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Chapter NINE


[ Job or Sister? ]




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Miguel’s POV:




She was mortified to the core on announcing about Angelica’s kidnap. She bent to a crouch without a single expression on her face, her eyes widely opened and her lips away from each other.


Crystal?” I called her name inaudibly unsure of what her next actions may be. She may flare up in rage or burst in tears but I was left in the unknown as still she hadn’t said anything or displayed any sort of emotion.


Kylie.” She called obscurely clenching her fist gradually and closed her eyes slowly. I was still confused…is she sad, angry or in killer mode?


Instantaneously, Crystal screamed loudly and stormed out of my office. I was really dumbstruck by that display of hers and I needed to act quickly before she does something stupid.


Pursuing after her, I tripped on a chair and fell to the ground.


” Ow!”




Crystal’s POV:




My Angelica has been kidnapped?


This is all my fault! Assuming I had followed her to school, she wouldn’t have fallen prey to the kidnappers! My dear sister


I know this is the wicked deed of Kylie, I can feel it in my bones.


Hey Crystal wait up.” I heard Daniel say and held my hand. I’m not in the mood to talk to Daniel, I’ve never even been in the mood to talk to talk to him and now is not the best moment.


Leave me alone Daniel.” I yelled and struggled to get my hand out of Daniel’s grip but he held on to me tightly.


I overheard that Angelica was kidnapped.” He said and I pushed him and ran away.


He knows that she was kidnapped and yet he stands there delaying me and asking the obvious.


I left the office complex and drove straight to the Police Station nearby to report the kidnap issue. Although, I’m not too sure it’s Kylie and it could be anyone. But who on earth would want to hurt me by taking away Angelica? Probably the person wants revenge with me or to get even and who else will do that except Kylie or even….




That bloody, two faced, cheating scumbag can’t hurt me physically but can hurt me emotionally by kidnapping Angelica.



And he must have enlisted that brother of a pimp; Daniel to help him. Or how else will he know that Angelica was kidnapped? At far as it seems, only Miguel knew and he told me but nobody else told Daniel!


This proves…he knows something about the kidnap!


So it wasn’t Kylie!








I alighted from my car and ran as fast as my legs could carry me into the police station. Everywhere was calm and quiet when I entered and being that I rushed into the place like a maniac, everyone probably thought I was a psychopath.


I slowly walked to the police desk to speak to one of the cadets on duty.


Good Morning.” I cleared my throat and greeted. The scary looking cadet looked away from his journal and looked at me.


How can I help?” He asked disinterested with the hoarse and husky voice of his.


Uh Yeah, my sister has been kidnapped! Please I need help.” I complained and the cadet nodded and gave me a piece of paper and a pen.


You need to write a statement.” He said and I collected the items and stared at them blankly.


I was just informed that my sister was kidnapped, Miguel knows what happened. I think I should call him.


I brought out my phone and dialled Miguel’s number, he didn’t answer. I called him two more times and still no response.


Hey, Why aren’t you picking my calls? I really need your help at the Police


Station after the intersection down town. ” I wrote a text message to Miguel and hit the send button hoping he’d see it and come over.





Miguel’s POV:




I came out of the restroom adjusting my belt and I saw my phone beeping. I picked it up and saw three missed calls from Crystal and a new text message from her.


She’s at the police station? So fast?” I said after reading through the texts. I quickly grabbed my car keys and went out of my office. On the way out of my department, I told Beatrice to cancel all the appointments I had for today and also do all of Crystal’s job for today. With that out of the way, I left the complex and signalled my driver.


We entered into the car and he started the ignition but the car didn’t work or move, he started it again and same thing. The third time the car jerked to a start and we drove off.




Kylie’s POV:




Do you think Miguel will fire her?” Chelsea asked as we ate the sushi we ordered.


Well I don’t know but I definitely pray he doesn’t inform Crystal or else our plan may be jeopardized.” I said and took a bite out of my sushi as I scrolled through my messages.


And why that?”


