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Chapter SIX


[ Oh Shit! Kylie’s Here I




Crystal’s POV:




Why does my past decide to show up when I’m progressing?


Which one of the demons seated in hell fire decided to make my great day sour by bringing up my ugly, painful past?



It’s been a while.” He said and I felt that this moment was so awkward. I smiled in reply and faced Miguel so we can get this briefing over with.


How are you doing Dan? Hope you’re feeling perfect now?” Miguel asked, standing up from his desk and going over to where Daniel was seated.


I’m feeling perfect.”


How do you know Crystal?” He added pointing at me. Miguel faced me and smiled before speaking.


She’s my new P.A. You’ll be seeing her very often from now on.” Miguel answered and Dan nodded.


It seems like you both have met before.” Miguel added as he walked back to his desk and sat down.


Yeah, we go a long way back in time.” Daniel replied and Miguel arched his brows at me, asking if what Dan said was true and in reply I simply nodded.


Alright. Crystal, shall we?” Miguel asked and sighed as he got up from his chair then picked his car keys. I stood up as well grabbing my bag.


Chelsea, you both should head home now. I’ll see you guys later.” Miguel added and Chelsea nodded raising Daniel to his feet and they exited the office and we followed behind them.


Miguel and I walked out of the complex and went inside his car. We drove off immediately and we were heading into somewhere in Manhattan, not too far from where Miguel’s office was located.


The car came to halt in front of a good looking house. Miguel and I alighted from the car and went into the house.


Crystal, this is your new house!” Miguel yelled as we entered into the house and my jaw dropped in surprise.



This house is so wonderful!


It’s like a tiny heaven on earth,


The living room was as big as my former house’s living room times three!


Everything was top class!


Everything looks so rich and classy!


This is amazing!” I complimented looking around and Miguel laughed.


You haven’t even seen the rooms and kitchen yet.” Miguel said and I was so elated.


Thanks Miguel.”


Don’t mention…and that car outside is yours.” He said. I didn’t even notice any car outside. I raced to the window and spotted a BMW X7. I was beyond speechless.


Wow! I can’t wait to drive that.” I yelled and came back to where Miguel stood.


And before I forget, here’s a check of seventy five thousand dollars.” He said and stretched a check to me and I collected it wondering what it was for.


Use it to buy yourself new clothes, shoes and jewelry. You can’t work for me and look like crap nuh-uh.” He said as I stared at the check feeling a bit insulted because he indirectly insulted my dressing sense


Work starts tomorrow, 9am. You have to be in the office before me to arrange my meetings and schedule. See you later.” He added and threw the car keys at me then left the house.


Oh My God!” I yelled immediately Miguel left and squealed happily looking at the check.


I’d better call Lolita.” I said and dialed her phone number.



Lolita, select all the good clothes and stuff we have and bring them to the address I’m gonna text you now.


Are you in the new house?



Yeah, and guess what? Miguel gave us seventy five thousand dollars for shopping.


What!? I’m on my way.” She said and hung up. Immediately, I texted the address to her and also informed her that I will be going to the hospital to pick up Angelica.


Time to cruise this baby.” I said and picked up the car keys from where they landed when Miguel threw them. I went outside and drove my new BMW to the hospital.


Angelica will be so happy on seeing this.


Finally, I’ll be reunited with my sister. Even though she’s just fifteen years old and the age difference between us is ten years, we still talk and have fun like age mates!


Damn, I miss her so much.


I rushed into the hospital and then to the doctor’s office. After being given some drugs to administer to her and some precautions to take to avoid something like this repeating itself, she was free to be discharged.


I took Angelica home and she didn’t stop asking me questions of how I was able to get the house and the new car. Off course, I explained to her. I don’t hide anything from her.


But do you know why he’s doing all this?” She asked and that question of hers hit me. I couldn’t find a reply.


I’ll be checking out the rest of the rooms.” She said and went further into the house.


But Crystal


Have you ever wondered why Miguel is doing all this!?


