Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Episode eight













I happily skipped back to his room, laid back on his bed and put the towel back on my head.


Opportunity comes but once, this is going to pass me by.


Besides no boy has ever taken care of me personally.


He arched a brow amusedly but didn’t say anything. He put the pills in his hand and held the water in his left hand.


“Open your mouth” he said.


I opened it meekly with my eyes closed, I felt the pills enter my mouth followed by the warm water. I swallowed quickly and squeezed my face. Pills and me have never been best friends, I hate them so much.


I planned to open my mouth and ask for chocolate or vanilla to dull the bitter taste in my mouth but like before, I was suddenly rubbed off my senses.


He was kissing me the second time in three minutes. The taste of his mouth cleared the bitter taste almost instantly. I couldn’t think clearly not that I would want to protest though, the prince needs to fall in love.



He broke the kiss with a smile “now rest” he said and draped a cloth over my eyes.


I smiled excitedly and slept like a baby, very peacefully.


Please tell me I’m not falling in love, things can’t go the other way round. He has to fall in love.






Prince Eric



I started and couldn’t stop, it’s difficult to stop. I’m beginning to care to much or can it be lust? It’s most definitely lust?


Since the night she told me she was here to make me fall in love, I didn’t want her to get hurt. I was after her well being especially emotionally.


I couldn’t take it in when a stranger attended to her in the market. How can a stranger know my house mate is sick before me? I dragged her away from the stranger. Her body was hot against mine so I gave her piggyback ride home and attended to her personally.


Then she came shouting at me making it hard for me to resist the urge to kiss her. So I did it, what I’ve envisioned for a very long time, I kissed her. What I’ve been trying too hard to prevent. No one would get hurt right. No one can get hurt, we’re both adults, matured adults.


I watched over her as she slept peacefully while I read a psychology book to keep myself busy.


“Hello” I answered my ringing phone and went to the bathroom.


“Your betrothed is coming over this evening” the person on the other end said.









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