Well, if Crystal finds out she’ll someone save Angelica and still get to keep her job. But if only Miguel is involved, he’ll just fire her and we return Angelica and act like this whole thing never happened.” I explained and Chelsea nodded to every bit of if. I knew her question tank wasn’t empty, she still has more stupid questions to ask.



But what about Angelica? Can’t she tell Crystal that she was kidnapped and she also knows we threatened Miguel to fire her sister for her release.” Chelsea said and I yawned because I was getting bored of her question session.


That’s why I have this brain wiper thingy, I’ll use it on her and she’ll forget everything that happened in the last ten hours.” I explained waving some liquid a friend of mine gave me months back.


Okay, but don’t you think you should call Miguel again and ask whether he has fired Crystal?”


I don’t need to do that Chelsea, once he does he will be the one to call me and announce it.” I answered and she nodded.


The door opened and Bobby, Randy and Sammy entered inside the room. They were the(Join Group) goons I hired last minute to do the job.


Who are they?” Chelsea asked as they came in.


Well when Miguel comes to strike the deal and get Angelica, we can’t show up just like that. So these are our representatives.” I explained to Chelsea and she nodded.


Alright. I can see this plan excelling!” Chelsea said and we laughed.




Angelica’s POV:




My legs were chained to the wall and my hands were tied behind my back with ropes and duck tape was used to seal my lips shut.


I need to get out of here fast.” I thought and looked around for anything that’ll aid my escape.



I sighted a rusty iron protruding from the wall and an idea stuck me. The iron wasn’t far from me so despite being chained, I was able to reach where the iron was.


I rubbed the ropes on the irons and they started to cut.


About a minute later, the ropes were off and my hands were free.


I removed the duck tape from my lips and brought out my phone from my pocket.


Kindly hi They didn’t know I had my phone with me so they didn’t ask for it.


I called Crystal’s number and as expected, she answered the call.



Hello sis” I said as she picked up and she screamed on hearing my voice.



Where are you?



I’m at…



Hey drop that phone!” A hefty looking man said and pointed a gun at me. Crystal’s POV:


Hello? Angelica?” I said but she didn’t answer and soon after, I heard the dial button and the line disconnected.


Then an idea struck me, I can use my phone to track her location!




I imputed her number into the app and I got the location she was, somewhere off town.


Look sir, I need three of your police men to accompany me to where my sister is, I think I’ve found her location” I said to the cadet as I put my phone into my pocket.


But you’ll have to pay for that?” The cadet said and I sighed.



Whatever, when we come back because we have no time to loose.” I replied and the cadet signaled for more officers and we all went to the supposed address where Angelica was.




Kylie’s POV:




Uh Kylie, I think we might have a problem.” Chelsea said looking out from the window.


And what is that?” I asked.


Crystal is here with some policemen” She announced and my eyes nearly popped out. I quickly wore my face mask.


Bobby, Randy, Sammy!!” I called for them and they came in almost immediately.


Someone called the police on us, I believe you know what to do.” I said to them and looked at Chelsea over my shoulder and she sighed.


Yes ma’am. Leave it to us.” Bobby said and I smiled a smile satisfaction.


Chelsea, let’s bounce.” I said and Chelsea came over and we ran out of the building.




Crystal’s POV:




The police men and I entered into the abandoned building through the supposed kitchen back door. Just then I heard footsteps and we all turned back. The men pointed their guns but nobody was there.


The next moment, all the policemen yelled in pain and I heard the sound of electric currents. I turned back and saw three hefty men holding electric tasers.



The police men fell to the floor jerking and foaming from their mouths, the men picked up the policemen’s guns and smirked.


I was shivering in fear. They gave me a letter and with shaky hands, I collected it.


What!? I should resign working with Miguel or else you won’t release my sister?” I yelled summarizing the damn contents of the letter


Yes, I’m glad you can read. And once you sign there, we’ll release your sister and you’ll never work with Miguel again.” One of the men explained.


So sign the contract and get your sister. Decline and we shoot a bullet right into her skull.” Another one said and showed me Angelica tied up in the bathroom.













The Devil’s



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