I know he wants me on his bed but this…this is too far. He has spent millions of dollars on this house and the car just to have a night with me? I refuse to believe that’s the only reason.


He has something else up his sleeve.


Lost in thoughts?” Lolita said as she came over distracting me from my pondering. I smiled shyly in reply.


You better get ready, remember we’re going shopping.” Lolita announced then went into the kitchen.


I got off the couch and went into my room to freshen up and get changed for the outing. One day, my questions will be answered….hopefully




Miguel’s POV:




Hey bro, I really need something from you.” Daniel said as he entered into my room.


How many times have I told you to knock Dan?” I said annoyed as I put my phone away.


Sorry about that.” He apologized and sat beside me.


What do you need?”


Crystal’s phone number.” He said straightforwardly and I looked at him then laughed.


Don’t tell me you like her already?” I asked Daniel and he smiled shyly.



No, just that we go way back and I really need her contact.” Daniel replied and I picked up my phone then scrolled through my contacts and finally saw Crystal’s number.


Here.” I said and gave Daniel my phone to copy the number. He collected the phone happily from me and then he transferred the number to his phone and he handed my phone back to me.


Thanks bro,” He said and went upstairs happily.


This should be fun


So my lil bro now needs Crystal’s phone number?


Seems like the Nicholas household is gonna be shaken by this girl.




Daniel’s POV:




Feeling triumphant, I sauntered into my room and closed the door. I


immediately flitted to my bed and sat down. I dialled Crystal’s number and waited for her to answer the call.



Hello?” She said immediately she picked the call.



Hello Crystal or should I say coffee bean?” I said with a sly smile on my face even though she couldn’t see me. On saying the name ‘coffee bean’, she sighed pathetically.



What do you want Daniel?” She asked and I laughed. I rose from my sitting position and began to ramble round my room.


I want us to meet…and talk.”



Stay the hell away from me Daniel!



Come on Crystal! Is you still have any feeling for Aaron or you ever loved him at all then you’ll come meet me at Olivia’s Diner tonight by 8pm.” I said and she didn’t say anything. The only thing I could hear was the sound of her exhaling.


See you there.” I said and hung up.


So Crystal resurfaced again?


I’m not trying to hurt her.


Hell no!


I just want to hear her own part of the story.




Crystal’s POV:




I slumped into the couch and my phone slipped out of my hand and dropped on the couch. My eyes darted round the room and I thought of possible reasons why the Lord sent me someone from my past to remind me of that idiot Aaron! Thinking about the guy makes me sick.


I hate him more than all men, followed by Miguel.


He even called me ‘coffee bean’


That’s the pet name Aaron used to call me when we were dating.



Darn Old memories.


Now, I have to go on a date with my ex supposed best friend.


What the hell does he want to talk about?


If he’s here to beg on behalf of Aaron then he’s wasting his time because it’s too late.


I’d better be with an imbecile that loves and cherishes me than to be with Aaron.


I sluggishly got off from the couch and shuffled my way to my room. I checked the time, it was already 7:03pm


” I’d better prepare.” I said and went into the bathroom to shower.



About twenty minutes later, I came out of the bathroom wet and dripping water. I grabbed my towel from the hanger and draped it around my body. Just then, my room door opened and Angelica came in.


Sis! Lolita said that you should come test the dresses we bought.” She announced as she came in.


Tell her I have somewhere to go and I’ll tell her all about it when I get back.” I replied as I strolled to my dressing table and started to apply my various skin care products.


Well okay. But don’t be mad if we leave all the bad stuffs for you.” Angelica chortled and I faked an angry face sternly warning her to leave some good stuff for me. Giggling, she walked out of the room.


I got dressed in a crazy jean and a white top with a denim jean jacket with white Timberlands. I bade Lolita and Angelica goodbye and left the house and went to Olivia’s Diner.


I entered into the diner and saw Daniel sitting on a table far towards the end of the room. He sighted me and waved, I smiled faintly and walked over to where he was seated.


