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Chapter FOUR


[ A New Deal






Kylie’s POV:




Who dares open my door without permis..” Miguel thundered standing up but on sighting me, he paused.


Kylie?” Crystal called my name as she stood up from the bed as well staring at me like she had seen a ghost.


I’ll be leaving now.” Crystal added as she picked up a leaflet from the bed and strutted outside nudging me with her shoulders as she went out.


I thought we had an appointment tonight?” I said to Miguel immediately Crystal left leaning on the doorpost expecting quick answers.


We did. But she came over to come collect something.” Miguel replied and I laughed.


Don’t lie to me Miguel. And I still can’t believe you settled for Crystal.” I said to him and he looked at me with his eyes filled with fury.



And who are you to question my choices? I said I told her to come over to pick up something and you’re questioning me!” He yelled in rage and I was shocked.


What have I done?


You’re just my b*tch for the night and you have no business whatsoever with who I decide to meet okay?” He further yelled and I had to apologize before my plans are completely ruined.


Miguel…” I called his name and I s£xily strutted to where he stood.


I’m sorry okay?” I apologized sultrily as I ran my hands from his face down to his chest to arouse him and get him out of his angry mood so we can get down to business.


Well I forgive you pretty thing.” He replied as he licked his lips and grabbed me by my waist.


Now keep shut and enjoy the moment.” I said in a low, soft tone and pressed my lips on his as his grip on me tightened and he pushed me unto the bed and the night became more interesting




Crystal’s POV:




I ran as fast as my legs could carry me out of Miguel’s house and far away from the vicinity. I stopped to breathe about 10 blocks away from his house. Panting breathlessly, I took the check Miguel gave to me and I examined it.


He has signed the check!


But why didn’t he sleep with me? What changed his mind suddenly?


Well, we thank God that he didn’t do anything to me. I’m still a virgin and I will save my sister.


There’s no time to waste. I’m going to the hospital right now!” I thought and took to my heels running to the junction nearby.



I flagged down a taxi and I was driven to the hospital. I quickly alighted from the taxi and ran into the hospital’s main building. Halfway there, I took a pause and a look at myself.


I looked like something that was chewed and spat out! My hair was scattered, my make-up was smirched and my legs were dusty.


I located a tap nearby and I went there and washed my makeup off. It’s better to have no makeup on, than to have makeup on and look like a lost but found item. After washing my makeup off, I washed my legs as well. I brushed my hair and it looked better.


I felt more better and confident about my outfit now and I rushed into the hospital and then to the doctor’s office.


Crystal?” Doctor Gareth called my name as I came in hastily.


Sorry doctor. Pardon my manners, I didn’t knock before I came in.” I apologized as I sat down on the visitors chair.


No problem. How may I help you dear?” Doctor Gareth politely asked.


Doctor, Doctor, I’m here to pay for my sister’s surgery!” I announced happily searching for the check leaflet in my bag.



And that was when it dawned on me that I haven’t cashed the check yet Gosh! How could I be so stupid?


I’m supposed to stop by at the bank and cash out the money then pay into the hospital’s account.


I was just so anxious, I forgot to do the needful and I have to wait till tomorrow before I go to the bank because all banks are closed by 12am!


Oh dear God. Doctor I’m so sorry, I haven’t cashed the money yet.” I said feeling a bit embarrassed, probably he thinks I’m stupid with low IQ. He chuckled and wore his glasses.



Go cash the money and come back.” The doctor said calmly and gave me a knowing look.




Does he think I’m crazy or mad!?


Do I look like a psycho?


Alright, I’ll be back later.” I replied and left the hospital and went back home.






So you’re telling me that Miguel didn’t sleep with you? Instead he apologized for getting angry at you?” Lolita asked after I narrated all the happenings of tonight.


Yeah! And he handed over the check to me just like that!” I said elatedly flaunting the signed check Miguel gave me.


That’s awesome! Now you can pay for Angelica’s treatment and guess what? You’re still a virgin!” Lolita said and we hugged.


Yes! Two wins for me!” I said as we hugged.


But then a bomb dropped! BOOM Kylie walked in.” I said with a dramatic expression then took a sip out of my drink.


Oh My! What next?”


She looked surprised probably due to the fact that her co-worker who openly disclosed her hatred for boys is on Miguel’s bed. It was a real shocker for her.” I narrated and Lolita listened attentively.


