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✏ Rebecca’s POV ✔


The private plane finally landed.


The air hostess ushered us out, wanting to help with our bags and stuffs, but we dismissed them, we took it ourselves and walked out of the private plane area.


“So, where are you headed now? The Lewis estate?” Emeliano asked.


“I don’t know… But I can stay at the Alfredo mansion for some days right?”


“Isn’t that risky?” He asked.


“Yes, it is… We just got married personally. We need to spend some personal time together.”


“What would Rafael think about that?”


“I wouldn’t like it one bit!” Rafael’s bitter voice sounded like a loud whistle to my ears… He charged towards us, pointing a gun straight at Emeliano and I. “Back from your Paris loving trip?”


“Oh lord.” I whispered, feeling sick.


“Get behind me.” Emeliano said in a low tone.


“No.” I said almost too immediately. “I’m not going to let you stand at gun point.”


“Neither am I.”


“You think you could fool me?!” Rafael gave an evil laugh, his gun was firm in his grip. “You made me kill that bastard ex boyfriend of yours, but guess what he whispered to me before he died.”


“No need to guess, that’s why you’re here right?” Emeliano shot at him.


“You think you’ve won? Ha!” Rafael looked insane, his face was red with anger, his legs were shaky beneath him… I knew he was about to wreck havoc… Serious one. “I will murder the both of you. I will never let you have your happy ending.”



“You sound like an an evil villain for Barbie.” Emeliano said, standing too comfortable, like he wasn’t seeing the gun.


“You bastard. You ruined my life!” Rafael yelled at Emeliano.


“I ruined your life? Me? I think your mental illness is making you forget some certain things Rafael.”


“Rafael please, I know you don’t want to do this, just drop the gun and please leave us alone.” I begged.


“Over my dead body.”


“You made me do this to you… You’re evil, you’ve manipulated everyone! I just had to teach you a lesson somehow. Despite the fact that you’re a bastard. You’re still my father, and I -” he cut me off.


“Enough!” Rafael yelled. “Now, which one of you do I kill first.”


“Now you’re finding it difficult to decide too? Come on Rafael, you’re on the field, you’re supposed to know what to do next, if you don’t make a move now, you’d be sent to the bleachers. Or, maybe you were never on the field, were you?”


“Shut up?”


“Why should I?”


“Emeliano what are you doing?” I gritted out.


“You have driven everyone close to you, you have ruined the life of everyone that has your last name. In fact, you have murdered people just because they got in your way, like you’re about to do now…”


“Shut up.”



“Just leave us alone Rafael, you can turn a new leaf, now that you still have the chance, but I’m sure you’d do that in jail cause, there’s actually no safe haven for you-”


I could see it in his stance, the way he held the gun, his knuckles were turning too white and I knew he was going to pull the trigger.


My heart was escalating with every word exchange between them.


“Stop talking.” Rafael gritted out.


“Why? Cause you’re finally realizing that you’re losing? Cause you’re-”


The sound of the gun going off was the next thing I heard.


Bang bang bang!








Emeliano’s POV. ✔



The echo of the gunshot still resounded around the private plane area, causing this tiny annoying sound in my ears.


Three red spots began to turn visible on Rafael’s white shirt as the gun dropped from his grip, so did his whole body.


The sound of sirens were distant but we could hear a few coming our way.


Rebecca stood still beside me, her eyes glued to Rafael’s lifeless body on the ground, the cop who had shot him moved to grab the gun on the ground.


“He’s dead.” Rebecca said in a low tone.


“It over.” I said pulling her into me for a hug as police cars began to surround the area. “Are you okay?”


She shook her head against my chest. “I’m not.”


My fingers stroked her hair. “You’re going to be okay. I promise.”

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“Rebecca!” April’s voice yelled out as she rushed towards us.


Rebecca lifted her head and pulled away from me, accepting April’s hug.


“Thank God you’re okay.” April whispered against her hair.


“He’s dead.” Rebecca repeated to April.


April’s eyes met mine for a second, I knew exactly what she was thinking.


Rafael’s death affected Rebecca. But why? She hated him right? Everyone hated him, so why was she acting like she just lost someone very dear to her. Rebecca pulled away from April.


“It’s going to be okay.” April said with a reassuring smile. “You need to relax,


after everything you’ve seen today… You need rest, Emeliano, take her home…


I’ll handle things here.”




“Andrew?” Rebecca asked April.


“Rafael got to him just before he came here, the cops had been tailing him since this morning.”


“How did Andrew get to Orlando before us?” I asked April.


“Turns out Rafael called in a few favors, Andrew was drugged back to Orlando where Rafael had been torturing him for a while, killed him just this morning.” April said.


Rebecca s—-d in a harsh breath.


“Becca it’s going to be okay, I promise you.” April reassured. “Go, I’ll handle everything.”


