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Chapter FIVE


[ Do I Know You? ]







Miguel’s POV:




Say something.” I beckoned as she just sat there moping. She will open her mouth to speak but shut it few seconds later uttering nothing but gibberish.


The offer is still available. I’ll give you time to think about it.” I said then stood up from the chair. She looked at me without saying a word and I smiled back at her.


I hope to see you later.” I added and turned to leave.


Wait!” She yelled and I paused still backing her.


I’ll…I’ll be your P.A.” She replied and I smiled inwardly knowing fully well that my plan is already working and in full motion.


You sure?” I asked with a smirk as I turned to face her and she nodded affirmatively.


Alright. You’ll have to meet me at my office. I’ll text you the address and the time for the briefing of your new job.” I said with my arms folded and she nodded again.


Thanks for yesterday. My sister is perfectly okay now.” She said facing sideways averting her eye contact with me.


I’m happy to help. See you later.” I said and left the ward.




My plan is working now and I feel so awesome.


I told Crystal I must have her on my bed and she doubted me



The whole reason I didn’t sleep with her yesterday was because I don’t want it to be like I forced her.


But now there’s a total game change!


The new plan is to make her fall for me!


She claims she hates boys?


No one hates Miguel!


I’m the only devil in this game and she must fall for me.


I brought out my phone from my left side pocket and placed a call to Ben, my agent.


Mr. Miguel, Good Evening.



Evening Ben. How is your day going?



My day is going well but now that I have received a call from you, I have a feeling that it just got better.” Ben said and I couldn’t help but laugh.


Alright Ben, I need you to help me.



Anything for you sir.



I need you to furnish that Three Bedroom flat I have in West Manhattan.



Okay sir I will. Are you gonna be staying there now?



No but a good friend of mine is. So finish it up.



Okay sir. Anything else?



Yes, I need you to buy a BMW X7 as well.



Alright. What about the money?



Bill everything to my account directly.



Will do sir, I’ll not let you down.



I trust you Ben. Good night” I said and hung up.



If a flashy car, A classy home, a job worth thousands of dollars and other beneficiaries won’t make Crystal fall for Miguel then I don’t know what will.


But don’t misunderstand me, I don’t love this girl. I just want her to be mesmerized by me then beg me to sleep with her. That’s all I want.


And I must get it!




Crystal’s POV:




I transferred the fifty thousand dollars to the hospital’s account and the doctor said that she will be discharged by tomorrow evening because by then, the treatment and dialysis will be completed. I thanked the doctor for everything he had done for us, he had really been helpful to Angelica and I. I bade my sister goodbye and went back home.


I saw Lolita sitting outside crying and I just couldn’t wait to announce the good news to her.


But am I right for accepting the job offer from Miguel?


Miguel is a sly devil and I know what his plans are; to have me in his bed.


That’s all he ever thinks about.


But I’m over boys, nothing can ever make me fall in love again!


After what that bastard Aaron did to me, I’ll never love another man again!


So if Miguel’s plans are to make me fall for him then he should expect to fail trying.



Hey Lolly.” I said and knelt beside her resting my left arm on her shoulder. She didn’t answer me instead she continued sobbing.


I don’t expect you to be wasting your energy crying when you can convert that same energy into celebrating.” I said and she looked at me puzzled having no idea of what I was talking about.


Huh? Celebrate?” She asked sniffling.


Yes my dear friend, because you are looking at the owner of a BMW Car and a new house. Also having a new job worth thousands of bucks.” I said and turned around dramatically while she just stared at be befuddled.


What do you mean? I don’t remember your job at Fooders paying you more than two hundred dollars. Are you hallucinating? Is the trauma of being homeless making you go ‘co-co’? ” Lolita said with that bewildered look on her face and I couldn’t hide my laughter.


Miguel offered me a job!” I said and that was when the doubt cleared. She jumped up on her feet and hugged me.


What the butt! I can’t believe it! Miguel offered you a job. Is he the one who gave you the car and house too?” She asked as we disengaged from the hug.


Yes! He was the one. Tomorrow I’m going to his office and it’ll be finalised. We’re gonna land ladies soon!” I said as we both squealed happily.


