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Chapter TWO


[ I Agree ]








Crystal’s POV:



I knew I made a mistake for telling you what was going on. You can’t even help without expecting something in return?” I thundered and threw the stupid check at him then picked up my bag and left the ward as quickly as I could.


Come on Crystal! You’re poor, broke, penniless! You have no other option.” Miguel said as he trailed after me.


Leave me alone you pervert!” I fired back at him as I exited the main hospital building.


Do this Crystal. It’s just one night and your sister will be treated. Do this for her.” Miguel said as I finally paused near a pillar outside the building.


He is making sense…sort off.


I have no money, I’m just a poor waitress who earns two hundred dollars a month.


Where am I gonna find that huge amount of money in a weeks time?


Who do I know?


I have no one…no one expect from this pervert.


How I wish I had never met him. Maybe God could’ve brought another way for me to raise money for Angelica.


Well, as destiny planned it, five days ago when I closed from work on a early Thursday morning. I was working the Night Shift that previous day which was from 6pm to 2am the next morning.




Five Days Ago,


After washing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen, I went to the break room to get changed and head home. After changing, I locked up the restaurant and went to the junction to get a taxi to take me home.


It was exactly 2:35am and for the past twenty minutes I’ve been standing here, not one single taxi had passed.


What was I thinking?


It’s 2:35am and every average person is asleep by now.


Maybe I should just walk home.


Few steps into the journey of walking home, a Benz C300 honked it’s horn at me and I paused, looked back and saw the car at a halt few feet away from where I stood. The driver was still honking it’s horn signalling me to come over and I went there.


Approaching there, the front seat passenger’s window glass was down and a young, handsome guy’s head peered through.


Evening.” I greeted and he nodded and smiled.


What’s the price for five hours?” He asked me with a smirk and I was confused.


Huh? I don’t understand.” I replied puzzled.


Okay, how about I give you two thousand dollars? Is that okay?” He added and that was when it dawned on me that he thought I was a pr*st*tute.


Curse my manager for making me work this shift!


Oh no, I’m not a call girl. I just closed from work and I’m off home.” I explained to him and he smiled.


Well then sweetheart, why don’t I drop you home and then we can know ourselves better.” The man said with a devilish smirk and all I could see in his eyes were: ‘ I want to f*ck you!’


No. I don’t accept lifts from strangers!” I sternly said and walked away from his car.


I thought that was the end of the whole drama, I didn’t know it was just the beginning. Later that same day when I went to visit Angelica in the hospital, I met Miguel there. Turns out his brother was also admitted in the hospital. Anytime I come visit my sister, he’d always stalk and disturb me and also force me to accept to warm his bed for a night!


Can’t he understand that I can’t stand boys? Especially him! I despise him.


That’s how the past few days has been…until now.



Flashback Ends:


Present Time.


I’ll never give you my body. So keep your f*cking money to damn yourself!” I yelled and flipped my hair in his face then strutted out of the hospital’s compound and took a cab home.




Miguel’s POV:




Who does she think she is?


No one dares refuse Miguel Nicholas.


I have any girl I want and Crystal…you are no different.


I’ll bet a billion dollars that she’ll come back begging on her knees, because she loves her sister dearly. She’s here everyday just to see her and I know she won’t want to loose her.


She is a pauper, she doesn’t have any other place to get the money from except me. That’s why I slipped my phone number into her purse, I’m expecting her call anytime soon.


I dabbed my sweaty face with my handkerchief then put on my dark shades, to protect my eyes, even though it’s dark and also, to prevent people from knowing


I’m around. Especially the ladies, they drool over me .


With my hands in my pocket, I went into my car and Leo my personal driver drove me back home…a place I love to call Castle DΓ© Miguel.


Do you know why I call it that? It’s because it’s so magnificent, beautiful, big and richly ornamented. My brother, my sister and I live in this house along with the numerous maids, butlers and servants I happen to have.



I’m Miguel Nicholas as you must know by now. I’m New York’s sweetheart and a good looking one at that I have two oil companies and a bottling company and they flood in loads of money into my big fat bank account. But what will I use the money for? A young man of 27 years who already has all he wants and dreams of, what else will I use my money for




You see where there’s money, that’s where you see ‘dem girls’. They love to flock around me and throw themselves cheaply at me. But I don’t keep the girls, after being with them once or twice, I ditch them and get a new one.


That’s Miguel for you




I alighted from my car and went into my mansion. I saw my sister and a hot chick sitting in the living room laughing and giggling like all girls do.


Hey Miguel. You’re back.” My sister said on sighting me and she came to hug me.


Sup lil sis. How you doing?” I asked as we embraced.


