Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Episode six


Prince Eric


I drew a plastic chair and drew it closer to her. She doesn’t even look afraid.


“Can you get me a cold lemonade before roasting me?” She asked, batting her eyelashes. “I should have one last wish isn’t it?”


Is she crazy? Who in her right senses would ask for a cold lemonade after being put near fire.


I stood up and paced in front of her.


I’ve been thinking, why don’t I make things easier for you?”


“Oh really? That would be nice”


“Yeah since you wouldn’t stop disturbing.”


She chuckled softly.



“Why are you here? what’s your mission?”


“Very simple, to make you fall in love” she answered.


“Who sent you?” I asked


“What kind of woman do you like?” She asked back.


“None, who sent you?”


“I dunno” she shrugged “love blondes?”


I shook my head and stood up.


“If you don’t get a girlfriend by next weekend, I’m going to cut off your balls” she threatened.


“Oh really?” I raised an eyebrow ” Cool then, I’d like you to cut the balls.” I went up to my room slamming the door.








How can he go and leave me here??


I struggle against the rope, thankfully it wasn’t tight. I got free after thirty mins. Angry at myself, he didn’t to fall in love quickly so I can go back home then Tina and I would go on our vacation.


Just like that, he started ignoring me and gives me the silent treatment, I saw less of him too. Like he vanishes and appear only in the night.


Two weeks later,



I haven’t done anything about the challenge nor gotten anywhere. It’s over two weeks now and he keeps ignoring me. The silent treatment is really eating me up.


I don’t need the money anymore, I need to let him know he can’t ignore me forever and I’m going to make him fall in love.


“I can’t give up, my reputation is at stake.”


The weekend passed, no girlfriend. It’s really getting out of hand.










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