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Chapter SEVEN


[ Oh Shit! Kylie’s Here II ]





Crystal’s POV:




You’re who’s P.A!?” Kylie asked still not believing what her eyes and ears just met.


Look, I’m a busy lady and if you have nothing better to say thank ask me obvious questions then get the hell out!” I yelled in her face pointing at the door to emphasize my point.


How dare you talk to me like that Crystal? Do you know I’m your boss’s girlfriend and I can make him fire you in a second.” Kylie fired back at me angrily.


Girlfriend? You wish! You’re just a low class b*tch who chases pintle for quick cash and do you know what they call girls who do that? Cheap Dirty Hoes!” I retorted and she looked so pissed. She raised up her hand to slap me but I caught it mid air and slapped her hard.


You slapped me?” Kylie yelled clutching to her cheek which had already turned red.


And I’ll do it again if you don’t watch your mouth.” I replied and raised my hand to threaten her and she winced.


What in Neptune’s name is going on here?” Miguel said as he came out of the office and strolled to the scene. I know Kylie is gonna tell lies to Miguel so before she could calumniate anything I went back into the office.


If this continues…


I mean if Kylie keeps coming here and displays her attitude in front of me I may kill her one day.


Miguel should do best and warn her because Crystal isn’t one they mess with. I can be calm and nice as a dove but can be as vicious and deadly as a lioness


Miguel’s POV:




Crystal left immediately and I watched her go till she was out of sight, then fixed my gaze on Kylie who I now know is fond of creating a nuisance with Crystal.


What happened here?” I asked calmly and Kylie began to yammer and rant.


You’re going away? I thought you wanted to fight me huh? I’ll deal with you Crystal!” Kylie ranted loudly and I laughed.


Why didn’t you say all that when she was here? You were trembling. You’re afraid of Crystal!” I responded and continued laughing while she rolled her eyes and sighed.


Let’s go inside please.” She said, picked up her bag and then we went inside my office.


What do I owe this surprise visit?” I asked her as we entered into the office. She slumped into the lounge chair and sighed heavily.


I missed you.” She said and I chuckled. I picked up the landline and dialed my secretary.



Hello Beatrice?



Yes sir.



Can you bring a bottle of cold whisky and two glasses? Thank you.



Okay sir.” She replied and I hung up then went to sit next to Kylie.



You know, I don’t really like Crystal.” Kylie said and brought out a nail filer from her bag and started filling her nails.




She’s rude and secondly, do you know she slapped me?” Kylie answered with her eyes fixed on her nails.


The past weeks of knowing Crystal, I’ve discovered she doesn’t look for trouble. She only fights back when trouble comes. So what did you do to her?” I asked and she froze, she looked at me with furrowed brows and I beckoned on her to start talking.


Well, I didn’t know she was your P.A. I thought she came here to see you, I don’t like seeing other girls with you.” She explained and I snickered as she talked. She’s jealous.


Why is she even jealous?


She’s not even my girlfriend or wife. I haven’t even asked her out yet or declared interest in her.


She’s just a classy b*tch who will be my trophy girlfriend soon.


By trophy girlfriend I mean, a girl that’ll follow me around in my Benz and go out with me to the night club and to other big events! But we’re not dating, we just sleep with each other and she follows me around.


That’s my plan for Kylie!


And I have to make her think I’m in love with her.


Then you insulted her and she slapped you?” I asked and the door opened and my secretary came in holding a tray with two drinks in it. She carefully dropped them on the table.


Anything else sir?” She asked after dropping the tray.


No, I’ll call you when I need you.” I replied and Beatrice left the office.


Well yeah. But why will you make her your P.A!?” Kylie asked and I chuckled once more. I picked up a glass cup and handed it over to her, I took the bottle of wine and popped it open. Then I poured into her glass and into mine.



That’s because I want to. Please let’s drop this topic and talk about something else.” I said as I took a sip out of my wine. She sighed and took a sip out of her glass.




Crystal’s POV:




I checked the time, it was half past 10pm. It was getting late and I really need to go back home. I still had ton of work to do and I haven’t even gone half-way. I went to Miguel’s office to tell him I’ll be going home early because most Monday I usually stay till 12am before I leave.


