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[ Regrets And Cheats- Part Two ]







Daniel’s POV:


They didn’t know I was in their room. They were so engrossed in their lovemaking and didn’t notice someone was in their room.


It crossed my mind to record a video of them for evidence or during the later days if Aaron wants to deny this atrocity.


I brought out my phone and hit video record button and started recording them. I made sure I had a clear view of Aaron’s face and the girl’s face.


After I was satisfied with the footage I got, I saved the video and went to my sound recorder app and switched it on.


I’m gonna interrogate Aaron despite being drunk, I can get a few words out of him and it’ll be recorded on my phone.


Oh sorry, wrong room!” I said loudly and Aaron abruptly stopped thrusting into the girl the moment he heard my voice.


He slowly turned and his eyes met with mine.


Daniel? Is that you?” He asked and I pretended that I didn’t recognize him and then I started to look at him deeply.


Aaron! It’s been long!” I yelled after some time and he smiled heartily.


Dianne, leave now. We’ll see later.” Aaron said to the girl and she pouted sadly.


But we haven’t…”


I said leave. I have a guest now.” Aaron emphasized and Dianne grunted and reluctantly tried to get off the bed but she paused and looked at me.


I sensed that she wanted me to look away cause she was naked and she wanted to get off the bed.


” Oh okay.” I said and sighed then turned to face the door.


I heard her come down from the bed and moments later I heard the bathroom door open. I also heard Aaron get up and moments later, he started wearing his jeans. I knew he was wearing a jean because I heard the thick sound of the jean fabric rubbing against each other and plus, I heard the jingles of his belt.


You can look now.” Dianne said and I turned back and saw her wearing a net crop top with some sort of padding around her n*pple area and the rest of her br*asts were left for the sight of the public. Coupled with the n*de excuse for a crop top, she wore a jean bum-short and a pair of white sneakers.


So what was the use of making me turn around?


What’s the difference with what she is now that she claims she’s wearing clothes and before when she was unclad?


The females of nowadays are absolutely nothing to write home about!


I’ll be leaving.” She added picking up her bag and left the room combing her hair. There was an awkward and utter silence after Dianne sauntered out of the room.

I decided to break the silence so I said;


Dude! I didn’t know you stay in New York!” He laughed and tapped his bed beckoning on me to come sit.


No I don’t. Actually I just came in this morning.” He replied as I sat beside him and we hugged.


Men, I’ve missed you! You just disappeared without a single trace and I was worried.” I said as we disengaged from the hug and he sniggered.


I had to go to Los Angeles to manage Dad’s businesses since he passed away.” He replied and I was taken aback. Mr. Hemsworth is dead? Aaron is his first child and he’s


almost thirty. Mr. Hemsworth and his wife had Aaron when they were both 27 years of age. That means Mr. Hemsworth ought to be in his late fifties.


Surely, he must’ve died untimely.


He died? My condolences bro.” I said and Aaron smiled faintly.


He died in a plane crash.” Aaron said in a low tone and he was about to get sober so I changed topic immediately.


Sorry about that. Uh? Who is she to you?” I asked and he arched his brows at me.






She’s my secretary and f*ck buddy.” Aaron replied and my eyes widened in shock.


She’s not your girlfriend yet you s*x her?” I asked and Aaron laughed.


Girls do anything for money these days. She’s just a common secretary yet she earns more than the directors at my company simply because she used what she has to lure what she wanted.” Aaron said and laughed again and I was shocked. In fact I was beyond shocked, I was dazed!


This isn’t the Aaron of the old days!


Now I see exactly what Crystal has been talking about!


Back in the days, I was usually the one you could term as a f*ck boy and Aaron was the one who would advice me on the dangers of premarital s*x, STI’s and all others.


But now Aaron is an expert in the “down below” of girls and he’s even proud to say it.


But I thought you asked Crystal to be your girlfriend? What do you think she’ll say if she hears this?”


So you still keep in touch with Crystal? Anyways, I don’t love her, left to me I don’t wanna be with her again.” Aaron said and I was flabbergasted.



WHAT!?” I yelled stunned by his words.


Yes. Look the first day I saw her, I knew she was in pain and she was sad and since it was because of me, I decided to date her for a while to ease her pain. I don’t love her, all I feel is pity.” Aaron uttered and I was disappointed.


Besides no one is gonna tell her that I slept with Kylie and Dianne.” Aaron added and I was astonished.


You slept with Kylie? My brother’s fiancee?” I thundered half-yelling.


Your brother’s name is Chris?”


No, his name is Miguel. You didn’t see him then because he was schooling in Asia.” I said and Aaron’s eyes lit up.


So you mean Kylie is engaged to that fool Miguel? Why did she lie to me?” Aaron asked and I didn’t know what to say. Why will Kylie lie that she was engaged to some Chris?


