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[ My Past Hunts Me! ]



✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


A-Aaron?” I stuttered still flummoxed and Aaron stared at me with such a piercing gaze, it was like his gaze was creating little holes in my heart.


Crystal..I..I didn’t expect to see you.” Aaron stammered timidly. I was so dumbstruck, I couldn’t pick the right words to reply.


Can we get this meeting started? I have better things to do!” A lady from the ACE companies said and chewed her bubble gum loudly. She looked so


unprofessional, she was wearing a chiffon black shirt with the first three buttons unbuttoned exposing her daring cleavage. She had piercings on her nose and tongue as well as three earrings piercings on each ear.


She looked more like a h*rlot than a professional stakeholder.


Yeah, I don’t know why we are wasting time on this.” Miguel said and I sat down on my chair while Aaron sat on his.


The meeting began immediately and they started conversing and talking about the partnership contract. I wasn’t paying a dime of attention to whatever they were saying, my whole attention was fixed on Aaron.


He moved to Los Angeles?


So he’s alive?


He’s alive and he never took my calls and messages that year and didn’t even bother to reach out to me during these past few years?


He looked so surprised to see me, is there something I don’t know.


Crystal…” I heard my name and I jolted into reality. Everyone stared at me like if they were expecting something from me.


Crystal, you’re not paying attention and they’re noticing.” Beatrice whispered and I smiled nervously and they continued conversing.


Whatever they are talking about is honestly not my business. I have so many questions to ask, so many things I’m unclear about. Seeing him again has



brought back so many memories and I’m feeling so nostalgic about the whole thing.


Now I realize that I really miss him and…I still love him despite all he has done to me.


Thanks for coming and we wish you a safe journey back home.” I heard Aaron sat and I looked around and discovered the meeting was over and everyone rose from their seats to leave.


I stood up and picked up my bag and files. I felt a tap on my back and I looked back to see it was Aaron.


Hey Crystal, we need to talk.” He said and I scoffed ignoring him and turned to leave.


Crystal wait,” He said and held my hand.


Don’t you touch me!” I said in a low tone so as not to arouse the attention of others.


We need to talk, it’s been so many years.” He added still holding my hand.


If you really wanted to talk, you could’ve answered my calls and text messages seven years ago.” I said sternly and removed my hand from his and strutted out of the business hall.


Wait up!” He yelled continually as he trailed after me. I tried walking faster but he always caught up with me.


Stay away from me will ya?” I said to him after he had been following me for a while.


I entered into the elevator and he followed me in too. We were the only ones in there and that didn’t sit well with me.


Crystal please listen, it wasn’t my fault okay.” He said entering into the elevator. I decided not to reply him, maybe it’ll make him go away.



Look, my father was never in support of our relationship and you know that. He didn’t like you because you were poor.” He said and I felt insulted a bit because he called me poor. But at least now, I can’t be classified as someone who is poor. I’m changed now.


He wanted us to break up by all means. He said you were a distraction to me. That day, he sent one of his friend’s daughter to my house. He wanted me to be with her instead. She forced herself on me and being a man, I felt for it and then you came in.” He explained. I wanted to ask him why he couldn’t resist her since he loved me or why he didn’t tell me all of this before. But no, I won’t ask cause I refuse to care.


I wanted to call and explain things to you but my father threatened that if I ever talk to you again, he’ll disown me. And…I had to decline your calls and ignore your messages.” He added and tears began to fog up in my eyes.


No Crystal!


You can’t let him see you’re weak!


Dry up those tears!


I know you wouldn’t want to get back with me because it’s been so long and we don’t deserve each other. Seeing you here has made me realise that no condition is permanent. Seven years ago, you were an average girl and now here you are the P.A to Miguel Nicholas. Anyways, I just want you to forgive me please.” He begged as I stylishly wiped my tears. I heard the “ding” sound and the elevator’s door opened.


I stepped out of the elevator without saying a word to Aaron. I joined the rest of them in the limousine and we drove back to the hotel.


Aaron’s POV:


She didn’t even want to listen to what I had to say.


I won’t blame her because she has gone through a lot in my hands and I feel sorry for her.


I wish I can find a way to show her how sorry I am.


It wasn’t my fault, it was that father of mine.



But where his actions worth it? He claimed that he wanted me to get married to a rich, classy, elegant and influential lady but now he’s no more. He isn’t even alive to know whether I’ll marry rich or poor! He just separated me from my Crystal for nothing!


I have to prove to her that I’m sorry.


Boss, don’t forget about the Fast and Furious 9 premiere tonight by 9pm.” Dianna said snapping me out of my ponders.


Alright I’ll be there.” I said to her and she smiled and left.