Hey.” I said as I came inside his office.


Sweetheart? You’re still here?” He asked and I sat down on the couch.


Don’t call me sweetheart.” I warned sternly for umpteenth time today.


I call you what I wanna call you.” He replied and came closer to me then used his index finger to raise my head up by my chin.


I wanna go home early. I’m really stressed out, I may get sick.” I said to him and he looked at me and arched his brows.


Alright. But why don’t you give me a hug before you go?” He said and winked.


I’ll never hug you! You may be my boss Miguel but I advice that we respect our boundaries in this office to avoid bringing out the worst of us.” I said to him on my way out. He didn’t say anything, instead he stared at me and chuckled. I left his office then went to mine and picked up stuff then went home.


Why can’t he hug Kylie his girlfriend?


Off course!


He gave me a job here so he can have access to my body and he thinks I’ll tremble and give in to him simply because he’s my boss!




Crystal doesn’t give in.


Men are the most selfish creatures ever.


I hit the road and after about ten minutes driving, my car stopped abruptly.


This is my first car ever since I learnt to drive and I’m not really familiar with breakdowns. I got down from the car and opened the car’s bonnet.


I didn’t know exactly what to check! There were so many thingies and wires. I don’t know what to do.


I noticed a bright car headlight flashing at the back of my car. The driver came down from the car and walked towards me.


He looked so familiar.


It was…


Hey Crystal.” Daniel said and I groaned loudly.


Did you follow me?” I asked with my arms crossed underneath my bosoms.


God sent me, I didn’t know why. But now I do! I was sent to help you with your car.” Daniel said and I laughed.


I’m not letting you touch my car.” I said and he gave me a knowing look.


Oh really? Then I suppose I’ll just go home and then you’ll spend your night here because no one is gonna fix your car by quarter to 11pm.” Daniel said and turned to leave. He’s right, he’s my only hope.


Although I don’t like his company but I guess he’s my only ticket to going home with my car tonight.


Okay fine. Come fix the car.” I said feeling defeated. He smirked and came over then started checking some things inside the bonnet.


He located some wires that were loose and he tightened them. He told me to turn on the ignition and the car started.



Your car is fixed.” He said dusting his hands against each other then shut the bonnet.


Thanks.” I appreciated and he smiled.


Yeah no problem.”


You can leave now. I’ll be going home.” I said and entered into my car.


You haven’t heard me out yet. Look Aaron didn’t mean to do all those things to you, his hands were tied.” Daniel explained and I laughed.


But his hands weren’t tied when he was kissing that girl and running his hands through her body huh?” I replied and chuckled.


Please listen Crystal.” He begged and I stared my ignition.


Go home Daniel!” I yelled and drove off.


I ain’t listening to one of his or Aaron’s lies ever again!








I alighted from my car and went into the house. Lolita and Angelica were in the living room watching TV and when I entered, they fixed their angry gaze on me.


You’re late again!” Angelica said as she came to meet me.


We’re supposed to be spending time together but ever since I came back from the hospital, you’re barely at home.” She added angrily and Lolita got up and came over to defend her.


Yeah you’re almost never at home during the day. And now that I have a job no one will be around to take care of Angelica when she’s back from school.” Lolita complained and I sighed covering my face with my two palms.



Can we talk about this later? I’m really tired okay?” I said and left their presence and went to my room to rest.


These people can’t kill me at all!




Kylie’s POV:






So Crystal had the guts to slap me?


She dared raise her hands on the future Mrs. Miguel Nicholas?


How dare she!


She’s gonna regret this!




My phone rang and I checked the caller. It was Chelsea.



Hey Kylie! Sup?



I’m not good. I’m really mad right now.



What happened?



That good for nothing b*tch Crystal! Can you believe she slapped me!?



What?? She did? Why?



I don’t know and I don’t care but she has messed with the wrong person entirely.



Calm down Crystal! Don’t do anything stupid.



Crystal is gonna pay….she’s gonna pay with blood!










The Devil’s



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