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[ Regrets and Cheats- Part One ]




✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Oh no! Who knows what Miguel is gonna do next?


He seemed really angry and furious


He takes drastic decisions when he’s angry and he tends to regret them after the long run.


I have to stop him before he does anything stupid.” I said and alighted from the limousine and went into the hotel.


Everyone’s attention was fixed on something near the Floor B’s elevator and I wondered why.


I walked towards the scene and my eyes met with Miguel kneeling down right in front of Kylie with a ring in his hand.


Yes Miguel! I’ll marry you!” Kylie said happily and Miguel smiled then slid the ring into her finger. He rose on his feet and he crashed his lips on Kylie and they kissed. The crowd began to cheer loudly.


I can’t believe he kissed me with those lips.” I thought disgusted by the fact that he kissed that whore’s lips.


He and Kylie kissed deeply for a while like they were in a private room or


were about to foreplay


He finally released her lips moments later.


I love you so much Miguel.” Kylie said as she wrapped her arms around Miguel’s neck and Miguel grasped her waist. The crowd cooed “aww” at how adorable they looked.


Miguel turned and his eyes met with mine. I gave him a surprised look and he winked then faced Kylie.


” I love you too Kylie.” He replied and pecked Kylie.


I couldn’t take any more of it! I can’t stand seeing their display of P.D.A! I hope Miguel knows that he has done the worst thing he could ever do.


If only he knew Kylie’s true intentions.” I sighed and left the scene then took the other elevator to my room.



Was it because of the way I yelled at him? Was that why he proposed to her? To make me jealous?” I asked myself on the lift from the elevator and as I walked to my room.


This trip to L.A has been nothing but sh*t.” I thought as I closed my door and sat on my bed facing the window taking a view at the soothing sight of the stars that had come out to play in the dark night sky.


You shouldn’t bother yourself about my decisions.” I heard Miguel say and that jolted me out of my complacency.


I turned back slowly and saw Miguel leaning on my door with his arms crossed on each other and he was wearing a proud smirk.


You don’t know what you’re doing. Kylie isn’t who you think she is.” I said to Miguel as I rose to my feet.


I don’t care what you think about Kylie. I love her and that’s all that matters.” Miguel snapped and I snickered.


You love her yet you tried to kiss me twice? You love her yet you’ll do anything to have me in your bed?” I asked him as I walked slowly to where he stood.


I realised I was wasting my time with you and I went for someone who valued me!” Miguel fired back at me and I shook my head at his pathetic utterance.


You don’t know what you’re saying. Kylie doesn’t value you! She values your money and fame, can’t you see beyond the cover? She’s pure evil!” I said to him and he chuckled.


There’s only one cover here and it’s you. You blinded me so I couldn’t see the beauty and virtuousness of Kylie. But now, the cover is off and I see clearly now. You’re the one who is evil.” Miguel spat out half-yelling and I was surprised. I thought Miguel had common sense!



If I’m evil for telling you the truth then so be it. But mark my words Miguel, you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life and you’re gonna regret it. For a moment I thought you had a sense of reasoning but now I realise your brain is filled with p*rn and mental images of naked women ” I said to Miguel and I picked up my coat from the hanger.


You can say or call me all you want Crystal but that changes absolutely nothing.” Miguel said and I scoffed.


If you wanna stay here, you can. Just lock the room when you’re leaving.” I said ignoring his statement and wore my coat then afterwards, left the room.


Let him wallow in his ignorance for a while. Maybe a few months with Kylie will make him realise the devil Kylie is.” I thought as I went downstairs to the hotel’s café.


Kylie’s POV:


Oh My God!


Oh My God!


Oh My God!!!


Miguel proposed to me!?


After I had lost hope on his love for me?


But what about his kiss with Crystal? and the holding hands and other sh*t the blog said?


Anyways, I don’t care! He is my fiance now and we’re gonna be married soon.


And Crystal can be with her Aaron.


Say? Could it be the Aaron I know?


God! I can’t wait to call Chelsea and tell her that we’re about to be sister in-laws!” I said exultantly as I went back upstairs


As I was walking up the stairs, I searched for my phone in my bag and I couldn’t find it. Just then, someone bumped into me and my bag fell down.


Hey watch where you’re going.” I said to the person as I bent down to recollect the contents of my bag that were know scattered on the floor.



I’m so sorry Miss. Let me help you.” The person offered.


No, I’m already done pa…” I said but couldn’t complete my sentence when I raised my head up and saw the person before me.


Is…Is that you?” I asked and it seems like he recognized me that instant as well.


Kylie?” He called my name and I nodded and he opened his arms wide and we hugged slightly.


Aaron? It’s been so long.” I said as we disengaged from the hug.


Yeah, it’s been so long. Come inside.” He said and opened his room door and I entered inside.


Wow, your room is so different from the others.” I complimented as I looked around immediately I entered.


Yeah, it’s a special customized room for me. I am a shareholder in this hotel.” He replied and I was in awe. The room was so beautiful coupled with the fact that he is a shareholder in this big hotel.


Wow Kylie! You’ve changed. I think I also see a ring.” Aaron teased and I stared at the engagement ring I just received few minutes ago.


