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The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing


Chapter 1


Isabella Pov


Walking down the lonely street at about 2am


yeah I know it’s pretty late for a lady to be out at that hour well that’s the risk I have to take everyday, just to pay bills I just finished my shift at the bar and am on my way home


I wrapped my hands around my body as the cold breeze hit my face


Tony was the one who normally drop me off but his out of town


I reached my apartment and opened the door quietly



My father laying on the floor with empty bottles of beer around him sleeping and snoring loudly


i ignored the sight in front of me and went straight to my room I locked up the door of my room and sat on the dressing table


I picked my face wipe and wiped off the makeup plastered on my face I removed my heels and jumped on top of my bed *



My alarm rang and I dragged my self out of the bed I can’t believe it’s morning already


I groaned loudly and I dragged my feet to the bathroom I did my rituals and dressed up fast


I know you might be wondering where I’m going to again well I have another job ,yeah that’s how my life rotate working my ass off just to provide for me and my family


I don’t mean to be rude but my parents are pretty much useless.


I starred at myself in the mirror and I look more horrible than before


I was getting more skinny by the day due to lack of rest and good food


As I walked downstairs I heard my father and mother yelling at the top of their voices



I just pray they don’t break anything again


“we’re out of food stuffs”my mom said starring at me “I don’t have any money”I replied honestly “I haven’t been paid”I added


“After whoring around the whole night and you can’t bring anything”she asked with a chuckle


“that reminds me ,the man we owe for the last rent is coming to collect his money”my dad added and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket


“what do you mean dad,I personally gave you the money to give him”I half yelled “oh quit yelling ,the money went to family expenses”he said


I can’t just believe this man is my father


“beside your mates give more than that to their families” he added and my mom laughed loudly

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I walked out of the apartment as tears keep threatening to fall out of my eyes.


I have been working for almost two hours none stop


The cafe was filled with alot of people going in and out


“Hurry up Bella, don’t be a lazy ass”my manager yelled and I increased my pace , moving from one place to another in seconds.


I was done for the day as I made my way out and met my dad running towards me “is the house on fire”I asked starring at the way he was panicking



“Even worse Isabella,I need money,the people I owe are looking for me”he added


“they are deadly men”he added


“I don’t have any money”I added


“you have to check”


with the look on my dad’s face I know his in deep trouble


I haven’t seen him so worried about something like this before “how much are we looking at here”I asked


“16,000 USD” he replied


“WHAT”I half yelled


“how the hell am I going to have such amount of money” I added “please let’s look for a way”my dad pleaded


I can’t believe he could collect such amount of money ,were do hell am I going to get such from


even my salary for a year won’t reach.


Right now we sat down thinking of what to do


My mom was out whoring and my dad was in deep thoughts


He kept looking out the window time to time nervously


The doorbell rang and he sprang up


He signaled me to go get the door and I did , despite how badly he have been treating me his still my father



I opened the door to see a huge tall guy standing at the porch He was wearing a black tuxedo and black lense okay he was the only one ,they were like four


One of them pushed me aside and the all made their way in The last person walked in but he was carrying a different aura He looked arround the room and made a disgusting face


The other two guys who am sure is his bodyguard went to my father and dragged him


making him kneel


who the f** is HE





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