Just then, I had an idea. I hope it works.


I brought out my phone from my side pocket and dialled Larry. He’s my cousin and he’s in charge of the displays and ‘technical whatevers’ that will be happening at the premiere.


Hello Larry? I need you to help me with something.



Lolita’s POV:


Thanks for the movie that night. I really enjoyed myself.” I thanked Daniel and he smiled.


I did enjoy myself too.” He replied.


By the way, where is Crystal? I haven’t seen or talked to her for some days now. Is she okay?” Daniel asked and I wondered why Crystal didn’t tell him that she was traveling.


Crystal had travelled and the house was so boring. I had a leave from work today and since Angelica had gone to school and I had no one to talk to, I decided to invite Daniel over.


Yes I know it may be too soon to be hanging out with someone I met in person just few days back but honestly I really feel that connection between us even though he claims to like my friend.


She traveled.” I replied and looked at me confused.


She traveled?” He repeated my words throwing it back as question to me.


Yeah, Business trip with Miguel. You didn’t know?” I said to him and he shook his head.


No, neither of them told me.”


But now I’ve told you. She’s coming back home on Wednesday. So you should be able to see her by then.” I said to him and he nodded.


We concentrated on the program we were watching on TV. They went on a commercial break and an advert about a smoothie shop that just opened nearby came on.


They smoothies they advertised were so palatable and enticing.



I’m drooling


How I wish I could get some of those smoothies


So you wanna go out and get some smoothies?” Daniel asked as the commercial ended and I nodded in approval.


I thought you’d never ask.” I replied picking up my purse and we left the house.


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Aaron said it wasn’t his fault, that it was his fathers…


I know Honorable Hemsworth was never in support of our relationship but will he go to the extent of arranging a wife or girlfriend for his then 20 year old son? Should I believe Aaron?


I hate him so much but yet, my heart longs for him and my body craves for his touch…like the old days.


Should I give him a chance?


But then there’s Daniel who has been consistently asking me to be with him. What will I do now?


I’m torn between two guys.


Who will I accept now.


Thinking about my current dilemma excuse for a love life, I laid on my bed to rest for like an hour before I get ready for the premiere happening later tonight. My phone beeped and I had received a message from someone. I checked the sender and it was Miguel


Hey Sweetheart. The limousine will be ready by 8:00pm to take us to the


Galleria for the premiere. We need to be there early for the red carpet. Make sure you wear something s*xy so I can feast my eyes on something fiesty


Rubbish!” I said and tossed the phone not caring where it landed.


Now I have no time to sleep I have to get ready.” I muttered and got off the bed.










Two hours later, I was done freshening up, dressing and prepping up. I was ready to go.


I left my room and went downstairs to the parking lot. I spotted the limousine and sighed then entered into it.


I thought you’d never come.” Miguel said as I came in and I yelped because I was startled. It didn’t cross my mind that he was inside.


Don’t scare me.” I muttered folding my arms and he chuckled.


Are we the only ones in here?” I asked and he laughed. The limo’s ignition started and we started to move.


No silly, the driver and chauffeur are here too.” He replied amidst his laughter and my eyes rolled ignoring his laughter. There was no need to reply him. His answer meant that apart from the driver and chauffeur, it was just two of us were in here.



So how was your day?” He asked and I sighed and ignored him. Starting a healthy conversation with Miguel is mostly futile, he must always chip in something naughty.


You looked really agape and benumbed when you saw Mr. Aaron. Why?” He asked and I ignored again. I am not telling Miguel about my past.


Ignoring me won’t stop me from talking to you.” Miguel cooed in a high pitched voice and I grunted because he was becoming a disturbance.


But will answering your dumb questions stop you from talking to me further?” I asked and he twitched his mouth and chuckled.


Maybe it will, Maybe it won’t.” He replied and wore a smirk.


Arching my brows and sighing, I decided to reply him. Maybe it’ll make him shut up.


Aaron is someone from my past. I was just surprised because it has been so long since I last saw him.” I coldly explained to Miguel.


Who was he to you in your past?” Miguel asked and I became fed up and frustrated.


HE’S MY DAMN EX OKAY!” I yelled at Miguel.


But that wasn’t what I…”


AND MY DAY WAS FINE! THANKS FOR ASKING!” I added still yelling and Miguel was dumbstruck. He gave me a sombre and deplored look then swallowed nothing and faced the windows.


I noticed that my harsh tone might have hurt him. Maybe I was a bit hard on the guy.



Hey..I-I’m sorry.” I apologized and touched his shoulders. He faced me and smiled then held unto my hand on his shoulder.


Hey…I’m use the yelling. It’s the way of Lioness Crystal.” He replied and I smiled.


