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[ The Accident- Part Two ]






Miguel’s POV:



CRYSTAL!” I yelled as the car hit her and she screamed then fell to the ground. The driver was a hit and run driver and immediately Crystal collapsed, he fired his engine and drove as fast as he could away from the scene.


Oh no! Crystal..” Lolita cried out and the both of us rushed the road to behold Crystal’s half-dead body.


She was bleeding from her nose, ears and mouth. Her legs were swollen up, it seems her legs were the main impact of the hit.


She was jerking like someone who was epileptic as blood mixed with saliva foam gushed out of her mouth.


Crystal…Crystal can you hear me? Don’t leave us…don’t leave me.” Lolita whimpered as she hit Crystal clutching her body to herself. The blood Crystal emitted stained Lolita’s coral pink dress as Lolita wailed!


Grab her legs, let’s move her from the road.” I said to Lolita and I grabbed her arms while she grabbed her legs and we moved her to a grass patch across the road.


Are you with your phone?” I asked Lolita and she checked her sides and shook her head.



No, I left it in my purse and it’s at the wedding hall.” Lolita stated and I snapped my fingers and cursed.


I left my phone at the hall too. How are we gonna call the ambulance?” I asked and Lolita didn’t reply, she simply stared at Crystal who had stopped jerking and was now still and motionless on the floor as she foamed slightly and life slowly ebbed out of her.


We have to do something! I can’t loose her. Who will take care of Angelica?” Lolita lamented then continued crying.


I’ll be back.” I said and left the scene and started looking for a car that’ll help take us to the hospital.




Kylie’s POV:


What is happening!?


I’ve lost Miguel!


Just like that? And Crystal didn’t even do anything!


It was all Daniel’s doing. Him and his sisters ruined my plans.


I had so much plans, dreams and ambitions of how I’m gonna spend Miguel’s money and flaunt myself as the Mrs. Miguel Nicholas.


But because of those stupid siblings I lost everything, everything I’ve spent the past months working for!


They have to pay for what they’ve done to me…and they’ll pay with their blood!” I thought and began to crack my brain to hatch a plan against them.


Chelsea’s days are already numbered because once the police finds out about the kidnap, she’s gonna spend 25 years in jail. The thought of it alone can give her a premature death. So I’ll leave her to her conscience.


Daniel is the one left, I have to deal with him before I am fished out for the kidnap.


And I know exactly how I’m gonna do it.



Daniel, prepare to meet your grave.” I said with a sly smile then laughed maniacally and left the wedding hall.


I took a bus to my house and everyone in the bus couldn’t take their eyes off me. Probably, they might be wondering why a girl dressed in a wedding gown is inside a bus.


Could her husband have ditched her on her wedding day?”


Did something happen to her husband?”


Was he killed?”


Was there an accident?”


I could bet all of Miguel’s fortune that those were the questions that raced their minds and came out of their lips the moment they saw me.


Anyways…I don’t care. I’m on a mission.


The bus reached my stop and I hopped down. I didn’t have any money on me so I tried to sneak away without the driver seeing me.


Hey….that girl in the wedding dress didn’t pay me.” The driver said in a husky and cranky voice.


Oh no.” I thought and made a run for it.


Hey! Come back here! Come back here with my money!” The driver yelled and before he could get out of the bus and pursue after me, I was long gone into the shadows.


The distance from the bus stop to my house isn’t a long one and in few steps, I had reached my house.


I dropped Cherise at Aunt Eunice’s house and that’s where she’ll be staying permanently.



I made that decision because I thought I was gonna get married so I dropped her there. But even though I’m not gonna get married to Miguel, she’ll stay there because I’ll be going to prison soon.


I slumped into the couch and exhaled the moment my body touched the soft leather upholstery.


I bought out my phone and dialled Timmy.



Hello Timmy,



Yo! Kylie the boss!



Yeah, I have a job for you and your guys.



Okay Boss, but there’s a problem.



What’s that?



I heard the group of guys that worked for you the last time were arrested and were also killed in the cell. I hope that won’t be our fate as well?” Timmy said and I chuckled.



No Timmy, it won’t. As long as you do your job clean and well with no traces left.


Alright boss, what’s the job?



You see there are two people bothering me right now. The siblings of the popular you know them?


Uh? Chelsea and Daniel?



Yes those two! In about an hour from now, they’ll be at the crossroad at Manhattan. I want you to hunt down a red SUV Model 17 that’ll pass there.






I believe you know the faces of Daniel and Chelsea.



Yea I do.



I want you to beat the living day light out of Chelsea then…..kill Daniel.



No problem boss. When do we get paid?



When the job is done. I don’t give advances.



Alright, consider the job done! We’ll get back to you when the the mission is complete.


I trust you guys, make sure you don’t disappoint me.



I won’t.” He said and I hung up and smiled to myself.



