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The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing


Chapter 2


Isabella Pov


“Okay enough ,who the hell are you “I half yelled facing the guy whom I think is the boss


“were is my money”the guy asked my father in an Italian accent


and also he ignored me


“I…I…don’t have it yet”my dad shuttered


“who is she “the guy asked my dad pointing at me “my daughter”he replied


“good I will have her”he said and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket “Thank you she’s all yours ,you can have her”my dad said shocking me even more “Dad”I half yelled


“Shut up bitch not that you are of any use to me”he replied and my heart sank


The guys signaled his boyguards and they went up to me and dragged me along with them


I struggled free as i keep on yelling for help “I will call the cops of you douchebag” “you will all rot in prison for kidnapping”


I knew all this threat were empty and they paid me no attention I felt something hard hit my neck and I passed out *



I woke up only to find myself in a room ,I rushed to the door and it was locked


I checked the window and it’s impossible to go out


I sat down on the bed thinking of what to do next


obviously crying won’t solve anything


the door opened and he walked in


“let me go please “I said almost breaking down


“oh Hermosa not so fast” he replied walking close to me


“what do you want from me”I asked shifting back


“Just ten days on my bed and your free” he replied back


“what please you can’t do that to me”I pleaded


“oh I can and I will,besides don’t get too flattered ,your body is like the biggest turn off “he replied rushing me to the bed


“yes I agree let me go”I said struggling in fear


He pined me down on the bed and began tearing off my clothes I tried fighting him off but can’t ,his way too strong me


He sucked on my neck as hot tears rolled down my eyes He pulled down his pants and forced himself into me

I felt a sharp pain and more tears rolled down my eyes and he didn’t even care


I hate him so much right now




Day 1


I woke up feeling really sore in between my legs


I dragged my feet to the bathroom and took my bath


the outfit I wore earlier was ruined so I just tied the towel and came out I felt so much better than before


I saw a neatly folded cloth on my bed with a tray of food there


It was a black gown and matching undies


I put them on before settling down to eat


Rejecting the food right now won’t do me any good I stayed in the room the whole day doing nothing


Only a bald head man who came to drop lunch and now dinner How did I end up in this mess and being someone sΒ£x slave

I thought I was unlucky before but this just worsen the whole thing


I cleaned my tears up because no matter how long I cry it won’t change anything


the door opened and he walked in again


The handsome devil


“Please can I rest am still sore “I said hoping he would understand


“I’ll love to make you more sore”he replied with a smrik plastered on his face “who are you ,,why don’t you have a heart” I asked honestly


“I’m Leonardo Davin ,leader of the mafia and your right I don’t have a heart ” “you should be happy ,other girls would die to be in your position “he added



“now undress or i will help you and I won’t be so careful”he said with no expression on his face


Leonardo starred at me plainly and I undress and climbed the bed I spread my legs and he slide into me


The only thing I was feeling was pain ,anger ,regret ,hatred for everyone


After what took like an hour ,,he walked out of the room and slammed the door shut


I let the tears run down from my eyes ,I feel really dirty




to be continued




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