So what are you gonna tell her when you go to work?”


I don’t owe her any explanation. It’s my life and she has no right to know what’s going on in it.” I sternly said and Lolita laughed.


Ugh! The thought of Kylie disgusts me.


She doesn’t even know who she’s dealing with. Miguel is just gonna sleep with her once or twice and dump her like garbage!


And I’ll be there to laugh at her when it happens!


Lolly, I gotta sleep now. I have to go to work by 9am and I have less than seven hours to rest.” I said as I set my alarm.


Good night.” She replied and switched off the lights.




Miguel’s POV:




Yawn! I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. It was morning already. I stretched a bit and my hand mistakenly hit a body.


Huh? A body??


Oh! That Kylie girl was here for the night!


I rolled over and looked at her.


She’s so cheap!


She didn’t even let me make the first move she already fixed an appointment.



But she’s good


And pretty as well.


She black and beautiful.


I think I like this one.


Oh you’re up?” She said as she sat atop on the bed as she yawned.


Yeah, Good Morning.” I greeted her and rubbed my eyes.


Yeah, Have a nice day. I have to get to work pronto!” She said and got off the bed yawning and stretching as she made her way to the bathroom.



” Well, okay.” I simply replied and she smiled as she entered into the bathroom.




I went to the guestroom and freshened up then got dressed and returned back into my room. I found Kylie all dressed up and perfecting her makeup.


Ready to go?” I asked as I came in. She sighed and got off the chair and stared into my eyes.


Yeah. Call me when you need me.” She replied and slipped a card into my shirt pocket then smiled.


I’ll be leaving now.” She added and walked to the door.


Wait!” I said and grabbed her hand and she stopped.


I haven’t paid you yet.” I added and she chuckled releasing her hand from my grip.


Forget about the pay. I hope we become friends.” She said and winked at me then strutted out of my room.




I can have her anytime I want…for free!




Crystal’s POV:




7am Sharp! I was up and ready for a new day, the day Angelica will be saved from the shadows of death. I had a shower and dressed all pretty, then had breakfast and was ready to go into the world.


It was already 8:30am and I have to be at work in thirty minutes or I’ll get a scolding from my boss or worse, probably a query. But who f*cking cares? Not me!



All that’s in my mind now is to get to the bank, cash out the money and pay for Angelica’s bills.


I don’t give a damn if I loose my job or not! I crave Angelica’s well being.


The line at the bank was so long, but after about one hour of being in line it was my turn. I cashed the check and had it transfered to my account. Afterwards, had it transferred to the Hospital’s Paediatric ward’s account.


The process was done!


I need to inform the doctor.



Hello doc.



Good Morning Crystal. How may I help?



I’ve transferred the money for the surgery into the hospital’s account. Please start the treatment.


Okay, I think we just received an alert. But you need to come by the hospital.






For confirmation and to sign a few documents so we can commerce treatment.



But doctor! I have to go to work and I’m already late.



Without your signature we can’t start anything.



Alright doctor, I’ll be there soon” I said and hung up the phone call.



I finished up at the bank and took a cab to the hospital and confirmed my payment then signed a few papers and the surgery commenced. In haste, I hurriedly got to work two hours late!


Hey!” Kylie’s dumb voice said and I was about to reply her sassily but then I remembered that today was a happy day for me and no devil incarnate will ruin it.



Hi.” I replied and took the tray of drinks to the counter.


You were late for work and boss isn’t really happy about it.” Kylie stated and my jaw dropped in shock.


Oh no!


My boss knows I was late.


I’m in trouble.


The Boss? What did he say?” I asked stammering after I had served the customer his drinks.


He was mad but, I covered for you.” Kylie said as she filed her nails as she leaned on the doorjamb chuckling.


Oh? You did? Nice, I hate you a little less now.” I said to her and she rolled her eyes and came to stand next to me.


Whatever. Tell me what you were doing in Miguel’s house last night?” Kylie asked with a smirk on her face and I fidgeted a bit.


Why should I tell you?” I responded as I went back into the kitchen to do the dishes and she followed me.


Because if you don’t, I’m gonna tell boss that you weren’t at work because you were out chasing pintle!” Kylie threatened and my jaw dropped as I blinked repeatedly due to shock and fear.


