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[ The Wedding Drama ]




Unknown POV:







Crystal and Aaron had scheduled their date for 5pm that day. It was already


5:30pm and still Aaron hadn’t come to pick up Crystal for the date.


Getting impatient, bored and tired, Crystal decided to go to Aaron’s house and see what was keeping him.



Unaware of what was about to go on behind the closed doors of the Hemsworth’s mansion between Aaron and Kylie, she opened the door.


Aaron where are you? You’ve been keeping me…” Crystal complained on entering into the house but was dumbstruck the moment she saw her boyfriend romancing another girl.


On hearing Crystal’s voice, Aaron released Kylie from his grip and Kylie covered her face in fear immediately and backed Crystal hence, her identity was hidden from Crystal and Kylie didn’t see Crystal’s face either.


Aaron how…how could…” Crystal whimpered heartbroken and with that she ran out of the house and that was the last time Aaron and Crystal saw themselves until few days ago, present day.


Who was that?” Kylie asked immediately Crystal left slowly removing her palms from her eyes.


My girlfriend Crystal..” Aaron drawled sadly.


Well according to what your father told me, I’m your new girlfriend. So shut up and let’s finish what we started.” Kylie said and pushed Aaron to lie on the couch and began to romance him again.


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨



Flashback Ends:


Present Day




You were the girl with Aaron?” I asked not believing what my ears just heard and reminiscing all that happened seven years ago that fateful day at Aaron’s house.


Yes I was the girl..” Kylie answered with a sly smile and with all my might, I punched her in the face and she fell to the floor.



You daughter of Jezebel!” I yelled with tears in my eyes as Kylie trembled on the floor.


Few moments later, she started to grin.


You can hit me all you want Crystal but trust me, it’s of no use. What has been done, has been done.” She said as she wiped the blood that was now flowing from her lips with her palm.


But, Aaron can’t date you! His father is a rich billionaire and he didn’t want me to date his son because I was poor so why would he allow you?” I asked curious for answers and Kylie chuckled.


My father was a very rich man. We were one of the richest family in the city then. But unfortunately for my sister and I, my parents died in a plane crash alongside Aaron’s parents. They were on a business trip.” Kylie said and I was unsatisfied with the explanation.


That doesn’t explain anything…” I said in response to her explanation.


My father and Aaron’s father were best of friends and they wanted to strengthen their friendship and the only way was for them to get their children married to each other. But immediately my father died, my uncles took all the wealth left for my sister and I and left us with nothing. Aaron also disappeared as well. Ever since then, I’ve been a hustling chick and taking care of my sister because she’s all I’ve got.” Kylie explained and for the first time ever, I felt pity for her.


Our life story is exactly the same…


Well almost the same,


She was once rich but I was poor and I’m still managing now.


She lost both her parents at the same time and I lost both my parents at the same time as well,


I was left with nothing when my parents died even though we didn’t have much and same as Kylie.


She would do anything for her sister even if it means selling her body and I was ready to do the same for Angelica.


And she was also dumped and mistreated by Aaron!



But still…I don’t like her because she has plans to ruin Miguel and I can swear in the synagogue that she has a hand in Angelica’s kidnap just that I don’t have proof yet.


I’m sorry for your pathetic life, but if you want all to be well with you then leave Miguel alone because I know you don’t love him! You just want his money.” I said to her and she chuckled and sat upright on the floor.


Like I said earlier, I’m a hustling chick and I’ll do anything for the cash. Miguel is just my stepping stone to greatness and now that you’re out of the way…nothing can stop my plans to ruin him. Besides, the wedding is next month.” Kylie stated and I gasped for Miguel has entered into a hot pot of doom.


You won’t get away with this Kylie. I promise you.” I said to her and she laughed.


There’s nothing you or anyone can do about it for I have already gotten away with it. Now get the f out of my house.” Kylie commanded pointing at the door and I was astonished.


I said OUT!!” She yelled sternly and I sighed and turned to leave.


Don’t forget to attend the wedding! I would’ve given you a card but we haven’t printed any yet.” Kylie said and cachinnated scornfully. I sighed, opened the door and left the house.


Miguel’s POV:


Am I doing the right thing?


Is marrying Kylie the right thing?


Am I sure I’m over Crystal?


Will the marriage last?


These questions and many more raced through my head as I slowly plodded round the room pondering on possible answers and solutions to my current problem.


But Kylie is beautiful, s£xy and smart.


She doesn’t have any bad behavior of any sort as far as I’ve known her, only that


she is insecure about me sometimes.


But she was right.


I did kiss Crystal and that was a mistake I now regret.


Besides…Kylie good in bed


So why would Crystal poison my mind against her?


Why would Crystal call her names and discourage me from being with Kylie?


Left to me, I would’ve fired Crystal to avoid her telling me further lies about Kylie but I can’t.


Number one, without this job Crystal is nobody! She won’t have anywhere else to go because I made her quit her former job and Kylie told me she wasn’t so nice about it so I doubt if the restaurant will hire her back.


Secondly, Crystal is a good luck charm! My business is booming so I’ll keep her as my P.A.




I can’t wait to get married to Kylie!





















Unknown POV





Three Weeks Later: A week to the wedding .



It’s been three weeks since the Los Angeles trip and during this three weeks, a lot has changed and happened.


Daniel and Lolita’s friendship has been cemented strongly as Lolita finds herself falling for Daniel day by day. Whereas, Daniel is still head over heels on Crystal despite not being in good terms with her.


