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Chapter 10


Leonardo Pov


“f*cking kill the all ” I yelled angrily


I put a call across to all my gangs and asked them to do a massive search on Walter


I have had enough


Flash back


Coming out of the mall,I noticed a few movement and before I could quickly do anything Isabella has been shot


My anger rose as I saw her in pain ,the tears falling from her eyes almost made me go insane


I couldn’t just help the fact that I couldn’t protect her or I was so carried away that I didn’t knew Walter will strike



The gun fire ended after my men killed all Walters men and I rushed Isabella to the hospital


I have never cared for anyone in my life like I cared for her


I sat down in the waiting room for more than three hours before I was finally able to see her


I couldn’t help but smile at how peaceful she sleeps


I watched her for some time before going out to ask the doctor if we can leave He didn’t agree but I Insist anyway


I took to my penthouse house and from the looks on her face she loved the place I mean it’s quiet , great sight and peaceful


I went to get dinner ready before going upstairs to check on her and saw her struggling to remove her clothes


she could have just asked for help it’s not as if I haven’t seen her naked before I tried so hard to keep my di*k down as I starred at her naked body why I this girl doing to me


I have never been this way about any girl ,,why is she make me to things I never imagined


It’s only been just six days but it feels like enternity like I have knowed her for long


There is this new feeling building up Inside me which I’m trying to suppress but it’s not working



I know this won’t end well but I can’t stop it


“sir” someone called snapping me out of my thoughts


“Walter left this note at his place,I think he already knew we were coming for him”one of my boys said handing me a note


I opened it and read


“I’m getting the girl soon….my regards to her ”




I squeeze the paper and threw it away ,he must be out of his mind


Walter had always been challenging me but this is getting out of hard


I need to give him what he deserves before it’s too late


Walter POV


“WHAT THE HELL” I yelled angrily


“sir we are sorry we actually aimed at Leonardo but it hit…


Before he could say anything more I aimed at his head and shot him


“Were are the others” I asked


“Dead” he replied and I shot him too


Those fools


How could they shoot Isabella


I can’t believe am this angry



But what if they had killed her In the process


I ran my hands through my hair thinking of what to do


I’m not doing this only to make Leonardo pissed but I think I like Isabella


Her grey eyes were the first thing that captivated me and ever since then I’ve been


longing to see her again ….










The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing

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