Look, let’s forget about this sh*t. You breath smells like alcohol and that just turned me on to have some drinks. So let’s go to the bar and catch up over some bottles of bear.” Aaron said and stood up to wear his shirt while I stared at him wondering where it all went wrong.


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


That’s not what I’m asking, what I’m asking is that between Aaron, Miguel and Daniel who do you love the most?” Lolita asked for the umpteenth time and I sighed.


Cancel Miguel, I despise him now that he has decided to marry that b*tch. Aaron was a sweetheart with his proposal yesterday but I can’t accept him. I don’t know much about him but I think I have slight feelings for him.” I explained and Lolita smiled.



So I guess that leaves us with Daniel huh?” She asked teasingly and I blushed lithely.


I like Daniel the most but he’s been a jerk of recent.” I said meekly.


So who do you love most?”


None of them. They all have their flaws. Now can we please change the topic?” I insisted and she laughed.


Okay, what do you wanna talk about?”


I wanna talk about my best friend’s love life.” I teased her then winked.


Oh look at the time? I have community service with Daniel.” Lolita said as she glanced at her watch briefly.


Don’t try to avoid the question!” I yelled and laughed and she ignored me and changed her shoes to a pair of sneakers.


Hold up! Daniel is doing community service?” I asked surprised by the fact that someone as rich as him will stoop low enough to clean the streets.


Daniel is not like his brother. He likes to relate with the poor and also help them; He isn’t proud. In fact you won’t even know his status unless he tells you, he doesn’t dress to impress or spend lavishly like his brother who my best friend loves.” Lolita said as she wore her shoes.


First off, I hate Miguel. Secondly, stop hyping your boyfriend! You and I know the only reason he isn’t proud is because he doesn’t have money of his own, he is living on Miguel’s wealth. Tell me why someone will be proud over wealth he didn’t acquire with his sweat.” I replied Lolita and she hummed.


Whatever. Daniel is the most humble guy I’ve ever met. And I think you guys should settle your differences before it gets out of hand.” Lolita preached and I rolled my eyes.



Now you better run along before you get late for your cleaning date.” I teased and Lolita chuckled then left the room.


Time for some movies!” I yelled enthusiastically and switched on the TV.


Sis I’m going to Cherise’s house for the project. Don’t forget to come pick me up by five.” Angelica said as she came out of her bedroom.


Yeah Yeah, okay. Stay safe.” I said and she opened the door and left.


Lolita’s POV:


Crystal won’t admit it but I know she has feelings for Miguel that’s why she’s so pissed about him getting married to Kylie!


Even if she doesn’t like him now, I have this feeling that she will later on. Anyways, let’s wait and see!


Daniel and I signed up for the community service and we clean up the main streets of Manhattan on Mondays. I’ve been standing here for more than ten minutes now and Daniel still hasn’t showed up.


Maybe I should call him.” I thought and brought out my phone to dial his number.


Hey.” I startled and turned back to see Daniel behind me.


You’re here! I thought you’d bail on me on the first day.” I said and he smiled faintly.


I sensed that something wasn’t right with him.


Here’s the face mask, the overall and the brooms.” I said and gave him the sack containing all those. He wore the overall and the mask then took the broom and began to sweep.


What’s wrong with you?” I asked him after he didn’t say anything to me after a while. The Daniel I know always loves to start up a conversation and keep the environment fun and lively.



It’s Aaron.” He simply said in a downcast tone and I wondered how Aaron will be the reason for his sadness.


Or is he still bummed about the whole thing with Crystal?


Is it what happened yesterday?” I asked as I began to rake the dry leaves.


That and what I found out today.” He said and I was curious.




I saw Aaron sleeping with a girl today and when I confronted him on why he’s sleeping around when he wants to be with Crystal, he said that he doesn’t love her and all he feels for her is pity.” Daniel narrated and my brain couldn’t carry what my ears just heard.


You mean…Aaron doesn’t love Crystal? What if she had said yes yesterday!?” I asked and Daniel sighed.


That’s not the only shocker. According to him, he now sleeps with girls for fun and gives them money. He even slept with Kylie.” Daniel said and I was dumbfounded.


He slept with Kylie? Anyways, I’m not too surprised. She can’t resist anything with a d*ck.” I replied and Daniel shook his head pathetically.


I have a recording of everything he said to me and I also have the video of him sleeping with the girl.” Daniel said and I was happy, at least the truth will be revealed.


Then show them to Crystal and Miguel!” I said and Daniel chuckled.


Show who? Crystal who insulted my personality repeatedly or Miguel who now keeps secret from his brother. And the peek of it all is that none of them agrees to their mistakes nor are they apologetic.” Daniel stated angrily and I could feel his pain and betrayal.



