


I groaned. “Have you checked the balcony?”


“Yeah… I’ve done that… I’m freaking out, Rebecca.”


“Calm down! If you freak out, what do you want me to do! You need to be strong for the both of us…”


“Okay… But where could they have gone?”

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“Have you asked the guards?”


“Yes, they haven’t seen them either.” Emeliano said.


“Those girls will be the death of me, I swear.” I muttered.


“Come on, we gotta find them before Piper gets here.” Emeliano said, rushing up the stairs.


I followed him to the girls room.


The two beds were empty and scattered. “But I cleaned here this morning.” I stated.


“Daniella did that.” Emeliano said.


I rolled my eyes. “Ella! Elena! Today isn’t hide and seek day, you know that right?” I called out.


“Dani come on! Daddy’s about to go out to get your favorite chocolate, don’t you wanna go too?” Emeliano said.



“How did you lose them?”


“I told you how. You know how they are, they really love this hide and seek game.”


I smiled at him. “Stop trying to put the blame on hide and seek Liano.”


“So what are you saying? That I purposely lost them?”


“It could be that… This isn’t exactly the first time you know, you always play hide and seek with them so you could have your alone time with me, and later on when you want to play with them, you find them fast asleep in the spot they hid.” I said.


“I- I don’t do that.” He said, avoiding my gaze. “Whatever, let’s just find them.”


“Well, obviously, they’re not here.” I said.


“Then they should be in our bedroom, under the bed.” Emeliano suggested.


“Fine, let’s go check.” I answered as we both walked out of the room together.


“There you both are!” Piper appeared right in front of us. The baby bump in her stomach, made her whole face glow. “Diego and I just arrived, we have been looking for you both everywhere, but first of all- where are those two little devils, eh?” She said, trying to pop her way into the door behind us.


Emeliano and I blocked her path. “Why, they are getting ready you see, and they really want to surprise everyone so they asked us to allow them make an- an uh-” I couldn’t think of the right word.


“Entrance,” Emeliano completed for me. “You know how dramatic they can be right?” He said.


“Yes, yeah of course,” she sighed sadly. “I seriously wanted to see them though.”


“Oh, you will… They are just getting ready!” I said nervously.



“Yes they are… They really wanted you to see them too but uh- they wanted to also surprise you with their, you know… New dresses and stuff.” Emeliano said.


“Right… I totally get it… April and Janice are downstairs already.” Piper said.


“Oh really? How about Jacob?” Emeliano asked. Jacob was April’s husband.


“April said he went to a toy store just after dropping them off, he wanted to get something for all the kids.” Piper informed.


“Oh that’s generous of him… Why don’t you go downstairs Piper… I’ll just help the girls get ready and we’ll be down in no time.”


“Sure. I’ll go help in the kitchen.” Piper smiled as she walked away.


I sighed. “We need to find the girls.” I whispered to Emeliano.


We both went to our room.


“Dani! Elena… Are you girls in here?” I called out, checking the bathroom while Emeliano went into the walk-in closet.


They weren’t in the bathroom.


“Uh- Rebecca? You might wanna see this.” Emeliano said. the sound of amusement graced his words.


I rushed to the walk-in closet. When my eyes moved to the direction Emeliano was looking at, I gasped.


“How the hell did they find the cake?” I whispered as I watched our girls bath themselves with the surprise cake I thought I hid so well, their hair and dresses were messy and the cake was basically destroyed.


“Why are you asking me? You thought the walk-in closet was a proper place to hide the surprise cake.” Emeliano chuckled.


“Oh, this is a disaster.” I whispered.



“Dani loo’ it’s daddy an’ mommy, they’ve com’ to eat cake too. Mov’ away, let them sit.” Elena said, pushing Dani to a corner.


Daniella grinned, turning her head to our direction. Her brown black her was designed with cake. She stood up on her two little feet and rushed to Emeliano. “Daddy! Come come! The cake is plenty!”


“Oh Dani, why did you both do this? Now how are we going to wash all this cake from your hair?”


“Elena come here.” I said as I walked over to Elena, scooping her up in my arms.


“Mommy ar’ you okay? You loo’ like you wan’to cry?” Elena said.


“I’m okay honey. But the cake isn’t and I’m sad that you found it.”


“Told you it wasn’t a good hiding spot… These girls can find anything.” Emeliano said. “They have back up dresses right?”


“Yeah they do… Can you handle them? I’ll go get their clothes.”


“Sure.” Emeliano said, taking Elena from my arm.


“Be right back.” I said, rushing out of the room only to bump into Camilla. “Cammy, you guys are here.”


“Yeah, we just arrived. Everyone is here actually.”


“Oh that’s, awesome. I hope Manuel is here though?”


“Of course, the baby sitter quit her job.” Camilla said.


“That’s like the fifth baby sitter this week right?” I asked.


“Yeah… It’s awful… Kids are a handful, but looking at you, you seem to be handling your girls like it’s so easy.”


Oh, you have no idea.


“I try.” I said.


Camilla’s brow came together as her eyes scanned my gown. “Is that- icing?”


“What?” I looked down at my gown. “Oh- yeah, you know- preparation for the after birthday party and stuff.”


“I understand… I was just heading to powder my nose, see you downstairs.” She said as she walked away.


I sighed, proceeding to the girls room.


Getting in, I grabbed their back up dress and shoes.


“Becca?” April’s voice made me look up.


“Hey! April.” I said, walking over to her and gave her a hug.


“I’ve been asking about you… Why aren’t you downstairs…


Everyone has arrived… The playground is ready and-” April paused. “Emeliano lost the girls again, didn’t he?”


Oh, she knew me so well.


“Yeah… But we found them… Not in a good state.”


“The surprise cake is destroyed, right?”


“Yes. I seriously don’t know how they were able to find it.”


April laughed. “They’re smart you know. But hey! Guess who knew this would happen! She actually decided to get a back up surprise cake because she knew hiding the original one in a walk-in closet was a bad idea.” April wiggled her brows.



“Oh my- d–n I love you so much.” I gave her a tight hug. “You’re a life saver.” I said.


“Yeah yeah.. I know… Why don’t you go get them ready and I’ll see what I can do to stall everyone downstairs.”


“Thanks April, you’re the best.”


“Like I said, I know… Now go.” She laughed.


Finally, we got the girls into the new dresses, styled their hair again and sprayed them their favorite rosy perfume.


“You ready?” Emeliano asked me.


I sighed with a smile. “I am… Let’s go give them a grand surprise, shall we girls?”


They both giggled.


The rest of the night turned out okay, we had a blissful dinner and after that, we watched all the kids explore the new found playhouse in the Alfredo Mansion.


“Hey,” I whispered to Emeliano who couldn’t take his eyes off our girls.


He smiled at me. “I know what you want to say.” He said.


“I know you know, but I’ll say it anyway.” I smiled. “I love you, husband.” I whispered to his ears.


“And I love you too, Wife.” He smiled, placing a kiss on my forehead.


I inhaled his never tiring scent and closed my eyes, knowing fully well that we are where we wanted to be.



In each others arms.











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