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[ Love Wars -Part Four ]




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✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


” I can’t believe this!” Lolita said still stunned on sighting Daniel.


She started moving backwards with her gaze still fixed on Daniel and after a few steps, she ran into the room.


To say the truth, if there was a word beyond shocked, that’s exactly what I feel now.


What is wrong with her?” Daniel asked and I twitched my lips and faced him.


I wish I knew…” I muttered to myself.


Let me go find out. Excuse me.” I said to Daniel and he nodded then I walked to Lolita’s room.


I opened the door and saw her sitting upright on her bed staring blankly and her face was pale…emotionless.


What happened back there?” I asked still standing at the doorpost. She didn’t reply, she didn’t even shake or move a bit.


I believe I’m talking to a living being.” I said and walked to where she sat and sighed then sat next to her.


Lolita..” I called her name softly as I tapped her back. Her arm twitched a bit and I rested my arms on her shoulders and pulled her closer to me slightly.


Crystal, I’m scared.” She managed to say in a very low tone and I was puzzled. Why is she scared?


Scared? Why would you be scared? Is anything wrong with Daniel?” I asked and she shrugged a bit then removed my arms from her shoulders and got off the bed.


I’m scared because, the one man you’ve found happiness in after Aaron is…” Lolita stated as she got up but paused abruptly.



Is what Lolita?” I beckoned on her to complete her statement and she sighed heavily.


Is the man I see in my dreams almost every night…the one the fortune teller said I’ll be with.” Lolita said and started to sob softly.


Is that why you’re crying? Because of a daydream you had or what that fake fortuneteller told you?!” I inquired and she looked at me with tears fogging up in her eyes.


Crystal, Daniel has made you realize the good men exist! He loves you and deep down in that caged heart of yours, I know you love him too…” Lolita said and I was surprised.


Me love Daniel?




” I don’t love…”


Shush Crystal! Don’t deny it. You love him but you’re to shy to own up to it. We’ve been friends for almost five and you and I know that my dreams always come TRUE Crystal…they always do.” She snapped not allowing me to protest.


I got married to Daniel in my dreams. I don’t want to be the one blocking your happiness Crystal. When you’ve finally loosened up a bit. It’s best I leave this town.” Lolita said and I got up from the chair and grabbed her by her shoulder and made her face me.


Are you out of your mind? I never said I love Daniel. If at all I feel anything for Daniel, what I feel is just pity and because I he saved my life twice. I don’t love him and if you too are meant to be then so be it!” I yelled to Lolita then turned and walked out of the room.


You know you love him, but your stubborn self won’t admit it.” Lolita said softly and I shrugged and left the room.


Lolita’s POV:



Without replying, she left the room and shut the door loudly nearly shaking the building to it’s foundation.


She won’t be in the mood to hangout with Daniel after this.” I thought and dimmed it fit to tell Daniel to go home and come see her another time.


I left the room and went to the living room and saw Daniel pacing round the room lost in thoughts.


He is even more handsome in reality than he is in my dreams.


He is so dreamy and I’ve already fallen for him.


I don’t know how my dreams are gonna come true but I sincerely hope they will…


But that will be at the detriment of my friends happiness and I’m very sure after this, she’ll never love again.


Hey.” I greeted and he looked around from where the sound came from. I took a few steps into the light and he saw me, I smiled faintly and walked up to him.


I’m very sorry for what happened earlier.” I apologized shyly and he smiled.


It’s okay. But if I may ask, why were so shocked on seeing me? Have we met?” He asked and I started to fidget.


What do I tell him?


That he’s my dream man!?


He’ll think I’m a freak!


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


With what happened still fresh on my mind, I decided to go have a drink. I think there should be one in the living room bar.


I walked out of my room and went to the living room. As I stepped foot into the living room, I saw Daniel and Lolita talking.


I decided to go back into the shadows and hear what they’re saying.



