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[ Post Wedding Drama ]






Lolita’s POV:


What the heck!” I yelled stunned to my bonemarrow.


It’s a lie! Don’t believe her, she doesn’t know what she is saying.” Kylie snapped solicitously as the wedding guest gasped and murmured amongst themselves.


Kylie are you denying it? You told me you were pregnant for Aaron a week ago.” Chelsea asked Kylie who was now trembling in fear and sweating profusely. It’s evident that Kylie is trying to keep the truth hidden by calling Chelsea a liar.


Father forget about what she’s saying. Pronounce us husband and wife before she comes up with another silly idea.” Kylie hurried the Father who looked more puzzled than anyone else. She quickly took Miguel by his hands and held them tightly.


The Father sighed and was reluctantly about to bless the marriage.


” Without further ado, I now pronounce you husband and….”


NO!” Miguel yelled bellicosely and aggressively removed his hands that were intertwined with Kylie’s and pushed her away.



I can’t marry someone who is pregnant for another man. My sister will never lie to me.” Miguel added irascibly and Kylie was wide-eyed quivering nervously while Chelsea smiled faintly.


I am not pregnant for anyone!” Kylie said summoning courage and just then, the lights went dim and two TV screens were lowered down and switched on.


A video clip showing Aaron thrusting in and out torridly and passionately into a girl whom I later identified as the ill-dressed lady at the business briefing in Los Angeles.


The clip played till the end and after that the screens went void. Moments later, a recording played from the speakers. It was a dialogue between two familiar voices.




” But I thought you asked Crystal to be your girlfriend? What do you think she’ll say if she hears this?”


So you still keep in touch with Crystal? I don’t love her, left to me I don’t wanna be with her again.”




Yes. Look the first day I saw her, I knew she was in pain and she was sad and since it was because of me, I decided to date her for a while to ease her pain. I don’t love her, all I feel is pity.”


Besides no one is gonna tell her that I slept with Kylie and Dianne.”




The recording played till the end as well and when it was done, the screens went back up in the same manner they had dropped down and the lights were switched back on.


You two faced sl*tty b*tch!” Miguel thundered wrathfully and before you could say “Jesus” Miguel slapped Kylie right across the face.



This wedding is over. I never want to see you ever again!” Miguel yelled enraged with anger as he sternly pointed at Kylie.


I can’t take this!” Crystal whimpered in tears as she ran outside the hall crying.


Crystal!” I yelled and pursued after her.


She was faster than me and being that she has already started running before I did, it was very hard to catch up with her. Nevertheless, I continued to chase after her till she ran into the bathroom and shut the door against me.


Crystal! Open up.” I beckoned as I knocked the door.


No, why should I?” She asked crying and I could hear the sound of her leaning her back against the wall.


We need to talk.” I said softly and she sighed, after some minutes she opened the door and I came in.


I can’t believe Aaron and Daniel did this to me.” She said with an intermittent sob as she slowly lowered herself to sit atop on the floor leaning against the wall, joining her legs together and raising them upward to stay upright.


Daniel? What did he do?” I asked unsure why Daniel was dragged into this.


He knew all about this and instead of him to tell me, he made me a laughing stock out there.”


No one was laughing at you.”


They won’t laugh now. But when they go back to their homes they’ll call me name for falling prey into Aaron’s traps. Claiming to love a man who sleeps around with girls!” Crystal said and opened bent her head, resting it on her knees and crying.



At this point, I began to feel guilty because assuming I had told Crystal everything that Daniel told me, all this wouldn’t have happed and probably Miguel wouldn’t have arranged to married Kylie.


I think you should be angry at me as well.” I said and Crystal gradually lifted her head and looked at me with a puzzled gaze.


Why?” Crystal blubbered


I knew about all of this.” I confessed prepared for the worst to happen and was as well ready for Crystal’s snaps.


You knew about this!?” Crystal yelled rising up from her sitting position glaring at me angrily.


I did. Daniel told me and he made me promise not to tell you because you spoke to him in a manner he didn’t like and he wanted revenge.” I quickly explained before Crystal could hit me or kill me right at the spot.


