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Chapter EIGHT


[ I’ll Destroy Crystal ]








Chelsea’s POV:




Pay with blood? Kylie I told you, don’t do anything stupid alright?” I said and she laughed for a short while



It’s my problem Chelsea and only me can find the solution to it. If it means doing something stupid then I will! I just need her to stay away from my Miguel” She replied maniacally and I sighed.


She’s gone insane!


She’s doing this because of a man?


My brother who doesn’t take girls seriously.


I’d like to see how this will end



Alright Kylie, do what you want. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.



But I need your help.



With what!?



I need you to ask your brother to tell you every single detail he knows about Crystal.



And why do you need that?



Just do what I say and get back to me later okay?



Whatever.” I replied and hung up.


Why am I involved in this now?


And how on earth am I supposed to ask Miguel about Crystal without him suspecting me!


He’s a smart dude, he senses deceit easily.


Help me Lord,


It’s quite late and Miguel hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe he’s caught up with work and I can’t stay awake for much longer. I have to go to bed, I’ll talk to him tomorrow morning.


The Next Morning


I got out of bed then went to the bathroom to ease myself, thereafter I went downstairs. I went to the kitchen and plugged in the coffee maker then added the ingredients for the coffee and switched the maker on. I opened the fridge in search for this Canadian Bread Miguel always buys, it’s perfect with coffee but it seems like it’s finished.


I started hearing footsteps and manly laughter. My brothers came into the kitchen laughing and joking over something. I cleared my throat so they’ll notice me but they didn’t, they continued talking like I was invisible or something.


Hello! Brothers I live with?” I said feeling left out and slightly annoyed. But at least it got them to forget about their discussion for a while and notice me.


Oh hey sis” Daniel said as he grabbed an apple from the counter.


Finally decided to notice me huh?” I asked as I switched off the coffee maker because the coffee was done brewing.



Someone feels left out?” Miguel replied opening the fridge then he took a bottle of water. I rolled my eyes sighing.


Miguel can I talk to you for a second?” I said pouring the coffee into a mug.


Why can’t you talk to the both of us?” Daniel asked taking a bite out of his apple.


If you insist, I just wanted to know more about Crystal.” I said and Miguel looked at me with a piercing gaze with traces of suspicion.


And why do you want to know about her?” Miguel asked me and I began to fidget inside, could it be he’s suspected something bad already.


Well I’ve seen her around for a few days and I think I like her.” I said hoping he’ll buy it.


Chelsea, you didn’t tell me you’re interested in girls.” Daniel replied and I was about to protest that I wasn’t then Miguel spoke.


Assuming you did I have a lot of friends who are lesbians and bisΒ£xuals, I would have set you up with one.” Miguel added and I sighed hitting my palm on my face.


No! I don’t mean I have feelings for her. I mean I like her personality.” I explained a bit frustrated.


Alright. Well she’s about twenty-five I guess. And she lives in my apartment at Manhattan and she’s from Texas.” Miguel answered but I don’t know how all of that is gonna help Kylie.


Oh! She loves her sister so much. I think her name is Angela or something.” Daniel added and I wondered how he knew Crystal so much to the extent of knowing who she loves so much.


Her name is Angelica and she loves her so damn much! She can do anything for her.” Miguel also said and I think I have enough information already.


Thanks so much guys.” I said and grabbed my coffee and raced upstairs.



I finished the coffee and freshened up then got dressed. I drove to Kylie’s work place to inform her of the information I got.


But I do feel a bit guilty.


What if Kylie uses the information to harm Crystal?


She did say she was out for blood!


And if she’s caught and goes down,


I also go down because I was an accomplice to whatever crime she committed. I have bad feelings about this!


But she’s my best friend,


I’ll help her.


Things we do for friendship huh?














I strutted into the restaurant. It looked so disgusting for my standards, I shouldn’t be seen in this kind of rat hole. Can’t Kylie find somewhere else to work in?


I wore my sunglasses before someone recognizes me because I’m Chelsea Nicholas, one of the elite actresses in America and everyone will wanna take pictures and all that.


Anyways, I sat down at the bar hoping Kylie will show up and we can talk.


As planned, Kylie comes out of the kitchen holding a tray of food. I waited for her to serve the food and on her way back, I tapped her and she yelped wincing.


You scared me!” She said while I laughed. I removed my glasses as she sat on the chair next to me.


Hey, I’ve got some info.” I said and she grinned.


Finally some good news today. So spill, what did you find?” She asked excitedly.


She’s 25 and she’s from Texas and she lives in Manhattan.” I said and Kylie groaned shaking her head.


What the hell am I supposed to that for? How is her age gonna help me crush her!” Kylie yelled in fury as she clenched her fist.


Well, she also loves her sister?” I said unsure whether that’ll help her achieve her goal.


Now you’re talking. And I have a plan.” Kylie said and I listened keenly to her plan.




Crystal’s POV:




Wakey Wakey!” I heard Angelica say and I groaned and turned over to the other side of the bed.


Crystal get up!” She yelled and started hitting me with my pillow.


Stop it Angelica!” I said and got hold of the pillow as I sat atop on the bed.


Crystal it’s morning! and today’s Tuesday the 19th!” Angelica yelled enthusiastically as crouched on the bed.


What happens on Tuesday the 19th?” I asked rubbing my eyes and she sighed.


