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Chapter 5


Isabella Pov


“Do not say anything to anyone “he said and we walked in The place was beautiful decorated, everyone was wearing black Is this some sought of burial or what ?


We walked in and Leonardo began greeting some people one after the other They were dressed in really expensive outfit both the male and the female


But what surprised me most was that there were young girls of my age standing at the mimi bar and dressed in revealing outfits


I felt Leonardo hand tensed on my body


A young man looking extremely handsome well not up to Leonardo walked towards us with a smile on his face


“Leonardo Davin “he called smiling widely “Walter Brian”Leonardo said coldly


I wonder what’s up with these two,they look like they hate each other do much



“Miss”Walter called starring at me


He raised my hand and kissed the back of my palm making me blush a little


“What’s your name beautiful”He asked


“Isabella “I replied back smiling


“I will take her”Walter said starring back at Leonardo


“she’s not on sale “he replied coldly


“what do you mean ,,all girls here are on sale …why is she an exception”Walter asked and I must confess his already getting on Leonardo’s nerve


“she’s mine “he replied


“ohh I see ”


“we will see about that “walter said


“I will love to see you again beautiful”Walter whispered softly in my ears and kissed my cheeks before walking away


Walter seems cool,well reserved and caring


“I told you not to talk to anyone” Leonardo said dragging me to a table to sit


“I’m sorry he asked me question and I couldn’t just ignore him ,, besides his really nice “I replied sipping the drink


“Isabella”someone called and I looked up Immediately


“Tony”I half yelled exictedly jumping on his body



“where have you been ,I Miss you so much”he said kissing my both cheeks with made me turn red


“I’m sorry alot is just going on”i replied honestly


we hugged tightly again and someone cleared his throat behind us “ohh sorry ,, Tony meet Mr Leonardo Davin “I said I could Leonardo turning all red ,


“Yeah who doesn’t know him “Tony said stretching his hands which he totally ignored


“Let’s go”Leonardo said sternly


“see you later Tony”I said and he kissed my forehead Leonardo dragged my hands as we made our way to the car


His was actually hurting me ,The drive back home was silent and tensed His really angry


We arrived back at the apartment and Leonardo walked in leaving me behind I went his and saw him removing his tux and belt


He dragged my hands to the bedroom and I winked on pain


“Your hurting me “I said trying to break free but I was only hurting myself the more


“So you called your boyfriend to make mockery and disrespect me”Leonardo said “what! his not my boyfriend”I defended


“then why was he all over you”Leonardo asked pushing me on the bed


is that how you flirt with everyone” “you make yourself cheap huh”he added.

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Leonardo kissed all over my body in a forcefully


He pinned me down with is body and sucked on my neck am sure going to have alot of hickeys tomorrow


Tears were still pouring down my eyes but there was still pleasure in it


The thrust into me and more tears rolled down my cheeks when I starred at him It’s obvious his doing this out of anger and that’s what hurts the most tbc



The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing

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