Yeah, I’m engaged to be married.” I said with a smile.


Oh? To who?” He asked and something struck me.


The news read that some Aaron fought with Miguel. If it was this Aaron, he’ll surely speak ill of Miguel so I won’t tell him it’s Miguel.


Oh uhm..his name is Chris.” I answered nervously.


Nice name. I’m so happy that you’ve found love.” He said and unsure of what he meant by that statement, I faked a giggle and he laughed.



Sit down.” He said pointing to his bed and I sat down then he sat beside me.


So what’s happening with you? What are you doing now? Where are you working! I have so many questions.” He said and I laughed.


Well I’m a model and my life is going well.” I lied to him and he smiled.


So how are you? What about your love life?” I asked him and he sighed heavily.


My love life sucks, I asked a girl to be my girlfriend and she fainted without giving me a definite answer.” He said and then I realized that he is the Aaron who fought with Miguel over a nobody like Crystal.


He still can’t get over Crystal?


After all these years?


What a life!


Can you believe I also fought with some guy? I can’t take all this pressure so I’ll be flying to New York tomorrow.” Aaron said and I smiled knowingly.


Tonight is just my worst night ever.” He added and sighed again.


I can make tonight better.” I said and made him face me then licked my lips sultrily.


What are you talking about?” He asked puzzled.


This.” I replied and put my lips on his and tongue kissed him.


No Kylie, Please don’t.” Aaron tried to protest.


Keep shut Aaron and let’s finish up what we started. The burning flame in me hasn’t been quenched yet.” I said and pushed him to lay on the bed and got on top of him trailing him with sweet kisses.



Well if you want it baby then you can have it!” Aaron replied and removed my shirt………


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Miguel didn’t say anything to me for the rest of the night and the next morning he came up with the idea that we should leave for New York immediately and we still had one more day to go to stay here.


Miguel, Kylie, Beatrice, The rest of the workers and I left for New York that morning and by afternoon, we had already landed and had dispatched to our various homes to resume work tomorrow.


Hey! I’m home!!” I yelled opening the door and Angelica rushed to hug me.


Sis! I missed you!” She said as she held unto me and I stroke her head.


I missed you too. Where’s Lolita?” I asked and Angelica released me and pointed to Lolita’s room.


She is inside with…” Angelica said and just then Daniel and Lolita came out from Lolita’s room.


Hey bes!” She yelled and rushed to hug me.


Hey Lolly! I missed you!” I said and hugged her tightly.


I missed you more.” She replied still embracing me and I heard Daniel clear his throat. She let go of me and both of us faced Daniel who was looking at me fiercely.


Uh Angelica, carry your sister’s things and let’s go in.” Lolita said and carried two of my bags while Angelica carried the last one and my handbag and they went inside leaving Daniel and I together.


Hey Daniel.” I said to him looking away from his eyes.


Don’t ‘hey’ someone you don’t care about.” Daniel said crossly and I sighed.



Daniel I can explain!” I tried to protest but he didn’t allow it.


Explain? Explain that you left New York without telling me or explain how you ignored my texts and calls or explain how you kissed Miguel again or how you met Aaron? There’s no need to explain, I know the whole thing.” Daniel half-yelled and I wanted to talk back but no words came out of my lips.


I don’t need your Explanation Crystal.” He added and I got annoyed.


And I don’t owe you any explanation! You’re not my creator! So I don’t owe you any account of how I live my life.” I fired at Daniel and he was perplexed.


Crystal? Are you telling me this!?” Daniel asked and I chuckled.


Oh yea! And I’ll tell you more. Daniel you’ve known me for years, you know that I’ll never hide anything from you. The trip happened impromptu and the kissing and Aaron stuff was not my doing neither did I do it out of my willingness! I never wanted any of this to happen so stop acting like a baby and try to understand!” I yelled at Daniel and he smiled faintly.


I can’t believe all this is coming from you. It was a mistake talking to you.” Daniel said angrily and stormed out of my house.


He can go for all I care. He never understood me.” I hissed and went inside.



Daniel’s POV:


I can’t believe Crystal said all that to me, I can’t believe she spoke in that manner to me.


I’m just a friend trying to care for another friend and yet that friend doesn’t value it. Crystal has changed so much and it’s all because of my dumb brother!


I’m beginning to dislike both of them sincerely.


” I need a drink.” I thought and entered into my car then drove to the bar.






Johnny Walker.” I said to the barman and he nodded and went to the inventory to get my order.




After drinking about four bottles of alcohol, I began to feel tipsy and I needed to lie down for a while to get myself a bit. I can’t drive home because that’s unsafe.


Bar Man!!” I yelled beckoning for his presence and he came over moments later.


I need a room to relax.” I stammered and he nodded and gave me a key.


Room 18. Take a turn to the left and the second room serially is your room.” He said as I collect the key.


I stood up and staggered following the directions of the barman and praying that I don’t fall on the floor because I was dead drunk.


I opened the second door and I saw what my eyes can describe as the biggest shock of my life.


I saw Aaron having passionate and hot s*x with a girl.












The Devil’s



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