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✏Rebecca’s POV


✏Three hours.



It’s been three good hours since I moved into the penthouse. I still hadn’t gotten the strength or will power to go out of my room. I was still busy pacing around like a mad woman, thinking of ways to approach a very angry Emeliano. But-




I’ve done this before, I’ve gained his trust before. This shouldn’t be hard, it wasn’t hard the last time.


Yeah, maybe that was because I wasn’t the one who caused the first betrayal.


How the hell was I supposed to solve a situation that I single handedly caused.


Just do what you always do Rebecca… Annoy, charm, and stick to the plan.


Hmm, that rhymed.


Taking in deep breaths, I walked out of my room, Coming face to face with a door just like mine.


I locked my door gently, tiptoeing to the other side.


Placing both of my hands on his door, I leaned in to hear any kind of movement from behind the door.


Furrowing my brows, I leaned closer to listen to any slight movement-


Suddenly, the door swung open, causing me to fall forward, colliding with what felt like somebody’s chest. I looked up immediately, catching the eyes of a very confused looking Emeliano.


Quickly, I pulled back, straighting my dress as he continued to watch me with all things called shock written on his face.


“What were you doing?” He asked. His phone was on his right hand. He actually looked different, his hair looked wet and all over the place, he had changed into normal sweats and T-shirt. In all, he looked really casual, sweet and as always, drop dead hot.



“What were I- um what was I doing? Um… I was uh- um, you know what people do. I was uh- um.” I struggled for a smooth excuse but nothing was coming up.


My words were actually betraying me… Like for real.


He shifted from one foot to another, tilting his neck as he continued to study me.


“You were?” He pressed on.


“I was looking for, a- you know… Cat?”


His brows furrowed in confusion. “Cat?” He asked.


“Yeah, my cat… Iris, she uh- is missing, so I was trying to find her, I thought that you might- that she might be in there with you.”


He just gave me a look that screamed ‘Why are you even trying to lie?’


“Since when did you have a cat?” He asked.


“Since forever, I had someone bring her down to Orlando.” I said, nodding my head like I just scored a really good goal.


“But I didn’t see you with a cat when you came in.”


“She was still in the cab I took.”


“There was no other cab outside apart from my car when I came in.”


“Oh… Um…” I cleared my throat trying to regain my confidence. “Why do I have to answer to you? What did you think I was doing? Trying to spy on you or something?”


He rolled his eyes and walked out of his room, shut the door and turned to face me with a look of indifference. “listen Miss Lewis, if we’re going to be staying together, there has to be ground rules.”


“Rules? Yeah… Sure.” I fought out, trying my best to keep up a straight face.



With one last unsure look, Emeliano left my presence walking down the hallway to- I guess the sitting room.


Okay, I might have exaggerated a bit. This is going to be harder than I thought.


But hey! It’s not time to give up yet.


Annoy, charm and stick to the plan.


I went through the same path he went through and as I suspected, he was in a small bar stand in the sitting room, drinking wine and focusing on his phone.


What the hell is on that phone anyway? He’s always texting, who is he texting?




Oh my lord, it could be Jane.


But why would he be texting her? Even though it wasn’t Jane, who could he


possibly be texting?


Only one way to find out.


I went further to his direction, picked a stool chair and sat next to him.


He didn’t even turn to acknowledge my presence.


“So, about the rules-”


“I’m busy.” He said, still typing away on his phone.


“You look like you’re texting someone. How does that make you busy?” I asked.


“I’m texting a person who is actually more important than you are, or ever was-so… I’m busy.”






“Jane? Your supposed wife to be? ” I asked.



He turned to face me with a hard look. “Yes. So?”


I looked away, trying to hide the obvious hurt in my eyes. Why would he be talking to her? I thought Piper said she was married to someone else? Why would she still be in contact with Emeliano? Why is he still talking to her?


Why does this seem like a mistake, if I had told him about the plan, he wouldn’t hate me so much, he would have understood.. would he?


“Nothing, it’s not like I care anyway.” I muttered, grabbed his wine and drank it all in one gulp.


Emeliano’s eyes widened.


“There’s over forty percent of alcohol in that.” He yelled, grabbing the glass from my grip. “Are you crazy? You’re pregnant. before you act, think of the baby.” He yelled on.


