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Rebecca’s POV




“I’m leaving first thing tomorrow morning. You can have the house to yourself and your psycho ex boyfriend.” He said, walking away from me. Finally.


Shutting my eyes, I allowed the first drop of tears to fall. Followed by the others.


Quickly, I picked up my phone prepared to finish this once and for all.


I dialed Rafael’s number.


“Lewis.” His irritating voice blasted my speaker.


“Dad. Andrew contacted me. He’s in Paris. He knows you’re onto him.”


“Don’t worry about anything Rebecca. It’s under control- he’ll be gone soon. I promise- how are things with Emeliano?”


“It’s perfect here, I’ll get his signature on the paper in no time.”


“Amazing. I’ve got to go. Call me if something comes up.”


“Sure.” I hung up “bastard.”


I dropped down on a stool, putting my hands on my face.


Emeliano hates me. Despite the fact that I told him everything, he still can’t stand my presence.


How do I make him understand?










I summoned enough courage to walk up to Emeliano. I wronged him, I betrayed him. I broke whatever trust he managed to build between us. He was right after all, I ruined us. But something in me told me that it wasn’t all ruined.


Something may have changed between us, but I knew we still had something, I knew there was still a part of me that could still reach out to a part of him.


I couldn’t just let him leave like that, what we had was worth fighting for, and if he didn’t see it that way, I’d show him.


His door was left slightly open, my hand reached for the handle, pulling it open fully as I stepped in. He was packing his clothes into his suitcase.




Gently, I shut the door behind me.



Just then, he turned to me, his eyes studied me for a second before he went on with his packing.


Sighing, I moved to stand next to him.


“So that’s it?” I said, my voice below whispers. It was clear that I was sad, I wasn’t the slightest bit happy with our situation. I caused all this, but I did it with the most purest intensions. Why couldn’t he see that? What was so hard to believe?


He ignored me totally, going on with packing.


He picked up a blue T shirt, and shoved it into the suitcase.


I pulled the blue T-shirt from the suitcase, along with another shirt back to the bed. “I’m not gonna let you go anywhere.” I said, trying to look into his eyes, but he tried his possible best to turn away from me.


He pulled the clothes back into the box but I pulled them back out just as fast.


His jaw clenched and unclenched.


“We have to talk about this.” I said.


He moved away from me, to his wardrobe. He grabbed the few shirts he had hung up already, and moved back to the bed, shoving the shirts into the box.


I on the other hand, made it my duty to pull the shirts back out, in fact, I began to pull everything out of the box. When I was done, I looked up to find him glaring at me.


“What the f–k is your problem?” He gritted out.


“At least listen to what I have to say-”


“What more could you possibly say?” He asked, his look was as hard as the word hard.


“I’m sorry.”


“I’ve heard that one before.” He said, gently pushing pass me to the pile of clothes on the bed. He pulled the box closer to his direction, shoving the clothes I pulled out, back into the box.


Pressing my lips together, I pulled out the clothes he shoved into the bag.


“Stop unpacking the box! What are you? Ten?”


“I don’t freaking care, I’m not going to let you leave like this. We’ve come too far to break things off like this.”


“Get out.”




“What part of leave me alone don’t you f—–g understand?” He glared, resuming


his packing thing.


I pulled the clothes out again.


“Why can’t you just understand that I did this for you-”


“I don’t ever remember asking for your help! Neither did I remember telling you that I was incapable of handling it myself.” “I just thought-”




“Yeah, you thought.” he said. Still pulling clothes into the box.


“I had no choice, Andrew was threatening me… I was scared of putting you in danger, Andrew is very dangerous- he has done things, terrible things to my friends and- I didn’t want to bother you with that mess.


“You didn’t want to bother me?” He asked indignantly. “Can you hear yourself? What do you think of me?” He looked hurt. “Did you really think I was too broken to comprehend any of it? To stop a psychopath from hurting the woman I love?



Did you really think I’d feel bothered because I had it in my schedule to put you under protection?”


I didn’t realize my eyes going teary until I felt a tear escape my eyes.


“You pitied me to the extent of taking on a dangerous path just to protect me. You didn’t think I was capable of protecting you because I’m what? A baby who needs protection himself?”


“Stop talking like this please-”


“It’s what I feel! I feel hurt Rebecca, beyond your expectation. I’m not mad at you because you lied to me about Rafael shit. No- it’s far from that.” His chest moved quicker than normal. “I’m grieving because you think I’m not stable enough to protect you from that psycho douchebag. I’m angry because I let myself vulnerable enough for you to- to-” he didn’t complete his statement, he just looked down, settling in the silence for a bit.