And my best friend is gonna have a car! We’re gonna cruise round NYC and paint the whole town red!” She added and we giggled elatedly.


Plus, he also offered to pay this year’s rent and last year’s outstanding.” I announced and he grinned.


Can this night get any better!?” She yelled and hugged me again.


Off course yes! Angelica’s surgery was successful. She’s okay now.”



You don’t say? Everything is working out well.” Lolita said and we squealed and giggled euphorically.


Will you two keep shut! Some of us are trying to sleep here.” Mrs. Patty, one of our old neighbors yelled from her window.


Sorry ma’am.” We both apologized and when she closed her window, we continued celebrating nevertheless but a bit quieter.








Lolita and I spent the night at one of our neighbor’s house. When it was morning, I wore one of my snazzy office wears and some stylish heels with a perfectly matching bag. First of all, I went to Fooders to give in my resignation letter.


It was actually handwritten, not professional at all. But I don’t care if they don’t accept it. Either way, I’m never setting foot in that hell of a restaurant again.


So you don’t wanna work here anymore?” Boss said looking at my resignation letter.


Yes, I have found a better place.” I replied and he looked away from the letter and fixed his gaze on me.


Another restaurant?”


Eew no! Never shall I work in another restaurant. Somewhere much better. Anyways sir, I owe you no explanation or description of my new job. I’m off, it was nice working here.” I said and picked up my bag and left his office.


Why are you all dressed up?” Kylie said on my way out of the restaurant.


I’m dressed for success.” I said to her and she looked at me from head to toe then laughed.


And what do you mean by success?”



Talking to you is a waste of time. You’re a very annoying creature and now that I no longer work here, I’ll be free from you and your pest-like character.” I said and chuckled, then flipped my hair in her face and strutted out of the restaurant.




I’m walking out of backwardness, poverty and unhappiness.


No more annoying Faces,


No more Kylie,


Hello World!


Crystal’s coming for ya




Miguel’s POV:




Morning bro.” My sister greeted as I walked down the stairs buttoning up my shirt.


Hey sis.” I replied without looking away from my shirt.


Where are you off to so early? You usually get up by 12am.” Chelsea said as she painted her toenails.


Today is a wonderful day for me.” I said to her as I walked into the living room. She glanced at me briefly and chuckled then resumed polishing her nails.


The day is always wonderful when you’re getting a new girl. So tell me, who’s the girl for the night?” She asked covering the cute little bottle that contained her nail polish.


She knows me too well!


She’s like my second mum


I don’t have to answer that, do I?” I retorted instantly and sat beside her and she chuckled once more.



Anyways, the doctor called this morning.”


And what did he say?”


He said that Daniel will be discharged today.” She announced and a happy feeling clouded my heart. My brother has been in the hospital for a few weeks now but he’s gonna be discharged today.


Good news! You’ll have to go pick him up later.” I said and she nodded affirmatively.


I will.”




Crystal’s POV:




I went to Miguel’s Office Complex, the place where he texted me to meet him. I got there before he arrived, so I waited for him outside the building.


Half an hour later, Miguel’s Lexus pulled over at the carpark and he alighted from the car wearing his glasses.


Hey sweetheart.” He said as he came over to where I stood and I rolled my eyes. Can he just stop calling me his sweetheart.


Hey.” I replied and faked a smile.


Let’s go in.” He said and we went into his office.


So, I’ll take you to the house and the car is also parked there. You’ll start work tomorrow.” He announced as we entered into his office and got seated.


Thanks so much Miguel”


Send your Landlord’s account details, I’ll send him the rent.” He added and I wrote out the landlord’s number in a piece of paper and gave it to him.



Thanks Miguel. You’ll never know how happy I am. You’ve done so much for me.” I thanked him and he smiled. Just then the door opened and a young, good looking lady and a handsome guy walked in. They both had striking resemblance with Miguel.


Hey bro.” The girl said to Miguel as she and the guy walked in.


Crystal, this is my sister Chelsea and my brother Daniel.” Miguel introduced them to me and I waved at them.




Daniel! That name rings a loud bell.


And he looks so familiar, where have I seen him before?


Crystal? What are you doing here!?” Daniel asked on sighting me.










The Devil’s



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