I wasn’t chasing pintle, I just went to see Miguel to collect something.” I stuttered as I turned on the sink and began washing the dishes.


Tell that to the boss when you’re fired.” Kylie replied and left the kitchen then walked to the boss’s office.


I don’t care about her!


I don’t care about this dumb job either!


She can go blab whatever she wants to the boss.


And he’ll believe her because they’re dating.


I don’t even know how many guys Kylie dates and sleeps with!


A disgrace to womanhood.





It was closing time already and it turns out I wasn’t fired instead I was queried and let of with a warning simply because I’m always punctual. I’m sure Kylie feels so dumb right now. Anyways, I’m off the hospital now to see Angelica post surgery.


Doctor I’m here!” I said as I ran into Doctor Gareth on the Ward’s corridor.


Hey Crystal, how a…”


No time doctor. Is Angelica done with the surgery?” I asked and he smiled.


Yes, she’s in her room resting.”


That means the surgery was successful and my sister is finally okay!!” I yelled as I leaped for joy and cried tears of happiness.


Yes! You’re correct.”


I’ll go see her now.” I said and rushed over to Angelica’s room.


Hold on Crystal.” The doctor said and I paused.


Yes doc?”


You’ll need to deposit fifty thousand dollars for her dialysis and further medications.” The doctor announced and my brain was at a halt.


Fifty Thousand Dollars?


That’s all I have on me!


I planed to pay my share of the rent and settle some of my bills with the reminder


of the money Miguel gave me.


But now Angelica needs it.


” Okay doc, I’ll see to it.” I answered and shuffled slowly to Angelica’s room.


I opened the door and for the first time in a month, Angelica got out of bed and ran to hug me.


Sis!” She yelled on hugging me.


Angel!” I called out and kissed her forehead then hugged her again..


Are you okay?” I asked her kneeling to her height. She held my left hand and smiled lightly.


Yes I am. Thank you for saving me.” She said and I smiled. I haven’t heard her voice in what seemed like ages.


I thought I was gonna loose you.” I said as I clutched her hand and tears flowed again.


But I’m here and I’m gonna be fine.” She answered and I pecked her forehead again.


I have to leave now but I’ll be back later okay?” I said to her and she nodded then I waved ‘bye’ at her and left her room.


My phone rang, it was a call from Lolita.



Hey Lolly, what’s the haps?



Crystal the worst has happened.” Lolita said crying.



What happened?



The landlord kicked us out and threw all our stuff outside. Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories. I took our stuff and kept them with the neighbors but now we have no where to sleep and there’s no money” Lolita announced and it hit me like a bomb. My phone fell out of my hand and smashed to the ground, not without Lolita screaming “Hello” countless times before the phone’s death.


I sat down on a chair next to Angelica’s room to meditate and clear my head. What is happening to me!?!


Where am I gonna find a thousand dollars to pay for this year’s rent and five hundred dollars for the reminder of last years rent.


Hey!” I looked up and saw Miguel in front of me. Why does he always show up when I need help?


I knew I’d find you here. I wanted to apologize for shouting at you yesterday.” He added and sat beside me.


Oh you’re crying?” He said immediately he noticed my tears.


What happened??” He further asked.


The landlord threw us out because we haven’t paid our rent and outstanding.” I said to him and he laughed.


Hah! Peasant!” He said still laughing and I was furious.


You mock me, don’t you?” I said rolling my eyes as he laughed harder.


How much is it?” He asked amidst his laughter.


One thousand, five hundred bucks.” I replied and he laughed even harder.


You can’t afford that amount! You must be so poor!” He said and continued laughing.



I won’t sit here and watch you mock me!” I said angrily and he finally stopped laughing.


Chill! I’ll help you.” He said and I was calmed instantly.


You will?” I asked not believing what my ears just heard.


Yeah. I really need a personal assistant that’ll be my aide. I’ll pay her two hundred thousand dollars a month and I’ll give her an upfront payment the moment she agrees to work with me.” Miguel said and I listened keenly.


He wants me to be his PA!?




Not happening!




Be my P.A and stand a chance to also get a fully furnished three bedroom apartment and BMW Car.” He added and I was amazed!


So will you be my P.A or not?” He asked.













The Devil’s



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