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Episode Eleven











I gave a small laugh and looked at him intently in the eye “Glad I meant something to you then and I’m very useful” I kissed him lightly on the lips and left for my room sadly.


I smiled without emotion as made my way to my room. “I knew I was a fool but I never expected this” I said to him internally, “I gave my everything to you, even my body. I let myself be used by the devil but I can’t keep up with this and continue getting hurt.”


I’m just some pun in his game.


I made a call to the receptionist determined to put an end to everything.



“Good evening Zena” I greeted



“Hello Daisy, how may I help you?”



“I want to quit, the prince is hopeless and can never fall in love” I said coldly over the phone, not wanting the emotions get into my voice.


“Really?” She asked in surprise






” Didn’t you say…..”



“He’s perfectly okay, doesn’t need help.”



“Wow… that’s great news”



“Yeah I guess”



“Send your account details, your reward will be forwarded instantly. There must be celebration, you must be very excited”


“Yeah….. veeerrryyyy” I replied sarcastically and hung up.


Reminiscing everything that has happened in my three months stay here.






Prince Eric




I didn’t know I had said out what has been in my mind all this while, I wasn’t until I had said it did I realize I’ve made a mistake. Even though she laughed a little, I can still see the pain in her eyes.


I laid on the bed, thinking of what to say next so I didn’t bother going after her.


I went downstairs to the kitchen, hoping to see a meal on the table.


I got to the dining and saw the table was empty, I entered the kitchen but there was no sign of her cooking. I sighed and head to her room.


“Daisy?” I knocked, waiting for a few seconds.


“Daisy?” I called out again then seeing I wasn’t going to get a response anytime soon, I tried opening the door.


It gave way, I entered the room and my heart plummeted down fast at the sight.


Everywhere was empty, no sign of life. I rushed to wardrobe and saw it was bare, nothing was there.


She left???



Just like that??


As I walked back to the door, I caught sight on a paper on the dressing mirror. I went over and opened it, reading it aloud.


Dear Eric,


I understand that you can’t fall in love but I can’t continue staying here and hurting myself. Every woman’s dream is to fall in love and be loved and that’s definitely my dream too. Though it hurts to leave you, I have to get rid of the feelings I know can never returned. Sadly, you’ll always be my first love. Goodbye my love and hopefully when we meet again anywhere, we’d become good friends.


Yours sincerely,




I crumpled the piece of paper in my fist, I know we can’t be together forever but I didn’t expect it to be too fast. Why can’t she just be here and understand that falling in love is so scary for me?


I walked towards the bed and laid on it, allowing myself to sleep there, imagining myself in her embrace.






I woke up to the sunlight breaking in through the window and looked to my side as it has being my routine for the past one week, expecting to see her there.


With each passing day, it hurts a lot not to see her, feel her body against mine, eat her meal, laugh at a joke together, watch movies or just even hold hands with her. If I go after her, what would be my reason?


The voice in my head stopped, I feel normal once again but still incomplete, still missing out a puzzle piece.


My phone rang, I answered and put it in my ears.



“Hello” said into the phone, my voice hoarse since I haven’t been doing much of




“Eric dear, heard you’re finally okay.” “I’m fine mum”


“The girl who was sent to you gave us feedback and she has been rewarded for the good work she did with you.”


I was silent for a moment, Daisy was after the money? Well I don’t blame her, who wouldn’t jump at the offer.


“Can we proceed with the wedding with your betrothed then?” Mum’s voice broke through my thoughts


I thought for a while and said yes. Perhaps with my so called betrothed, I’ll get my mind of Daisy and feel obliged to my bride instead.


“She’ll come spend the day with you then and we can proceed with the wedding anytime you want”


“Can it be faster?” I asked.


“How fast?”


“Let’s get married next tommorow”


“Wow…. very good then. I’ll work on it” she replied and hung up.


My thoughts strayed back to Daisy, well maybe she was just really after the money. Her love had been for the money not me. Why do I feel more pained?


I shook her out of my head and went to prepare for the meeting with my supposed betrothed.















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