But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell them. They’re still your friends and one is your blood.” I tried to protest and beg on their behalf but Daniel refused.


No, that’ll serve as a lesson and teach them that they shouldn’t take anyone for granted and their help can come from anyone and anywhere. They should find out themselves. And I trust you enough that you won’t tell Crystal or Miguel about this” Daniel said and I sighed.


What has Crystal gotten herself into?


She is my best friend! How will I hide such from her.” I asked and Daniel chuckled.


At this point you’ll have to choose between me and your sister and let Karma take it’s place.” Daniel replied and I felt a hole in my heart for I am about to betray my friend.


But what if it’s too late?” I asked and Daniel smirked.


That’ll be the price they have to pay.” He said slyly.



Chelsea’s POV:


I’d like the wedding to be here in Manhattan and I want it to be so rich and exquisite. I want it to be the talk of the town and be on the lips of everyone for months to come.” Miguel said and I laughed.


Alright, I think the colour of the day should be pink and white. You’ll wear a black suit of course and she’ll wear a white gown as well. The bridal train will wear pink dresses while the groom’s men will be on pink suits.” I suggested and Miguel clapped.


I love that Idea. I also want different types of food from different countries and a five step magnificent cake and also I’d like Arianna Grande to perform.” Miguel said and I wrote all of them down in my book.


All will be taken care off, trust me. But when is the wedding?” I asked.


Next Month.”



Next Month!? I thought it’ll be at the end of the year? I don’t have enough time to plan the wedding.” I complained.


Then employ more hands. Do you expect me to be engaged for seven months?” Miguel asked and I laughed.


Alright, but what about Crystal?” I asked and Miguel’s countenance changed.


I don’t wanna talk about her and please don’t bring her up in our conversations. I’m going upstairs to take a shower.” Miguel said in an annoyed tone and stomped upstairs.




Did that just happen!?


Miguel doesn’t wanna talk about Crystal?!


Good news keeps coming in every day!” I said happily. My phone rang and it was Kylie calling.


Hey Sis.






Yeah, cause very soon we’re gonna be sister in-laws silly!



Haha! You aren’t serious Chelsea.



I am, besides Miguel and I just finished talking about the wedding plans now.



Aww! I can’t wait to get married to your brother!



I can’t wait either! And guess what?






I asked Miguel about Crystal and he said he didn’t want to talk about her! Can you believe it?



Wow! This is the perfect time to tell him to fire her. It seems they are not in good terms.


Yes, I agree.



Uh Chelsea, I wanna tell you a huge secret but make sure no one hears this especially your brother.


Okay, I’m listening.



I slept with Aaron yesterday.





✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


I switched off the TV and wore my sandals. It’s 5pm and I have to go pick


Angelica from her friend’s house. She already texted me the address earlier.


I locked up the house and kept the key under the rug so Lolita can enter when she comes back then I entered into my car and drove to the address.




I switched off the ignition once I got to the house. The house looked worse than my old house to be sincere!


I knocked on the door and a young girl of about Angelica’s age opened the door.


Hey, you must be Angelica’s sister. Come in.” She said and opened the door wider and I entered inside.


I sat down on the couch while the girl went to fetch Angelica. Some minutes later I heard a familiar voice talking to someone on the phone coming towards the living room.


And the person was Kylie?!


Just then, Angelica and her friend walked in.


WHAT!? Crystal?” Kylie yelled on seeing me.


Chelsea, I’ll call you back.” She said to the person on the phone and ended the call.


Cherise? You didn’t tell me your friend was coming over.” Kylie said fidgeting a bit on seeing Angelica.


Oh sorry, Angelica meet my sister Kylie.” Cherise said and Angelica extended her hand to shake Kylie and Kylie shook it nervously.


Angelica get into the car quick.” I commanded and she picked up her bag, waved bye to her friend and left the house.


Cherise, go inside.” Kylie said and Cherise ran inside a room.


That’s my sister Cherise.” Kylie said and I rolled my eyes.


I don’t care.” I said and she chuckled


So, I heard Aaron asked you to be his girlfriend?” Kylie said and began to pace round the room.


I heard you and Miguel are engaged.” I replied and she smirked.


You know? Falling for Aaron is a waste of time. He hasn’t changed.” Kylie said and I was confused


Changed? How do you mean?”


He’s still the same cheating scumbag as he was years ago.” Kylie said and I was getting more confused and curious for answers.


What do you mean? How do you know he cheated on me years back?”



I didn’t realize you were the girl Aaron was deceiving years ago until Aaron told me you were the Crystal he dated years back.”


How do you even know Aaron?” I asked her and she chuckled.


That’s because I was the girl that you caught making love with Aaron seven years ago!”



















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