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Chapter THREE


[ Surprise Visits ]






Miguel’s POV:




Uh? You don’t say. Look who came back begging for help!” I said with a sly smile.


Stop behaving like a jerk, let’s just get this deal over with!



Alright, meet me tomorrow at 10pm. I’ll text you my address.



Yeah, okay.” She said hastily and hung up.


” Miguel gets all he wants!” I said triumphantly as I tossed my phone to my bed.


Still in a happy mood, I went to the bathroom and had a bubble bath. Afterwards, I went downstairs and watched a movie grinning all through thinking about Crystal in my bed. The movie was over and it was bed time, I have a meeting with my father and his dumb company tomorrow and I need to be up early.


I went upstairs to my room, switched off the lights and laid down on my bed. While I was waiting for nature to take it’s course so I can sleep, I imagined all the killer styles I’m gonna have with Crystal. Lost in my fantasy imaginations, I didn’t know when I slept off.





Rise and shine!” I heard Chelsea say and my eyes fluttered open and I yawned stretching my arms wide.


Good Morning sis.” I greeted her grunting after my stretch.


Morning bro. You might wanna brush your teeth and shower.” She replied and got off my bed.




First of all, your morning breath stinks and secondly, you have that big meeting with dad’s company!” She said sassily and I scoffed unenthusiastically.


Why’d you scoff?” She asked as she came back and sat on my bed.


I’m not interested in taking dad’s company! I’m happy with my own companies and I don’t need dad’s.” I replied a bit frustrated and she chuckled.


Suit yourself. Anyways, if you’re going for the meeting you’d better get ready fast because dad hates tardiness.” Chelsea said and she left my room.


Stupid meeting.” I cursed and got off bed then went to the bathroom to freshen up.


Wanna know why I’m not so enthusiastic about the meeting? Well sorry to be disrespectful but, my dad is kind of a jerk


Six years ago when I was about entering the university, my dad pestered me to study medicine and become a medical doctor for whatever selfish reasons he had in mind.


I openly declined because I wanted to study Business Administration but dad saw no sense in it. He threatened to keep me at home and not further my education if I don’t agree to study medicine. He also threatened to disown me and blah, blah, blah.



I had no passion whatsoever for medicine and my dad was an obstacle to my dream career. My mum was also in support, my siblings had no say in this matter so their opinion wasn’t needed, although they were on my side. I took a drastic decision.


Being the son of a rich billionaire, my life savings were enough to sponsor me to study medicine at an average university for six years. I packed my bags and took off, fleeing to Asia.


I completed my education in a university in Asia early this year and I flew back into the country.


My father was informed of my arrival and he called for me. I went to see the man who didn’t have faith in my career. He apologized for trying to force me into a decision and he offered me a huge, mega, large sum of money to start up my own business. Our father-son bond was…should I say restored?


Well here I am today, the owner of three mega business empires and a successful billionaire that serves as a mock to those who didn’t have faith in me, including my dad and mother.


Now, He’s inviting me for a meeting.






Crystal’s POV:




The fright of sleeping with Miguel tonight was all I thought off. The scare of loosing Angelica if I don’t meet with Miguel enveloped me. The voice inside my head that kept whispering “Something will go wrong” continuously refused to stop.


I’m in a tough Dilemma


Boo!” Kylie screamed and I shouted out of shock because I was taken unaware.


What? What? What?” I yelled at her and all she did was just laugh.



Tell me, what are you thinking about?” She asked standing akimbo and tapping her feet on the floor repeatedly and her inquisitive face begging for answers.


I wasn’t thinking of anything.” I replied quickly and faced my work; cleaning the tables.


You’ve been cleaning the same spot for about fifteen minutes now and those burgers ain’t gonna serve themselves.” Kylie said and that was when I realised that I’ve been cleaning the same table ever since.


Whatever.” I grumbled and picked up the rag then went into the kitchen.