Something inside me warmed up, maybe it was the baby curling up at her father’s overly protective behavior. It was almost as if he knew the baby was his. Did Piper tell him? She wouldn’t… Would she?


God! So many questions without answers.


“What?” Emeliano snapped, bringing me out of my daze.


Swallowing, I turned from him, grabbing the bottle of wine quickly, chugging as much wine as I can before Emeliano grabbed the bottle from my grip. “Have you finally gone mad?”


“I’ve always been like this.” I said.


“You don’t take alcohol.” He stated.


I turned to face him, dead set on the eye. “You don’t know me.” He went quiet, eyes still on mine. “I do know you.” He said.



“You’re a shitty mother! A shitty mother who doesn’t give two f**ks about the other life growing inside of her.”


“What do you care?” I yelled a little. “It’s not like the child is yours.”


“It doesn’t have to be mine before I show concern, it’s not a play toy Rebecca… It’s a child, a human being just like you. If you’re careless about everything, don’t be careless about this one good thing.” He argued.


Pulling the bottle off the table and getting up.


I watched him walk away from me.


Annoy. Check.


Back to first names. Check.


Am I hurt? Double check.


D–n, this is actually going to be harder than I thought.


Really hard.






Week 9- Day 5 in Paris. ✔






I hummed as I flipped the pancakes to the other side of the pan, watching it turn into a magnificent looking piece. I smiled, biting my lower lip as I took the already ready pancake, and placed it on a clean plate.


So far so not good.


Emeliano avoided me like humans avoiding walkers from the walking dead.


Anytime I thought I would see him, I’d end up not seeing him.



Honestly, all I wanted to do was tell him everything. But I knew he wouldn’t believe me, not even one bit.


I was tired, tired of keeping him in the dark, and I’d do anything to lay the matter in front of him… Make it less shocking and all.


That was exactly why I decided to make pancakes. Things would be more better that way, he’d listen.


That is if he doesn’t think I poisoned the pancakes.


In all, I knew it’ll all come out great.


I hoped it would.


I was risking a lot of things, a bunch of things. If Rafael comes to find out about the plan? We’re all cooked, that would be some other problem to tackle with.


Although, I knew Rafael was finding a way to rid Andrew out of the picture. I told him about the sick bastard and he promised to do something about it.


Andrew had been quiet for some time now, I was actually beginning to wonder if Rafael had done something about the issue.


Turning off the heat from the pan, I heard angry footsteps approaching the kitchen. My brows came together as Emeliano waltzed into the kitchen with a paper in his right grip.


“Who the f–k is Andrew?” He asked, glaring daggers to my direction.


My heart exploded in my chest, causing me to grip the nearest table in the most casual way possible.


“Andrew?” I asked. “Uh- he was uh- one of Jesus disciples… Why?” I asked, wondering why I wasn’t taking him serious.


All he did was continue to glare, angrily.



Wait a minute- why the hell is he asking about Andrew? Does it have to be with that paper in his hand? Did Andrew find us? Oh lord no.




“Answer me Rebecca, I’m not joking around. Who is Andrew?” He asked again.


I sighed. “Someone I know. Why are you asking?” I asked.


He stretched the paper to my direction so I could reach it. I eyed him first before collecting the paper from him.


Hello Belle.


Sending your father to kill me wasn’t a good option, you really think you can get rid of me.


Sorry love, you should have just stayed away from your Emeliano friend.


Now I have no choice but to kick him out of the picture. Out of ‘our’ picture.



Going to Paris made things even more easier for me and complicated for you.


Enjoy your romance while it lasts, I’m always watching.






My fist cooked up the paper in a round ball as fear and anger made their way to my heart and head.


“I’m waiting for your answer Rebecca. Who the hell is Andrew and why is he throwing me death threats! What the hell did you do-”


I stopped him Midway. “We have to leave.” “Excuse me?” He asked.


“Emeliano we don’t have time for this. Andrew is close! And Andrew being close, isn’t a good thing. He knows we’re together. I messed up, big time.”



“What the f–k are you talking about?” He asked, looking like a lost puppy.


“We have to leave.” I rushed out.


“I’m not going anywhere with you. You think I don’t know what this is? I knew this was too much of a coincidence… There’s no Andrew, you made up this letter so I’d leave this business trip right? You want to get Rafael’s dirty hands on this contract don’t you?”


“God, what are you even saying?”