I’m sorry Crystal. I didn’t mean to, I was…”


You were trying to do what? Connive with your boyfriend to humiliate me? Well done Lolita, you’ve done a great job.” Crystal chipped bawling then shook her head and turned to leave.


Forgive me Crystal, remember to err is human and to forgive is divine. We’re best of friends.” I begged as tears fogged up in my eyes and mentally blaming myself for all this.


No we are not best friends. A girl will never betray her best friend and that’s what you just did. I despise you now, I never wanna see you again.” Crystal said sternly then opened the door and banged it shut.


I NEVER WANNA SEE YOU AGAIN.” The heartbreaking words reminisced in my mind and broke down in tears.


Daniel’s POV:



Good job Larry.” I said to him as I looked through the window and sighted amiss happening in the wedding hall between Kylie, Miguel and Chelsea.


Anytime bro.” He said and we high fived.


I have to go now, I have a speech to make. Toss me the mic.” I added and he threw a wireless microphone at me and I caught it then went downstairs.


You demon.” I heard Crystal utter coldly and I smirked then turned around to see her few feet away sneering at me angrily.


How evil can you get?” She asked as she plodded slowly towards me.


I’m sure you must’ve realized your mistake now.” I replied but she didn’t say anything instead she continued walking towards me with a pale and expressionless demeanour.


Why will you do this to me? Why didn’t you just tell me about what Aaron said and save Miguel and I from this embarrassment and shame you’ve brought upon us?” Crystal asked. At this time, she was standing right in front of me.


I chuckled and said,


I would’ve told you but your pride and arrogance deprived you from knowing the truth on time.”


What do you mean?” She asked puzzled.


You were rude to me and you took me for granted by insulting my personality repeatedly. So I decided to pay you back.” I said proudly and she smiled and shook her head.


Is that the reason why you told Lolita to hide the truth away from me? You made her betray my friendship?” She asked and I laughed and put my hands on her shoulder but she shrugged them off.



I didn’t have to convince Lolita to keep the secret. It’s obvious where her heart lies. She choose love over friendship and most importantly, she chose me over you.” I said to her and she she stared at me dumbstruck.


You idiot, I would’ve punched you in the face but sadly your brain has been damaged beyond repairs and even a punch from Roman Reigns can’t change that.” She said then eyed me from top to bottom. She pushed me out of the way and walked past me.


Ungrateful being. I shouldn’t have shown the video clips and recordings. Maybe Aaron could’ve played her and Miguel would’ve married that b*tch.” I said to myself, smiled then walked away.




Lolita’s POV:


I rushed out of the bathroom in search of Crystal. I need to apologize to her and make amends before it’s too late or before she says anything to Daniel or else it’s gonna be lethal between them.


Hey Lolly.” I heard Daniel call my name and I turned back to see him running behind me.


Hey Daniel. Have you by any chance seen Crystal?” I asked him and he chuckled.


Yes I saw her.” He replied with a sly smile and I began to get suspicious. Could he have talked to her?


Please don’t tell me you talked to her.” I drawled and he laughed.


Oh I did, and I gave her a piece of my mind.” Daniel replied and laughed again. He must’ve said something hurtful to her.


What did you tell her?” I asked.


The truth.”



What truth?”


That you chose me over her. That you chose love over being friends with her confused self.” Daniel said and I was dumbfounded.


Why the hell will you do that!? I value my friendship with Crystal more than anything in this universe!” I yelled and all he did was laugh.


I’m sure you’ll be rethinking these words you just said by the time I’m through saying what I have to say.” Daniel said and walked towards the podium.


Daniel wait…” I said but he had already gone far. I sat down and waited for him to come back.


I tried searching for Crystal but she wasn’t here same as Kylie and Miguel.


I don’t know why the guests are still here?


The wedding has been obviously called of so what are they waiting for? The food!?


Few moments later, Daniel was back.


Where did you go?” I asked him and he smiled.


To get this….” He said and knelt on one knee then brought out a ring and held it. I gasped on sighting the ring…


Will you marry me?” He asked and I was bewildered.










The Devil’s



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