Whenever someone is lost in thoughts, it’s either the person is heartbroken or she’s in love.” Kylie said entering into the kitchen.


She got something right…I’m heartbroken.


But not the sort of ‘heartbroken’ she’s talking about.


And I’m not stupid enough to tell blabber mouth Kylie about my personal problems. She’s gonna make fun of me and I’ll never ‘unhear’ it from her.


Just get out of my hair okay?” I replied sternly as I prepared the customer’s order.


Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today huh?” Kylie said sassily and I rolled my eyes.


STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS.” I said to her on my way out of the kitchen stressing my words loudly in her face.


This b*tch is so nosy! She can’t stop being inquisitive about things, especially the ones that don’t have any business with her. She keeps meddling in my business and she alone contributes 70% to why I hate working here.





Few hours went by and it was the end of my shift. The usual closing procedure which was clean the counters, get changed and insult Kylie’s dumb brain a bit was completed and it was time to go home.


My phone beeped and I checked. It was a message from Miguel, probably the address of where he wants us to meet.


Before going home, I went to the hospital to check on Angelica as usual.


The doctor urged me to pay up the bills fast. He also said that Angelica’s life is going down the drain and I assured him that I’ll be back with the money soon. Shattered in my world full or problems and tears, I took a cab home.


Look who’s back?” Lolita said on hearing my footsteps and came to hug me.


Hey.” I greeted as we hugged.


Hi, you don’t look so good.” She said as we disengaged from the hug.


Yeah.” I simply replied and went into the room and laid on the bed.


Still bummed huh?” Lolita said as she came into the room.


I’m about to loose my virginity…..because of Angelica.” I said palely and emotionless. She sighed and laid next to me.


You can’t back out now. Everything has a price in life. If your virginity is gonna be the price for Angelica’s life….then pay it.” Lolita said and I looked her in the eye.


But after the long run….do you think it’ll be worth it?” I asked and she was puzzled. It was though I spoke in parables.


It’s already seven pm. Rest for like an hour and get ready to meet Miguel. I’ll get your food.” Lolita said and I nodded. She left the room and I covered myself with the duvet and sobbed softly.



Lolita’s POV




I’m starting to feel for my dear friend. She has gone through a lot and is still going through a lot. Poor girl, I pity for her. Now she has to give up her virginity for Angelica’s life.


The virginity of a woman which is her pride and now, Crystal has to up hers for Angelica’s sake and worst of all, she’s giving it to Miguel.


I pray this all works out in her favour.


Lolita.” I heard Crystal call out to me softly and I turned back to see her dressed in an outfit I never knew she had.


Crystal, you look….different.” I said referring to her outfit. She looked at it and then faced me shyly.


I’m off to meet Miguel now. Don’t wait up for me.” She added then turned around and went out of the house leaving me dumbfounded.


Crystal of all people was dressed in a cleavage revealing red mini gown.


Crystal hates these kind of dresses and equally and automatically hates girls who wear them.


Not only is she gonna loose her virginity, she is going against her word of never dressing ‘Jezebelic’






Crystal’s POV:




I can’t do this!” I said and went into a nearby bush to change my outfit. Nudity is bad and Crystal DeMarquez in no way supports Nudity


I’m never gonna be a party to that sh*t and Miguel isn’t gonna change that.


He only said he wanna sleeps with me, he didn’t say he wants to watch live p*rn.


I brought out my emergency blue gown I always keep in my bag in case of emergencies like spilled drinks, food or even the worst, CODE RED.


I removed the cleavage bearing dress and put on the blue gown which in no way exposed my vital body parts.


Satisfied with my new look, I threw the other stupid dress away and got out of the bush then set out to Miguel’s home.



At Miguel’s Place:



Arriving at Miguel’s place, I decided to call him and inform him of my arrival.



I’m at your front porch.” I said immediately he picked up the call. Not wanting to hear his reply, I hung up immediately.


Few minutes later, a primly dressed maid came out of the mansion and introduced herself as Miguel’s personal maid.