I nodded toward April. “Thanks April, for getting here on time.” I said.


“It okay. Take her home.”


“Come on.” I said, leading Rebecca towards a car already waiting to take us home.


The car ride was silent, she kept looking out the window, playing with her fingers nervously. I knew her mind wasn’t settled, I knew something was bothering her, and I knew she needed space to think about it.


I would be glad to talk to her about everything, but I doubt if she’d be willing to talk about it.


It was never like Rebecca to stay quiet. whatever it was, she was really sad about it. I wanted to make sure she was okay.


Unsure of what her response would be, I placed my hand over her shaky ones. She stilled, turning towards me.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


“Yeah. Just tired.” She said, trying to smile but it didn’t reach her eyes.


“You sure?”


“Yes. Yeah I’m sure.” She squeezed my hand in assurance.


Yeah, she was lying.


We finally reached the mansion after few hours of driving, we settled inside, had our dinner and laid in our bed. Still Rebecca was silent, she made small talk with Greta and some other workers but she wasn’t her usual bubbly self.


Will she ever let me know what was wrong or are we still going to keep hiding things from each other? Didn’t she trust me enough to confide in me? I thought we talked about this?


I switched off my bedside lamp, settling in bed, Rebecca was already in bed with her back to me.



I sighed, arranging my pillow into a comfortable position. Before lying down completely, my eyes moved to Rebecca’s direction again. I positioned myself to the side, supporting myself with my elbow.


The moon light shone on her black hair, they looked so silky and soft, I was about to run my hand through it when she turned suddenly, my hand stopped in the air, her eyes looked up awkwardly, her brows furrowed and a smile grazed her lips. “Why are you hesitating?” She asked shifting really close to me,


I could feel the ever pleasant heat between our bodies as her fingers stroked my cheeks. “Hm?”


My eyes studied hers. “I was giving you your space. You’ve been acting really weird and I didn’t want to do anything to- you know, piss you off? Or hurt you any further.”


Her brows furrowed in a cute way before she sighed. “I’m sorry.” She said. “I’ve just been thinking.”


“About what?” I asked, she didn’t reply. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about-”


“Am I a bad person?” She asked out of nowhere.


My brows came together. “What? No. Why would you even ask that?”


“Cause I feel like I’m a bad person.”


“Why? What’s wrong?”


“Andrew is dead because of me, I asked Rafael to take care of him… What was I thinking?” She asked, guilt written all over her face.


“No Rebecca, Andrew’s death isn’t your fault. He was a bad guy, he threatened to ruin our lives, our child. He deserved what he got.”



“That isn’t our Choice to make, Emeliano. He might have been a bad guy but- I can’t believe I asked Rafael to hurt him? I just feel like a really bad person Emeliano. I just-”


“Shhh… Don’t let his death eat you up. It is not your fault Rebecca. If he didn’t come waltzing back into your life, he’d still be alive, he asked for it. And Rafael, he got what he deserved, they both did.”


“Rafael was my father.”


I scoffed. “Rafael didn’t give two f**ks about you Rebecca, sorry for the harsh words but.. you need to hear this. A man who really loves his daughter would never point a gun at her, or his grandchild. He doesn’t deserve your pity.”


“I know but-”


“There are no buts Rebecca. I understand, you’re a good person, the best of the best but don’t eat yourself up over nothing okay?”


“Georgia isn’t dead.” She blurted out.


My heart skipped a beat. “What?”


“She isn’t dead. Rafael made you think she was Dead. He made you think you killed her.”


Relief flooded through me. I knew it, but I wasn’t sure, there was no funeral to proof anything, she was just gone, all I had was Rafael’s word, he told me that he took care of her body, he told me that he wanted to protect me from the authorities, but I knew quite well that some thing wasn’t right.


“I’m sorry you had to go through that alone, Emeliano.”


“It’s okay. It’s good to know.” I said, placing a light kiss on her lips. “No more secrets?”


“No more.” She smiled. “From now on. Deal?”





“I love you Emeliano.” She whispered, leaning closer to me.


“I love you too.”


I meant it with every string attaching my body together. Our love story may not have started out shiny and perfect.


There might have been a few bump in the road, family, enemies- so much misunderstanding. But we scaled through together.


My past made it difficult for me to let anyone into my life but my present assured me that I could stop holding on to the past, she came to me with her feisty character, her innocent look, her encouraging and sometimes frustrating words, her long one of a kind black hair, her unique character and her ever loving heart. She made me better, she believed in me. She was my present, my future and dare I say, after life. Ha! She was my everything. My heart, life, world. She was Rebecca Liano, my wife.


And she was here to stay. For real this time.


Right from the beginning of our story, I had just one problem.


The people in my life made it their job to leave me whenever I needed them the most. But that was what differentiated Rebecca from the rest of them, in her case,


She stayed.










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© ✏ Wunmi Ade ✔

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