Oh, I just mistook you for someone else.” Lolita nervously said without looking at Daniel in the eye. I knew she was lying because her nervous look coupled with no eye contact is her “I’m lying face.”


No, you were really sure that you knew me. Is there anything you wanna say to me?” Daniel asked Lolita and she started fidgeting and sweating profusely. Oh no! She’s panicking.


Uh…Crystal is really not in the mood to talk to you now. Can you go and come back later?” Lolita said to Daniel and he looked at her suspiciously.


Okay, ask her if tomorrow night is okay by her.” Daniel said and Lolita nodded.


I will.” Lolita replied and Daniel smiled then turned to leave, but shortly after he turned back and faced Lolita.


Crystal never told me she had a beautiful and gorgeous looking friend like you.” Daniel complimented and Lolita’s face flustered and her cheeks turned red as she blushed.


Oh? Thank you. She didn’t even tell me you were this handsome.” Lolita said and a blush swept through Daniel’s face.


I really have to be going.” He said and turned to leave but paused again and turned back looking at a book on the couch.


Is that Tears and Roses?” He asked still looking at the book and Lolita picked it up and looked at it briefly.


Yeah, it’s my favorite book. I’ve read it over five times and I think I can read ten more times!” Lolita said and Daniel was stunned.


That’s my favorite book too. I even heard they’ve produced a movie based on the book. It’s premiering at the Cinemas this Saturday.” Daniel said to Lolita and she was excited.



Wow! I really would’ve loved to watch it. But Saturday is two days from now and I’m sure they’re out of tickets.” Lolita complained clutching the book.


Well that’s no problem. I actually purchased two tickets for my sister and I but she canceled and said she had plans on Saturday and I was hoping to take Crystal…”


No!” Lolita yelled and I was shocked.


Aww Daniel wanted to take me to the movies?




WHAT!?…Why doesn’t she want Daniel to take me to the movies! I hope Crystal doesn’t want to back stab me.


Why No?” Daniel asked looking confused.


Crystal hates romance movies!” Lolita said and Daniel felt embarrassed.




I may hate romance movies but that doesn’t mean I won’t want to go see a movie with Daniel!


It’s my duty to tell him that I don’t like romance movies not my friend!.


Now Daniel may think I’m purposely avoiding him.


Oh, I can’t let the ticket waste, so why don’t you go with me?” Daniel said and Lolita’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and she nodded.


Yea sure.” She agreed and smiled.


So Saturday, 7pm?” Daniel asked and she nodded again.


It’s a date…I mean sure..” Lolita said and Daniel smiled at her then turned to leave.


Immediately he left, Lolita squealed happily.



I know he didn’t willingly ask me out but spending time with him and watching my now favorite movie will be a blast!” Lolita said happily and I sighed then went back into my room.




Daniel is going out with Lolita this Saturday, to a movie that Daniel and I were supposed to attend.


Why do I get this feeling…


This feeling…It’s very familiar.


It’s exactly the same…the same I felt when Aaron was with that girl. It may not be as fierce as it was back then, but it’s exactly what I feel now.


A mixture of jealously and betrayal!


Does that mean I’m in love with…




It can’t be!



Chelsea’s POV:



I went to my room and sat down on my bed. I decided to call Kylie and tell her all that has happened so far.



Hey.” I greeted as she picked up.



Hey, how are you.



I’m fine Kylie. I talked to Miguel about our discussion.



Oh wow! What did he say?



I told him to marry you and he said he’ll think about it!” I said to her and she squealed happily nearly bursting my ear drums.


Wow! I’m so happy. Thanks Chelsea! You’re the best, I love you so much.



Save all the happiness for when you say “I do” and save all the love for Miguel when you both get married!” I said and she squealed again.


But what did he say about Crystal?



Well, I didn’t really talk to him about that but she will be out of the way once you two are married.


I wanna eliminate her for good y’know.” Kylie said and I was surprised.



Don’t tell me you wanna…



Yes Chelsea, I wanna kill her.




✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t know when I slept off.


I woke up and checked the time, it was five minutes till midnight. I slumped into my bed and reached ” Shush! You don’t wanna wake up Angelica and Lolita do you?” He said and sat beside me.


What are you doing here? And how did you even get into my room.” I inquired angrily and he chuckled.


You look so cute when you’re mad.” He complimented and I sighed at his cheap flirt.


Whatever, how may I help you?” I asked and laid on my bed.


I just wanted to spend time with you since you bailed out earlier today.” He said and I sighed.


It’s creepy to come into a girl’s room in the middle of the night claiming to spend time with her.” I said to him and he laughed then sat upright.



You’re not just any girl, you’re my love.” Daniel said and I wanted to blush but I cant let him see my weak point” Let the blush out. Don’t be shy.” Daniel teased and caressed my cheeks.


Take your hands off me. I’m not your love as well, we’re just friends and I’ll appreciate if you don’t bring this topic up again.” I said removing his hands from my cheeks.


Alright! Whatever the Queen says.” He said and I laughed.


Anything we can play in here?” Daniel asked looking around.


Yeah, I have some solitaire cards, if you’re willing to play.” I said and he nodded and I got off my bed and went to get the cards.


We played the cards and I won once while he beat my thrice . I was getting tired and he really needed to go home.


I beat you three times in a row!” He yelled feeling triumphant.


Well I won the last round and they say he who laughs last, laughs best!” I said as a comeback and we both laughed.


I really need to be going now. It’s almost three am.” Daniel said and got off the bed while I arranged the cards in a sequential manner then got off the bed.


He walked towards the window and I burst out in laughter at his ridiculous idea of coming into my room through the window.


You came in here through the window. That’s a potential robbery skill you know?” I asked with my arms folded and he chuckled.


I wanted to surprise you!” He said and I rolled my eyes and I opened the window for him.


You’re a weirdo!” I said to him and he laughed.



Bye.” He said softly and held my hand then looked into my eyes. I looked into his and we were locked in each other’ s gaze with our hands interlocked.


He pulled me closer and leaned in preparing his lips for a kiss and I really wanted the kiss but…


This isn’t right.” I said pushing Daniel away cursing myself within for falling in love again.


Are you gonna slap me?” He asked and I didn’t answer.


Just go away please. ” I said to him pointing at the window.




JUST GO!!” I yelled more loudly and he shrieked and sighed then went out of the window.


Don’t fight your inner feelings Crystal.” Daniel said as he went out. Immediately he went out, I slammed the window shut.



Miguel’s POV:


It’s a brand new day and today is Friday!!


Which means I’m gonna hit the club and party all night!


There I was seated in my office, enjoying my personal company and thinking about life especially what Chelsea told me yesterday.


Settling down with Kylie is not a bad idea at all.


Besides, mum has been disturbing me to get married and give her grandkids blah blah!


The door opened and Beatrice entered into the office looking happy and holding some papers.


” Guess what boss!” She said elatedly.



I don’t guess, tell me what’s happening.” I replied and she squealed happily and excitedly.


ACE companies have approved the partnership contract!” She announced and I was so happy!


That’s so nice. We need to celebrate.” I said jumping up from my chair.


Why don’t we celebrate in Los Angeles? ” Beatrice asked and I was confused.


Why L.A??” I asked and she laughed.


That’s because they invited us for a business briefing there this coming Monday!” Beatrice announced happily.


Alright, I’ll let you go home early so you can pack up. We’re leaving tomorrow! ” I said to her and she squealed happily again.


Alright boss.” She said and turned to leave.


Can you call Crystal. Tell her I need to see her!” I commanded and she nodded then went out.




We’re going to Los Angeles and I’ll spend time with Crystal!


I hope she gives in this time.


I don’t want anymore slaps from her


I’m here! What do you want?” Crystal asked as she came in.


Pack your bags sweetheart! We’re going to Los Angeles. ”















The Devil’s



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