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Final episode


She felt it, the crowds too felt it because a collective gasp arose from the people on board. Those in the first class and business part of the plane smiled softly as the plane made a U turn.


“I hope y’all forgive me for turning but I’m a little too soft hearted” the pilot’s voice came through the already silent speakers.


The crowd cheered in approval. Why won’t they? Each of them are glad they’re going to save someone’s love life and the incident of today will go down in history then they would proudly tell everyone till their grand and great grandchildren how they had saved the famous Prince Eric love life.




Prince Eric


I sat in the arrival terminal, waiting for a miracle.


I tapped my back pocket, feeling the wooden box there. I had bought a ring on my way here just in case she comes back.


If after waiting today and tomorrow, she doesn’t come back, I still won’t let her go. I won’t mind searching for her even to the end of earth.


I felt a hand on my shoulder “why didn’t you tell me?” Mum asked.


“I didn’t know”


She wiped her eyes and hugged me “she’ll come back for you” mum reassured. I could only nod against her chest.





“Hi” someone said awkwardly.


I raised my head up in surprise at the voice. I stood up on impulse and pulled her into a hug.


Hugging her felt like home, I didn’t want to release her.


“Do you really mean those things you said?” She whispered


I smiled happily, ready to tease her but when I saw her serious and hopeful expression, I decided against it. Instead, I went down on both knees and produced the ring box from my pocket.


I opened the box and stretched it forward to her “This shows I meant everything I said, word for word. Will marry me, my Daisy flower?”


Her hands flew to her mouth in shock and her eyes glittered.









I stared at him with mixed feelings as he went down on both knees, think of what he was up to next.


He reached in to his back pocket and produced a ring box.


My heart hammered in my chest, almost deafening me.


“This shows I meant everything I said, word for word. Will marry me, my Daisy flower?” He asked


My hands flew to my mouth and I nodded continuously, not trusting myself to talk.


I gave him my left hand to slide the ring into my finger.


“My love” I thought and looked at the ring with shining eyes then pulled him up and was about to hug him when something or someone disrupted me.


“Wake up Daisy and continue working!” Boss shouted, waking me up.


I groaned, eager to continue with my dream but no matter how I try closing my eyes back to continue, nothing would appear. I stopped trying and looked at my ring finger in reassurance.


Yeah, I actually did it, it wasn’t a dream. I melt his icy heart with the fire in me, now we are one.


“I told you to stop this work” Eric appeared in front of me.


“Sweetheart” I jumped on him, planting a kiss on his lips. “I planned on resigning today. It was supposed to be a surprise but you spoilt it” I pouted.


He pinched my cheeks playfully and held my hands leading me out after I dropped my resignation letter in the newspaper company I was working.


I glanced at our interwined fingers as we called to Diners, a broad smile making it’s way to my lips.


“What are you smiling at?” Eric asked.


“Nothing” I replied quickly, blushing.


“Ohgawd…. I love you so much” he said.


“I love you too Dear husband”






Love is a beautiful bittersweet feeling, happening when you least expected. At times, you’d have to lose someone before you realize how much you love them



only at times it might be too late. Let’s learn to love and appreciate everyone around us and the ones we care about


Melting his icy heart as finally come to an end even though I was tempted to continue the story by creating a plot twist


No epilogue for this story……










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