“I’m saying that i’m not gonna fall for this bullshit Rebecca.” I rubbed my temple.


“No Emeliano, you’re getting it all wrong. There’s- this- it was fake. There’s no business meeting, there’s nothing. I made Piper set it all up so we’d be together. It sounds pathetic but- I was really desperate. I’ll explain everything to you later on. We need to leave Paris-”


“Wait- this was fake? There’s no meeting?”




“But Piper said-”


“I asked Piper to organize a fake meeting, look Emeliano, I’ll explain later-”


“Explain now.” He said, leaving no room for argument. I could tell by his voice


that he was confused. “Who the f–k is




“Andrew is- an Ex.”


“An Ex?”



“Yeah- a crazy one, he was one of the reasons why I- why I decided to- to leave you.”


This is it! I have to tell him now, there was no other way to explain it all to him.


“I don’t understand.”


“It was all a plan.” I blurted out.


“A plan? What was all a plan?”


“Everything, Me being with Mason, me leaving you, and all the make up, short tight dresses, curse words, everything that is not me… It was all fake… My words to you- everything that has happened since the day that I left you- it was all planned. Everything.”


Silence followed.


“And you expect me to believe that?”


“Yes… Cause it’s the truth… I found out about Rafael coming to see you, and it got me upset. Really upset… I wanted to put an end to everything. Rafael, my Ex from hell… I wanted to stop it all. To help.


He scoffed. “I still don’t believe you.” He said.


“What’s there not to believe? Things were getting out of hand. I had to find a solution.”


“A solution? Are you actually listening to yourself right now?” he asked with disbelief designing his words.


“I had no choice Emeliano. Andrew threatened to hurt you if I didn’t leave you. I saw an opportunity and I took it.”


“Ruining our relationship in the process.” He stated.


“Our relationship isn’t ruined-”


“Save it. I’m taking the next flight back to Orlando tomorrow. And you, stay the hell away from me.” He said, trying to walk away from me, but I blocked his path.


“I can’t just let you leave!”


“You lied to me! For weeks! You had the chance to tell me everything, but yet you lied. Why? For some kind of hero act?”


“I was trying to protect you from Rafael! He was about to take over your company, your inheritance! I had no choice!”


“You had a choice, a choice of letting me in the plan.”


“I’m sorry about-”


“I don’t wanna hear it… I don’t even want to look at you right now.”


He tried to walk pass me but I blocked his path again. “I get it, you’re mad at me. It’s normal, but you have to trust me-”


“Don’t you even dare talk about trust! Don’t. You went back to Rafael and his evil seeds-”


“They’re not evil.” I said.


“Excuse me?”


“They’re not. They were also victims of Rafael’s threats and manipulation. I had to plan it all with them.”


“They knew?”


“Yes. All of them. Piper, Diego… Everyone.”


“Except me.” He said, disappointment lacing his words.





“Why?” He asked. “Why didn’t you tell me anything? Why did you tell others except me.”


I paused, thinking of a solid reason… Anything.


Why didn’t I tell him? It was a question I was still unable to give a proper answer to. I couldn’t think of a reason why I didn’t tell him.


“I don’t know.” I whispered the words.


“I think I do.” He said. “You think I’m broken. You think my issues wouldn’t let me allow you go with your superhero plan. You didn’t love me enough.”


“What? No Emeliano… I would never think that of you, and i really do love you… I just didn’t want to bother you with everything.”


“Yeah, right.” He tried to move away but I blocked his path again. “Get out of my way.”


“It’s yours.”


Silence followed.


“The baby is yours, lying to you about that was very hard for me. You have no idea how bad I wanted to tell you that I was pregnant. But I couldn’t. I did all this to protect you- you and our baby.”


He just stood there staring it me.


“There’s no amount of apology I could possibly give to you. None. I don’t even deserve your forgiveness for this- I just want you to know that I did this to protect us… To protect our new family.”


“You could have told me. If you had told me, nothing would have changed.”


“Nothing has changed.” I said, my voice was basically pleading.



“Something has changed Rebecca. Something big. I can’t trust you anymore. You ruined everything. I can’t be with someone who isn’t ready to be with me.”


“I want to be with you. I love you Emeliano.”


“Do you?”




“Then you shouldn’t have lied to me… Love is trust. You should have trusted me.”














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