Crystal has been advising Miguel whenever she could that marrying Kylie is like digging his own grave for his downfall…but Miguel fell on deaf ears. In fact, the wedding is the next Saturday from now.


Chelsea and Kylie have been going wedding shopping and having fun and zero worries…at least for now.


Daniel and Aaron have been hanging out once in a while but Daniel was irritated by Aaron’s presence, he only hung out with him because he still wants to get more information from him.


But what none of them know is that the worst is about to happen




Kylie’s POV:


Oh! I’m so excited!


It’s one week to my damn wedding!


I’m about to be Mrs. Miguel Nicholas and nothing can stop me.


Just then…what the doctor told me three days ago raced through my head and shattered my imminent happiness.


I have to call Chelsea and tell her.” I concluded and brought out my phone and dialled her number.



Hello, Future Mrs. Miguel.” Chelsea said as she answered the call and laughed.



Hey Chelsea. How’s everything?



Everything is going on well. My brother can’t stop talking about you!” Chelsea said enthusiastically and I sighed.


I don’t think I can marry Miguel next week?






Well Chelsea, I went so see a doctor three days ago because I wasn’t feeling alright.


So…what did the doctor say?



Well…he said that…I…



Daniel’s POV:


But what if it’s too late?”


But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell them. They’re still your friends and one is your blood.”


Lolita’s words from almost a month ago has been a constant ringing tone in my head and it’s been giving me a lot of concern.


Maybe I’ve been a bit harsh on Crystal and Miguel. I should show them the video clip and recordings.


Just then, something stuck me!


A very brilliant idea!


I will play the clip and video on Miguel and Kylie’s wedding day right before the priest pronounces them as husband and wife. Let’s see if Miguel will like to marry Kylie after hearing everything.” I thought and smiled to myself for a big surprise is gonna happen on the wedding day


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨





The Wedding Day




It was Saturday the 9th and Lolita, Angelica and I were getting dressed for the wedding of Miguel and Kylie which I’d like to call the celebration of doom!


I didn’t want to go for the wedding because I won’t want to be a witness to the rubbish union between two confused people….but I have to go nevertheless, it’s the least I can do for the man who picked me up from the streets and treated my sister, gave me a job and gave me a roof over my head.


So that’s the only reason why I will be attending this celebration of doom.


I warned Miguel but he didn’t listen but I pray my creator keeps me alive to witness how this marriage is gonna crash woefully.


Crystal! We’re ready to leave!” Lolita yelled from the living room as I wore my earrings.


I’m coming!” I yelled and when I was done with the earrings, I picked up my bag and left my room.


The colour of the day was pink and white. I’m not a fan of pink dresses but I had to go to the boutique to buy a new pink gown just because I wanna fit in with the crowd. I also had to buy a new pink gown for Angelica because on a normal basis, I would never buy Angelica a pink dress so she didn’t have any to wear to the wedding. Why would you buy something you don’t like for someone else.


I’m set.” I said as I came into the living room.


Okay, let’s bounce.” Angelica said and we walked out of the house and drove to the wedding venue not too far from our house.




• We arrived at the venue about twenty minutes later and I have to comment that Miguel really pumped enough money into the decorations for this celebration of doom.



Everywhere was decorated with ornaments either colour pink or white. No one was wearing an odd colour. There was a touch of pink or white on everyone’s dress and that brightened up the environment and the mood of everyone.


Hello miss…where is the rest room?” I asked a waitress who was passing by and she pointed at a room at the outskirts of the building.


Thanks.” I appreciated then gave Lolita my bag and went to the restroom.


After easing myself, I decided to go back inside the wedding hall through the back door and I saw Miguel wearing his suit.


Hey..” I said and he looked at me then he scoffed and continued prepping up.


I don’t wanna talk to you.” He muttered dryly.


I’m not here to fight, raise my voice at you or tell you that you’re making a mistake…no. I’m here to tell you congrats and wish you a happy married life.” I said to fulfill all righteousness and make peace but deep down I know this marriage is not going to be anything to be happy about.


Thanks.” He said with a smile and embraced me.


Yeah.” I said pushing him away slightly.


See you later.” I added and entered into the venue.








The wedding started few minutes later and the priest began the process of joining them together in holy matrimony.


Do you Ms. Kylie Nicole Richmond take Mr. Miguel Carlos Nicholas as your beloved husband?” Father Oliver asked as Kylie grinned elatedly.


Yes I do..” She replied and there was a light applaud.



Do you Mr. Miguel Carlos Nicholas take Ms. Kylie Nicole Richmond as your beloved wife?”


Yes I do.” Miguel replied as he gazed into Kylie’s eyes and smiled.


Before pronouncing them husband and wife…is there anyone who opposes the legal joining of these two? Let him speak now or forever remain silent.” The priest announced and there was dead silence in the hall.


Say something.” Lolita said tapping me and I shook my head in disapproval.


I won’t say anything…I warned him before hand.” I whispered and Lolita laughed.


Everyone looked around to see who will raise up their hand and say something but no one did.


” Since there is no one…I now pronounce you…”


WAIT!!!” Chelsea, Miguel’s sister said raising up her hand and the crowd gasped and faced her.


I spotted Kylie mouthing ‘stop!’ to Chelsea but she ignored her.


Is there anything you’d like to say Ms.?” The priest asked and Chelsea nodded.


Yes your eminence.” She replied and left her seat and came to the podium.


Kylie and Miguel can’t get married!” Chelsea said and the crowd gasped louder and they began to murmur.




Because Kylie is pregnant for Aaron!”











The Devil’s



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