He must’ve probably slept with this one


Both of us went into his house and then to the first floor and we stopped in front of a room door.


” This is his room.” She said, took a bow then left.


I gulped and nervously knocked on his door.


” Come in.” I heard his husky voice say and I swallowed, then went in.



His room was ! His room was the size of our whole house. It was marvelous, elegant and….I’m so speechless



When you’re done admiring my house, come sit beside me.” Miguel said and I was snapped out of my thoughts.


Over here sweetheart. Come look s*xy beside me.” Miguel said as he tapped on his bed and smirked. I was nervous, shy and anxious. I sat down beside him.


Don’t be shy.” He said and pecked my cheeks then I felt his hands on my thighs and it was eew


Take your hands off me.” I said with tears in my eyes and he chuckled.


You’re playing with your sister’s life by saying that.” He replied and he stroked my hair.


I told you that I’ll have you in my bed. You were proving to be a holy virgin but now you’re gonna be my b*tch for the damn night.” He added laughing while I cried.


Stop being a jerk and let’s get this over with.” I managed to say courageously amidst my tears.


She still talks?” Miguel said and chuckled. He leaned in closer and kissed my lips and that instant, he received a responding slap.


WHAT!?!” He yelled clutching his left cheek.


It’s a habit


I can’t stand men, I hate them.


He trying to kiss me trigged the inner rage in me and I slapped him.


Swears! It wasn’t intentional. It’s just the way I am.


And something tells me, my actions will trigger something bad


You sl*tty b*tch! How dare you slap me!?” He thundered clutching his left cheek.



I’m sorry…It..It wasn’t intentional.” I tried protesting but it seems like he isn’t in the mood for explanations. I just feel like I’ve triggered the devil in him.


Terrified of what next may happen, I made a run for it. I picked up my purse and ran to the door. But Miguel was faster, he reached the door before me and blocked the exit.


Miguel…Miguel…please.” I begged as he spread his arms wide covering the door. He started moving forward looking at me with those devilish eyes of his and I started moving backwards terrified until I reached the end of the room.


You have no where to run to do you?” He said to me as I motioned and mouthed pleads to soften him but he was not interested.


Shivering in fear, I covered my face with my palms expecting the worst to happen. After like thirty seconds of covering my face, Miguel had not touched me yet. I removed my palms from my face and saw him looking at me fiercely.


Suddenly, his expression changed to a more…sobber one.


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” I’m sorry.” He said softly and sat beside me. Still terrified, I shifted away from him to the end of the bed.


Forgive me. I lost control.” He added and I was shocked. He’s apologizing?


Okay.” I managed to say. He stood up from the bed and went to his drawer. He opened it and brought out a check leaflet. He came back and sat on the bed then extended the check to me.


Take it.” He said and I was puzzled.


Huh? But..But..But you haven’t..” I stuttered and he chuckled then placed his index finger on my lips.


Shush.” He said with his finger on my lips.


Take it. I won’t sleep with you.”



” What!?!”




Kylie’s POV:




There I stood, dressed in a killer outfit standing right in front of the entrance to Miguel’s house. I still can’t believe I’m gonna be spending the night with the Miguel Nicholas! Every girl’s sweetheart…well every girl except Crystal.


I don’t just get why she’s not into dudes?


Even if you dislike men, you shouldn’t dislike Miguel because not only is he a man but a god!


And tonight, I’m gonna taste that god


I knocked on the door and one of their numerous maids opened it.


Hi, I’m here to see Miguel.” I said as she opened the door.


He’s upstairs in his room.” She replied as I came in.


Where is his room?”


Upstairs, third door to your left.” She stated and I smiled then went upstairs.


Following the maid’s description, I got to Miguel’s room. I was about to knock but what the heck?


I wanna take him by surprise!


Besides, I’m about to be his future girlfriend.


I opened the door and my eyes met with a great shock. I saw Crystal sitting with Miguel on his bed!












The Devil’s



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