The party just started.” I said and cachinnated then went into my room to change. Unknown POV


Today was Saturday and the streets of Manhattan were very busy. Saturdays are the fun days in Manhattan; It’s either there’s a small get together downtown, a festival going on in the amphitheatre, a movie premiere, a party, picnics, weddings and alot more!


So the streets were crowded, the roads were jam-packed with vehicles of different kinds and sizes, the parks were packed with people and full to it capacity!

It’s a bubbly Saturday in Manhattan!


One of the most ‘bubbliest’ if you asked me.


From a failed wedding, to secrets exposed and to the car accident and now an assassination about to happen.



The Manhattan crossroad roundabout is one of the most unused roads here in Manhattan. Reasons because, this is one of the roads that link to the renowned Beverley Hills; Home To Celebrities. Only Celebrities make use of this road, but most of the time they like to take the East Route to enter Beverly Hills because that’s the one closer to the main gate.


The Nicholas family prefers to use this one because it’s free of paparazzi.


The East Route is crowded with different paparazzi and bloggers who always wanna meddle with your business. To avoid this, some celebrities who wanna stay out of the spotlight prefer using this route.


Kylie took advantage of this to plot an assassination against Daniel.


Somewhere behind the bushes hid Timmy and his gang of three guys.


Timmy was holding a rifle gun while the rest were armed with pistols, wooden clubs, metal clubs and machetes.


They stayed still awaiting the SUV to pass so they could devour their target.


As expected and also unfortunately, the Red SUV passed and it was time for blood to flow.


Timmy jumped right in front of the car making the driver to panic and stop abruptly. Timmy’s guys took advantage of the confused environment Timmy’s stunt had created and raided the car.


Everyone get down!” Ross, Timmy’s second in command yelled and cocked his pistol. Trembling in fear, Chelsea, Daniel and the driver yelped and timorously came out of the car.


Now lie down flat!” Ross commanded and in the speed of a beam of light, the trio were already on the ground lying faced down with their arms slightly raised up as they quivered in fear.


Ross tilted his head towards Chelsea as a signal to the rest of the guys to commerce work on her. They came to her and used their clubs to beat the bloody hell out of her.



Ross picked up the driver by his shirt and punched him hard on the face and immediately, the driver passed out. Ross released his shirt and the driver landed on the floor with a thud like a bag of vegetables.


What filled the air were Chelsea’s pitiful screams and wailing. Timmy cocked his gun and shot in the air repeatedly then aimed the gun at Daniel who was probably saying his last prayers by now.


Shoot him.” Ross said and Timmy grinned then pulled the trigger and the bullet pierced through Daniel’s left leg and he screamed in acute pain as he turned over clutching his leg that was now bleeding profusely.


Let’s bounce.” Timmy commanded and the guys that were beating Chelsea let her be and followed Timmy along with Ross.


They walked to their car that was few metres away and drove off.


But what they didn’t know was that there was a passerby who hid behind the shadows and watched everything that just happened.


Miguel’s POV:



I’ve spent almost two hours looking for a car but no one was ready to assist us. Crystal’s life is probably on it’s last leg now and we have to do something quick or else we’ll be in grave danger.


Give me your sunglasses.” I said to Lolita as I sighted a pair of sunglasses hung on the hem of of her dress.




Just give it.” I said and she gave me the glasses and I put it on.


I went over to where Crystal laid and jacked her up then had Lolita assisted me to place her on my back.


” What are you doing?” Lolita asked and I chuckled.



” We’re going to the hospital.” I said and she looked at me with a puzzled gaze.


I started running to the hospital with Crystal on my back and Lolita trailing behind


us as fast as she could.





After One Hour Of Running…




I was sweating profusely and panting heavily. I’ve never ran like this in my whole life! Lolita was far behind, I pray she will catch up soon.


I dropped Crystal at the entrance of the hospital then went inside to call for a nurse. The nurse came outside with a stretcher and we carried Crystal and put her on it. Then she rushed her to the emergency unit.


I entered into the waiting room to sit down and wait for the doctor to call me in and give me an update on her status.


But just then, two nurses pushed a stretcher in that carried two familiar faces, although their faces were stained with blood I still cracked my brain to recognize them.


Wait! Isn’t this Chelsea and Daniel!” I yelled as the nurses carrying the stretchers zoomed past me.


Hey! What happened to my brother and sister!” I asked but the nurses ignored me and took them to the emergency unit as well.


Simultaneously, Lolita ran in as well.


Hey! Wasn’t that Daniel and your sister on a stretcher?” Lolita asked amidst her heavy breathing as she came in.


I wonder what happened to them.” I said and Lolita sat on the chair and exhaled in and out deeply.


How long have you been here?” She asked.



Thirty minutes. The doctor should be out here in any minute.” I replied and the door opened and the doctor and came out with a down casted demeanour.


Oh Goodness! Doctor how is Crystal?” I asked and the doctor kept mute and walked to where we stood.


Doctor why aren’t you answering?” I inquired and he sighed and offed his spectacles.


I’m sorry Mr. Miguel, we lost her.”











The Devil’s



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