Don’t tell me you forgot, today is bring your parent to school day and I was hoping you’d fill in for mum and dad since you know they’re…” Angelica said and her eyes became teary and I quickly cleaned them. I vowed to never let her drop a tear.



I wish I could but I have to go to work sweetie!” I said to her and got off the bed.


But you promised you’ll come.” She cooed and pouted.


That was before I started working with Miguel and I have to work round the clock to make money and get you sweet stuff like I promised huh?” I replied as I touched her pink cozy PJs that I bought for seven hundred and fifty bucks.


But you also promised that you’ll try your best never to make me miss mum and dad and that you’ll always fill in for them but now I’m kinda missing them.” Angelica said sadly and I sighed.


Yeah that’s why I’m doing the best I can to make you happy.” I replied and she got off the bed and walked straight to me.


Since you’re not coming then there’s no need going to school because it’s useless going when you have no parents or have a sister who cares!” Angelica yelled and stomped to the door angrily.


Angelica can you quit being a baby about this and stop your childish tantrums and understand that I’m trying my best for you. It’s not easy remember I also don’t have parents.” I fired at her and her eyes became teary again.


If being rich has turned you into this then I want to be poor. I don’t even know you anymore Crystal!” She yelled and ran outside my room crying.


What have I done?




Angelica’s POV:




I ran into my room and sobbed for about two hours. It’s heart breaking!


My own sister ditched me because of money? I thought family comes first before everything!



I heard the sound of a car and I looked through the window and saw Crystal driving away.


Probably on her way to work.


So she meant it!?


She’s really going out and leaving me here lonely.


I wore my flip flops and decided to go outside to get some fresh air. Kylie’s POV:


Alright, Crystal just left the house now.” Chelsea said as she peeked through the car’s window.


Now let’s go in and grab her damn sister.” I said and was about to open the door when a young girl walked out of the house.


Could it be?”


Yes it is…my ticket to revenge!” I said rubbing my hands together maniacally.


Here take this handkerchief and put it over her nose, it’ll make her unconscious. Make sure no one sees you and bring her into the car.” I said and gave Chelsea a drugged handkerchief.


Why can’t you drug her? You’re the mastermind! Why do I have to do it?” Chelsea protested and I sighed.


If I go out there Angelica is gonna run home screaming because she knows me and Crystal must’ve already told her bad stuff about me. Plus, you can use this to practice for the next Action Film you’re gonna be acting in.” I said and she gave me an unsure look.



Alright, I’ll do it. But I still don’t know how you talked me into this.” She said and reluctantly collected the handkerchief from me and alighted the car.


I quickly wore my face mask to avoid Angelica from recognizing me. So even if I get caught, I’ll just ditch Chelsea and no one will have clue that I was involved and before Chelsea can talk, I’ll be chilling in Mexico!


Don’t look at me like that


I’m not selfish




Anyways, Chelsea was successful surprisingly!


She has the brain of a horse sometimes and can be tricked into doing things! I don’t even know how she became so successful in the acting game.


She brought Angelica into the car and we drove off to the hideout.


Why are you wearing a mask Kylie” Chelsea asked and I sighed.


If Angelica wakes up and sees me that’s gonna be chaotic for both of us.” I explained and she nodded.


And please don’t call my name when we’re around her, we never know when she may wake up.” I added and she nodded again.


We pulled over at a small abandoned self-contained building. Chelsea carried Angelica inside and tied her up.


Yeah she’s doing all the work


I picked up my phone and removed my sim card then inserted a new sim card in it then I dialled Miguel’s number.




Crystal’s POV:





Did I do the right thing?


I really must’ve hurt Angelica real bad.


I should call and apologize to her.


But she got on my nerves, she failed to understand that I’m simply working hard so she won’t suffer!


But I’m also wrong for yelling at her. I did promise to be her mum and dad, and what better way is there than to be there for her especially when she needs me the most.


I think I can still make it up to her.


It was 10:15am, it’s not too late to show up at school with her.




Miguel’s POV:




I was relaxing in my office when a call came in from an unknown number. I picked the call.





Hello Miguel.” A hoarse voice said. It really seemed like the caller was trying to fake his or her voice thus making it sound hoarse.


Who are you and how do you know my name.



That’s not important now. I have Angelica hostage.” The caller announced and I was shocked. Angelica in hostage?


She has woken up.” Someone said at the background.


Shut up! I’m on the phone.” The caller yelled at the person.


Okay sorry. But why are you making your voice sound weird?” The other person asked and the caller sighed.



Get out!” The caller yelled.


Brain of a horse.” The caller muttered.



CRYSTAL! JUST RESIGN FROM WORKING WITH MIGUEL AND THEY’LL LET ME GO PLEASE!” I heard a little girl yelled and the line switched off.


Angelica has been kidnapped!?


Crystal isn’t gonna be happy hearing this.


And now I have to fire her so they’ll let her sister go!


I know Crystal will choose her sister over this job.


So I might as well formulate a new plan to have her scream my name in bed!


Just then the door opened and Crystal came in.


Miguel I really need to go home early and see my sister because today is bring your parent to school day and….” Crystal continued talking and I called her name but she was bent on finishing whatever she wanted to say!


Crystal! Angelica was kidnapped!!” I announced.













The Devil’s



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