I’m alright. How’s Daniel doing? Is he getting better?” She asked as we disengaged.


Well, hopefully he is.” I answered and removed my shades then took a look at my sister’s friend.


Dang! She’s hot.” I thought as I scanned her with my daring eyes.


Chelsea, Who’s your friend?” I asked grinning as her friend who looks like she’s already smothered by me gave me sultry looks.


Oh? This is my good friend Kylie. Kylie meet Miguel my eldest brother and Miguel meet my friend Kylie.” Chelsea introduced us and I extended my hand to Kylie and she shook it.



Who doesn’t know your brother? Miguel Nicholas! The heartthrob of New York!” Kylie said enthusiastically as she released my hand.


That’s my brother.” Chelsea added and I smiled.


I must have this one.” I concluded mentally admiring Kylie.


Why don’t I get you guys a drink?” Chelsea said and went to the kitchen. This is my chance to woo this chica.


Hi,” I said as I sat next to her and she smiled.


Hey handsome.” She replied with a smirk.


I really like you.” I said and she blushed sheepishly.




So how about you, me….a bed?” I said in a low tone as I caressed her exposed thighs.


Mr. Miguel Nicholas are you asking me to sleep with you?” Kylie asked sternly with furrowed brows.


Well..uh….” I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. Seems like she’s not my type.


Tomorrow night 10pm.” She said leaving me speechless and she licked her lips.


Oh..okay. See you tomorrow baby.” I replied happily and she pecked my cheek.


Tell your sister I had something important to attend to. Good bye.” She announced and she left the house.




There I was thinking I had just been turned down and BOOM she fixes the appointment by herself!



Miguel, you are one of a kind!” I complimented myself feeling proud of what just happened.


Oh? Where’s Kylie?” Chelsea asked as she came back with two glasses of juice in a tray.


She said she has something important to do so she left.” I told her and she dropped the tray and sat beside me.


Then we have the drinks to ourselves don’t we?” Chelsea said and picked up a glass and I picked the other one.


Cheers!” She said and we clinked our glasses.




Crystal’s POV:




I feel so dumb! Why did I even tell him about my problems now he’s using it as bait so I’ll be in his bed. What a man!


Crystal’s life is officially over!” I said and laid on my bed about to sob.


Huh? What do you mean?” Lolita my roommate asked as she came out of the bathroom.


Well it’s Angelica, the doctor said if I don’t raise money for her surgery in a week, she’s gonna die. You know I can’t survive without her.” I explained to Lolita as she dressed up.


I can lend you some money.” She said and I chuckled.


It’s two hundred and fifty dollars Lolly. ” I said and her eyes nearly bulged out.


What!? I’m not



Where are you gonna get that amount of money from?” Lolita asked and I began sobbing loosing all hope.


I don’t know. You know that pervert Miguel? He said he’s gonna give me some money…..if I sleep with him.”


WHAT!?! I don’t have that amount of money. I’m not Alice Walton” Lolita yelled.


Who’s Alice?” I asked.


The richest woman in America!” Lolita replied but who cares? Definitely not me.


You have to do it. There’s no other way for you to raise the money except you do what he wants!” Lolita advised but I didn’t feel good about it.


But Lolita…” It tried protesting but she cut me short.


No buts. Do this for Angelica. She’ll forever adore you.” Lolita said and I remembered all the good days Angelica and I spent together and more tears flowed. I can’t loose her. If it means giving up my dignity for her, I will.


I’ll do it. But where am I gonna see him? It has to be till tomorrow when he comes to the hospital.” I said and Lolita nodded and pat me on the back.


You have to see him. Do it for your sister.” Lolita encouraged and I smiled.


Where’s the keychain I asked you to get for me?” She asked and I reached for my bag and began searching for her keychain.


I didn’t see it.” I said still searching.


Pour everything out and look for it.” She said and I poured the content of my bag unto the bed and searched for her keychain. I was still searching for it when I came across a small piece of paper. I picked it up and examined it.


What’s that?” Lolita asked as I looked at it.



It’s Miguel’s number.” I replied and she smiled.


Well call him and tell him you’ve agreed to his conditions.” Lolita said and with shaky hands, I imputed his digits into my phone and hit the dial button.


It rang for a while and then, that husky voice answered.



H-Hello” I stuttered when he answered the call.



Miguel Nicholas on the line. How may I help?



It’s me.” I said in a low tone.



It’s you? I’m a rich, busy and handsome man. I have a lot of “me(s)” in my life so state exactly who you are.” He said rudely and I rolled my eyes.


It’s Crystal.



Uh? my sweetheart. Why are you calling?



I agree to your proposal.














The Devil’s



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