Glad you could make it.” He said as I sat down. I smiled in response and he signalled a waiter who was standing nearby to come over.


Good evening sir. What may I get you?” The waiter asked as he came over dropping two copies of their menu on our table. We picked up the menu and scrolled through them.


I want Spaghetti and Bolognese sauce.” Daniel ordered still looking at the menu and the waiter wrote it down in his book. Daniel stared at me for a while then faced the waiter.


And get her whatever she wants.” He added handing the menu back to the waiter. The waiter collected it then looked at me expecting my order.



I want Basmati rice and Goulash sauce to go with it.” I said and he also wrote that down. He collected the menu and bowed then went away.


So tell me, how are you doing?” Daniel asked as the waiter left.


I’m fine.” I answered not interested in having a conversation with him. He saw my unenthusiastic approach to the conversation and he didn’t bother to continue talking.


Few minutes later, the waiter served our food and we started eating. No one said a single word to each other as we ate. After we finished eating, he paid for the bills and the waiter cleared our table.


I made up my mind that if after ten minutes he doesn’t say the reason why he called me here, I’m leaving and I’ll never listen to anything he says to me ever again.


You must be wondering why I called you here.” He said and I was relieved that finally he decided to say something.


Continue.” I said and took a sip out of the complimentary drink that was served alongside the food.


Why did you leave Aaron?” He asked and took a sip out of his own drink. I knew that’s why he brought me here. I knew he wanted to talk about Aaron.


I left your best friend because he cheated on me. When I tried calling him to talk things out, he never picked my calls nor answered my texts. I didn’t leave him, he left me.” I pointed out clearly annoyed by that stupid question. So his best friend didn’t tell him how he cheated on me with some cheap slut!?


Look, why don’t you hear me out.” Daniel said in a calm manner. But no, I don’t want to hear anything he has to say.


I don’t want to hear any lie Aaron has printed for you to tell me. Get behind me Satan!” I said enraged in anger and stood up from my chair about to leave.



Crystal will you stop yammering and listen!” Daniel half-yelled.


No!” I retorted loudly and everyone in the restaurant looked at us. I picked up my bag and left the restaurant.


Dear Lord!


What is this now?


I went home still enveloped in rage and anger. I didn’t talk to anyone and I went to bed immediately without even eating. I just wish the ground would open up and swallow me whole.




Kylie’s POV:




Few Days Later:



Miguel and I have been getting close these days and we’ve been chatting and talking a lot on the phone. So I decided to pay him a surprise visit at his office today. He’s gonna flip when he sees me!


I can’t just wait to see the look on his face.


I went inside the complex and to the CEO’s department where Miguel’s office is located. I saw a young lady on a desk and I presumed she was the receptionist.


Hi, I want to see Miguel. Is he around?” I asked the receptionist.


Let me confirm.” She said and picked up the landline and imputed some numbers and hit dial.


Hello, a lady is here to see Miguel. Is he around?” She said as the reciever picked up.


He’s around? Okay can I send her in?” She asked.



You want to come see her? Okay.” She replied and ended the call.


His Personal Assistant would like to see you before taking you to where Mr. Miguel is. Please sit down and wait.” The receptionist said and I sat down and waited for his P.A.


Miguel’s office is to the left according to what he told me, so anyone coming out from his office is gonna be coming out from the door behind me.


Few minutes later, I saw what came as a shocker for me.


The door opened and Crystal walked out.




What is she doing here.


I see you don’t want to leave Miguel alone for me.” I snapped at her immediately she came out.


What do you mean?” She sniggered.


Tell me Crystal why are you forcing yourself on him? He doesn’t like you, he likes me. What are you? A desperate chick who needs money or a boyfriend stealer?” I thundered at her and all she did was laugh and shake her head.


I am none of those.” She finally replied.


Then what are you?”


I am Miguel’s P.A.”












The Devil’s





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