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Chapter 15 Finale


Isabella POV


Riding the car so fast in the lonely street like someone who is insane yeah that was me


I already sighted from afar that I was being chased or followed


I seriously don’t know if I’m doing the right or wrong thing


I don’t know who is good or who is bad


I just want to get away from everyone right now Thankfully after the crazy drive,I was back in the city


Going to my house was a bad idea ,the only place I had was the bar where I once worked and Tony


Maybe there was something he could do


I parked few meters away from the bar and walked fastly I was about entering when I heard a gunshot


I turned around nervously and saw Leonardo,he killed someone And by the look of things,it was the person trying to kill me should I say I was relieved seeing Leonardo or what


“let’s go”was the only thing he said and I totally ignored him


“Isabella let’s go”Harry said angrily


“l’m not going anywhere with you “i said sternly


“if you don’t come over here I’m going to carry you”he replied while I rolled my eyes


Before I knew it he swiped me off my feet and threw me on his shoulders


“Leonardo put me down “I half yelled


He threw me into the car and locked the door


I fold my hands angrily as we sat down and drove to where I had no idea about.


we arrived at a building and we both came down and walked in


“Woah how many houses do you have”I blurted out


“alot princess”he replied like it’s nothing while I gasped


“let’s talk”I said sternly and Leonardo turned to me


“See Isabella ,I really really like you and I am sorry I didn’t realize till you left …okay I realise it before than but i didn’t want you to get caught in any of my shit,besides I didn’t know if you like me back due to the way I treated you…but I can’t let you …


I didn’t allow him to keep blabbing before I crashed my lips on his


The kiss was intense and we finally broke it to caught our breath


“I like you too”I said


“really you do …come here”he replied kissing me again .


Leonardo POV


Finally everything was falling into place ,I’m having she likes me too


I actually planned everything from the onset


I have to let her go so I could lead Walter right into our trap which he fell into


My phone rang and I excused my self to go pick it up “Where is Walter “I asked


“I’m sorry sir but he died in the shoot out “he replied “okay”I said and ended the call


No matter how Walter was bad I didn’t want him to die like that


I guess that is what he brought upon himself by trying me in the first place . “Hey are you okay”Isabella asked and I nodded “yeah I’m fine” I replied


“so I was thinking if we could start over ,new life and new house and away from my parents”she said and I smiled


“I’m Leonardo Davin and you are ”


“Isabella Smith” she replied back and we hugged tightly Who knew I could find love in the most weird way.


The End


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