Then it struck me that he was holding my hand, I cleared my throat and he removed his hand from mine.


Good.” I said and brought out my phone and got a message from an unknown number and also from Daniel.



Daniel: You travelled to Los Angeles and you didn’t tell me. What sort of friend are you?


Unknown Number: Crystal, I hope you’re coming for the premiere tonight.


There’s a big surprise waiting for you there.


XoXo, Aaron.


Oh no! Daniel is mad because I didn’t tell him I’m going to L.A. To be honest, it escaped me and I didn’t remember. I had a lot on my mind that day and I forgot.


And Aaron?


Has a big surprise for me. I’d keep an open mind.








Few minutes later, we were at the Galleria. It wasn’t too far from our hotel so we didn’t spend much time on the road.


I opened the door to alight but Miguel held me back.


No you’re not going anywhere. I want the media to be here to see us alight in grand style okay?” Miguel said and I shook my head and closed the door.


Hey Leo? Go signal the media please.” Miguel said to the chauffeur.


Alright sir.” He replied and alighted from the limo.


Uh sir, I need to go make sure we have a reserved parking space. I’ll be back soonest.” The driver yelled and left as well.



Miguel’s POV:


It was just Crystal and I in the car and I have to admit, she looked so beautiful and stunning in that dress of hers.


I just wanted to…just wanted to grab her and kiss her right now. That’s all I wanted to do.


I can’t resist her anymore.


I f*cking need her lips on mine right now


She was concentrating on her phone and this was my chance to steal a kiss from her. I came closer to her and grabbed her then pulled her closer and quickly kissed her. She tried to resist but my passion was stronger than her resilience.


Just then, I noticed flashes of camera lights and I noticed people holding microphones and taking pictures of Crystal and I.


The window in front of us was wined down and a man stretched in a camera and took a clear picture of us.


I released Crystal and she was fuming with rage.


You d*ckhead with the reasoning of a rabbit…” Crystal cursed after releasing her but I quickly covered her mouth because the media is here and they’re recording us.


Shush.” I said to her and she bit my finger.


Ow!” I said in pain clutching my finger.


Get out!!” I yelled at the paparazzi and just then Leo and the driver came back and drove them away.


Shall we?” I said to Crystal and scoffed.



Leo opened the door and Crystal and I stepped down from the limousine and the media took pictures of us walking the red carpet as we entered into the Galleria. I made sure I held Crystal’s hand and even pecked her cheek. I hope the media took pictures of that


Kylie’s POV:


It seems I’m the only one here in this hotel that didn’t go for the premiere. The whole hotel is empty.


Anyways, I didn’t go because what’s the use?


I’ve never watched the movie from season one till now so what’s the use for going to a new season’s premiere.


I’ll just stay here, have a glass of juice and scroll through Twitter.


Taking a sip of my juice, I opened the twitter app and the first news I saw was;


Business Mogul Miguel Nicholas spotted kissing a lady identified as Crystal DeMarquez at the FF9 premiere minutes ago. Other photos of them holding hands and walking into the Galleria bellow. Is the breathtaking, handsome billionaire in a relationship? ”


WHAT THE BUTT!?” I yelled spitting out my juice.


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Why did you kiss me!” I asked Miguel as we took our seats in the theatre.


Don’t I have the freedom to kiss who I please?” Miguel asked as he chewed down a handful of popcorn.


No you don’t. At least not in front of the media you knuckle head. Only God knows what they must have published in their blogs?” I yelled at him and he chuckled..


Why don’t you check and see?” He said and I sighed and brought out my phone.


No phones in the theatre. Sorry ma’am.” A man said to me and I slid my phone into my pocket and Miguel laughed.



Shut up will ya? The movie is about to begin.” I said to Miguel and he chuckled. The curtains unveiled a large screen TV and the countdown to the movie began.






















We interrupt this movie for a special message for one of the audience.” A voice said from the speakers at the end of the countdown and everyone grunted, sighed and began to murmur.


I know I made mistakes, I know I messed up real bad. I know you don’t want to hear my name or forgive me.” The screens read and we were all getting confused.


But it’s not my fault dear. My life has been dull without your bright self in my world. I miss you so much and I love you dearly.” The screens read again and this what getting more weirder.


The screens went blank and all the lights were switched off.


A spotlight appeared on stage and a guy walked out.


It was Aaron.


What the f…?”


Crystal DeMarquez, I love you from the depth of my heart and with everything in me. I’m sorry for hurting you and seeing you earlier has made me realise how much I miss and need you. Crystal, will you be my girlfriend again?” Aaron asked me on the stage and the spotlight was transferred to me.













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