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Chapter 4


Isabella Pov


I closed my eyes tightly in fear


Some guys rushed in carrying guns which made fear gripped me the more



“Let’s go”Leonardo said and I followed behind him We walked to another room and I entered


the room was completely different from the one I was in earlier I looked arround closely and it was Leonardo’s room “Stay here”he said and left


I walked over to the king sized bed and sat down


I knew he was a ruthless man but finding killing so easy was what I never imagined


Minutes later the door opened and Leonardo walked in with a tray of food in his hands


He dropped them for me before going into the bathroom


I was so hungry ,I didn’t think twice before rushing the food


At least I will need all the strength I can get for whatever that is about to happen


I was done eating when Leonardo walked back in with a towel tied around his waist and water dripping from his body


He was like those model that take pictures with water dripping from their body


“Done checking me out”he asked and I looked away shyly trying so hard not to blush


“what happened earlier on won’t repeat itself again”he said “no it’s okay I’m fine”I replied back


“what do you mean by it’s fine ,that guy almost raped you”Leonardo half yelled



“you did the same thing to me countless times remember and no one killed you”I replied back


Seriously I didn’t know where I got the courage from


His face dropped instantly but later change to a cold glare


He removed his towel and I looked away ,not like I haven’t seen it before but it just feels weird starring at it


He walked over to the closet and began dressing up


He picked up a few things and locked up the door on his way out I collapsed on the bed and slept off


Seriously I don’t have any better option ,but somehow his bed was comfortable for me


His perfume filled my nostril


“Miss ”




someone called tapping me and I opened my eyes gently


“Mr Leonardo asked me to dress you up,your going out with him”the lady said and I nodded


“lemme take a shower”I said to her and entered the bathroom if not that I was going out , I would have had a bubble bath the bathroom is so big and beautiful


I took a shower and came out


“it’s beautiful”I muttered starring at the black gown on the bed “yeah and am sure it will look good on you “the lady replied


I wore my undergarments before sliding into the long lace black gown it hugged my body perfectly and not really revealing the lady did my hair and a light makeup


I wanted to ask her where we were actually going but I know it’s pointless I starred at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t believe it


I have never dressed up like this before,I don’t even have the money to afford such expensive dress


I came down to the sitting room and met Leonardo all dressed in a black tuxedo “let’s go”he said without sparing me a glance


We entered a black limo and i starred out the window through out the whole drive


Leonardo focused on his phone and I was tempted to ask where we were going but since he paid no attention to me so I just kept mute


we arrived at a venue and one of the boyguard opened the door


we came down and Leonardo placed his hands on my back as we made our way in “Do not say anything to anyone “he said and we walked in


The place was beautiful decorated, everyone was wearing black Is this some sought of burial or what ?







The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing

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