“We can’t be together.” He said.


I took in a sharp intake of breath, feeling his words shape into straight sharp arrows while they aimed for my chest.


“What do you mean?” I asked, hearing my voice crack.


“We can’t be together- look, I’m glad and thrilled that- that we’re gonna be having a baby together, I’m overjoyed in fact. I’m ready to take full responsibility for the baby. But we just can’t be together.”


“But why? We love each other.”


“You’re wrong. We don’t- and deep down, you know that.” My brows scrunched in confusion. “Why are you saying this?


Why are you- I love you Emeliano. I love you so much, and-”


“You don’t. You only pity me- just like everyone else, you don’t see me the way I-


” he paused. “You never loved me, if you did, you’d have trusted me enough, you’d have told me about Andrew.”


“I love you Emeliano- I did love you and I still love you! Stop putting words in my mouth! You don’t know how it kills me to hear you say things like this! Fine, I get it! I f—-d up! Big time.


There’s no excuse for that! But don’t you ever say that I didn’t love you! Don’t! This- this was the same reason I didn’t tell you about anything, I remember the day I told you that I’d gotten a call from Rafael, the way you lashed out! It only proved that you were still affected by his betrayal. I didn’t want you to worry over something that I had under my control!”


“We could have handled it together!”


“You wouldn’t have let me go through with it! Your d–n ego would not have allowed me go near any of them. You know that.” I breath out. “I pitied you, yes-it’s only normal, we’re only human. We all have our past, and yours wasn’t shiny. Stop mistaking my love for pity.”


“It is pity.”


“No, it isn’t.”


“It is Rebecca, you only pity me- that’s what everyone does-”


“This is your problem!!!” I yelled unable to contain it all. “This is the reason why I didn’t tell you any thing! I knew you didn’t trust me enough to think that I’d stay! I knew you had always had it in the back of your mind that I didn’t really want to be with you!


I knew you thought I’d leave you just like everyone else.


You were too insecure around me! Picking your words, apologizing for everything! We weren’t okay, I did what I did to fix us!”


“Cause your middle name’s hero.” He mocked.


“No, because I love you.”


He remained silent.


“You don’t believe me because everyone in your life has one way or another made you think that you were incapable of being loved.” I said.


“Thanks for the reminder.”


“You need to be reminded of some certain things before you begin to think reasonably. Not because everyone else in your life followed the same pattern, means that I am going to follow that same pattern.


I love you Emeliano. And I’m not gonna stop loving you, no matter what you say or think. I’m going to fight for this relationship even when you think there’s nothing else to fight for.”


I was getting through to him.


“You might think we’re not meant to be together. But that is just what you think. What I know is that we are meant to be together, regardless of our messed up passed or common enemy. Listen Emeliano, there is no relationship without flaws. Ours just has so many twist to it. But we can scale through, together.”


“You hurt me.”


“And I’m sorry. I regret it, I swear. I love you so much.” I walked closer to him. “I should have told you. I made a mistake, but please- don’t punish me like this. Don’t end us. Please.”


“I’m sorry.” He said, creating more distance between us. “I can’t be with you. I can’t predict you, your way is totally different from mine. I don’t know when you’re serious or when you’re kidding-”



“I’ll change. This is why we’re together… The more we get to know each other, the more I adjust to you.”




“Give me a second chance. Give us a second chance. I promise to work things out. I will-”


” We , I think you meant we . Stop leaving me of things, it just hurts me the more.”


“Now you see how I felt when you kept things from me.” I said, trying to lighten up the atmosphere.


“So what? This is revenge.”


“Was revenge. Now you’re in this too. You want to be involved, time to get involved.”


He sighed, his lips tugging up a little. “Okay.”


“Are we good?”


“That depends.” He stated.


“On what?”


“On if I’ll be able to kiss Mason’s lips from yours.” He said, connecting our lips together, I felt the effect of the kiss in my lower belly, I guess our baby was rejoicing too, or maybe it’s just my body reacting to him. My hands moved to bless his hair with my fingers as I pressed my body against his.


God, I missed this- how did I even manage.


He pulled away. “Ask again.” He said.


“Are we good?”


“No.” He said. “We’re better.”


A smile made its way to my lips, as I engulfed him in a tight hug. “Oh, I’m so sorry, you have no idea how torturing it was to spy on you and that pretty Jane.”


He pulled me away, his lips threatening to break with a smile.


“You were spying on us?”


“Yeah… It was thrilling, but I just felt sad anytime I saw you drop off her kid at school. Cried sometimes.”


“Awnnn. You deserved that.”


“I know right? But hey, we’re good now right?”


“No.” He smiled.


“We’re better.”










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