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The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing


Chapter 3


Isabella Pov


Day 2


After taking my bath and dressing up ,the door opened


Leonardo came into the room and starred at me


I began undressing but he stopped me


“Do you want to speak with anyone”he asked “No ,I just want to go home”I replied back


“I told you that’s impossible “he said walking towards me I knew asking me to let me go was completely impossible

His heartless


“I need you to make breakfast”he added


I nodded instantly because at least I was leaving the room


Being there alone and locked up always makes me think of how unlucky I am Who knows I might be able to find a way to escape


I followed him downstairs and I must confess the house is breath taking it so beautiful and really big


Since I passed out ,,I didn’t see the direction to this place or which house I’m in ,I only woke up in a room


“The kitchen is over there “he said pointing to the other side of the apartment I walked into the kitchen and checked the cabinet Everything needed for a proper breakfast was there


I tied the apron around my waist and began cooking


After cooking I served them on the dining and Leonardo sat down “sit”he said in a commanding tone and I did


“eat”he added pushing his own portion towards me


is he kidding me ? I think he thought I poisoned the food Truth be told if I had poison I wouldn’t think twice I ate the food gently while he watched me


He dished out another portion for himself and we ate in silence


As much as I hate this guy,I couldn’t help but stare at how handsome he looks


His sharp jawline,full eye brows,pointed nose, pink lips,hazel eyes and dark hair


He is truly perfection


He was about turning to my direction when I removed my gaze and stare at the food


I don’t want him to see me checking him out “you know it’s rude to stare”he said with a smirk


I guess he caught me ,I didn’t know what to reply so I just kept quiet After I cleared the dishes and washed them I went back to Leonardo


He led me back to my room and locked up the door i collapsed in the bed starring at the celling


Leaving this place was impossible


I took my time and checked out the place while cooking and it has a lot of security cameras


not only that..the compound was filled with huge guards who held guns I will only get myself killed if I try to escape


Today is just day two ,,eight more days left to go I closed my eyes and allowed the sleep to take me *


I woke up feeling more healthy and alive


Back in my home,,I barely have time to rest talk more of sleep


it was from one job to another ,not that they were even decent job


I had to do them for my parents but what did I get at the end of the day


A drunkard and a gambler father who gave me out to be a sΒ£x slave and a mother who sleeps arround


My mind drifted to Tony and sure he must be worried about my disappearance Tony is the only real friend I have and Crush


I always had a crush but him but he friend zoned me


He looks at me as his sister and nothing more which pained me


I couldn’t bring myself down to make a move because I was scared of rejection so I just buried the feelings.



I went into the bathroom and showered

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I came out and dressed up when a knock landed on the door and the guy who normally bring me food stepped in


he dropped the food but didn’t leave,,now he was walking close to me . “what are you doing”I asked in fear moving back


“not until I have a taste of you”he replied gripping me hard I struggled in fear and he pined me tightly


“shut the f**k up bitch”he muttered trying to force himself ontop me


the door burst open and Leonardo walked in making the guy jump up from me in a blink ,I heard gunshot and the guy was on the floor with blood from his head tbc


The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing


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