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The Devil’s



















Who is a male?


Who is a man?


Who is a boy?



They are the other gender who are known for their masculinity and production of sperms and chromosomes.


But do you also know that 90% of them are players, backstabbers, cheats and don’t love you because of your looks or characters? They only love or should I term it ‘lust’ after the sweetness and pleasure a lady has between her thighs.


Apart from that, they only speak four languages which are;














And that’s why I HATE BOYS!


I wasn’t born with the mentality of hating boys, not at all! I loved boys and all male humans I had come in contact with who had a good heart. But one male in particular stood out, and that was my then boyfriend Aaron.


Aaron had everything a girl would want in a boy. He had gorgeous hair and perfect skin. Not to mention his dreamy blue eyes one could get lost in or his handsome face and smiles that could bright up the darkest hearts. His appropriate and decent attitude was his sell point! You can never have a bad day with him around.


I was so lucky to be his girlfriend because not only was he handsome and morally upright but he was also rich and influential at such a young age.


We loved each other to the fullest…or so I thought.


Everything was going smoothly until one day, on our 150th date, (which was supposed to be a happy day for me because our total number of dates had just clocked a round number) It became the worst day of my life because that was the day I confirmed painfully and tearfully that all that glitters is definitely not gold!


I got tired of waiting for him to come pick me up for the date, so I decided to go to his house and check whether he was there. Lo and behold, what befell my very eyes the moment I walked into that two faced motherf*cker house was him on the couch having a fiery romance with a half-naked slut.


That was the worst day of my life! I ran out of his house and that same way


I ran out of his black ,deceitful heart!


After that day, I called Aaron countless of times, I texted him day and night asking him why he broke me so bad by cheating on me. But up till date, he never replied and never even apologized.


Since that very moment nearly five years ago, I saw every male as one who speaks lies and preys on every being in a skirt. I hated them from that day onward and I swore that I’ll never have any relationship with them ever again and so it has been till date.





Crystal DeMarquez, a sweet and kind hearted nineteen year old girl had everything any girl of her age would dream of. Loving parents, lovable siblings, all her wants and needs satisfied and a perfect boyfriend!


What more could she ask for!?!


Crystal was living the life of her dreams until one day, her perfect boyfriend ruined her by cheating on her. Since that day, Crystal has sworn not to have any business with boys. Two years later, their house was demolished…with her parents and two siblings inside. The four of them died due to this cruel act of a construction company who claimed not to know that the in occupants of the apartment were inside the house at that moment.


Crystal didn’t have enough money to sue the company and she just had to let it go. Officially an orphan left with her sister who could barely survive in society alone, Candice picked up a job in a nearby restaurant as a waitress and life has been quite ever since….


Suddenly, Her only surviving sister becomes ill and currently needs to undergo a surgery and she has no other means to get enough money to get her treated except turning to Miguel Nicholas.



Miguel Nicholas is a big billionaire and a business mogul. The city adores and worships him, especially the ladies who’ll do anything to have a one night stand with him or be his baby mama! He’s a big time player and is the type who uses and dumps girls….the type who Crystal fears.


He has tried his best have Crystal in his bed but it’s to no avail because she hates boys and she isn’t a cheap commodity like some girls.


Miguel soon discovers Crystal’s weak point which is her dying sister and offers to help if she has a one night stand with him.


The Devil’s Sweetheart

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