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[ Will You Marry Me!? ]








✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


What!? Aaron is asking me to be his girlfriend! I know I love him and I really miss and need him but accepting to be his girlfriend all over again less than a day I met him.


I don’t even know whether he is genuine or not! Accepting this relationship may not be the best now.



But turning him down in front of everyone is gonna be detrimental to his reputation and he’s gonna be a laughingstock because almost all the celebrities are here and the media is even here to cover it!


Despite not wanting to accept his proposal so soon, I won’t stand him being embarrassed.


” I’ll faint.” I said to myself.


I spent one year attending acting classes so yes, I can pull a faint scene off without anyone suspecting.


I uh..I uh.” I stammered and closed my eyes and slumped.


Crystal!” Miguel yelled and held me shaking me vigorously.


I heard Aaron yell my name from the stage and before anyone could say


“Jack Robinson” Aaron was already by my side.


Crystal, are you okay?” He said caressing my cheeks.


Take your hands away from her face. You’re the cause of all this!” Miguel yelled at Aaron and removed his hands from my face.


Hey dude chil okay?” Aaron half-yelled at Miguel and placed his hands on my face again.


I SAID TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” Miguel thundered at Aaron and I heard the sound of Miguel pushing Aaron and Aaron landing on the floor with a thud.


Just stay away from her!” Miguel added yelling and I opened my eyes abit and took a peek at the environment and situation. Miguel was pointing his hand at Aaron looking at him fiercely.


And who are you to tell me that?” Aaron asked and he got up from the floor and I quickly shut my eyes.



I am her boyfriend and let me answer your proposal on behalf of her; No! She won’t be your girlfriend.” Miguel answered Aaron and Aaron became speechless and didn’t reply.




Why will I be in a relationship with him.


If not I have to pretend, I would’ve slapped him hard!


I don’t believe you. I know Crystal and I know she won’t be able to settle with a dog like you! Or you think I don’t know how you sleep around with girls?” Aaron fired back at Miguel minutes later and it seems that infuriated him a lot. I opened my eyes again and saw Miguel clenching his fists and he was boiling with rage.


How dare you!” Miguel said and punched Aaron in the face. Aaron fell to the floor again and blood flowed from his mouth and stained his shirt.


He used his hand to wipe the blood off his face. He looked at his palm and saw blood on it. He faced Miguel with apoplexy and looked at him wrathfully.


You son of a b*tch!” Aaron yelled and got up quickly and threw a punch at Miguel but Miguel caught the punch and pinned Aaron to the wall squeezing his neck. I closed my eyes and prayed nothing went wrong between them.


Hey are you guys fighting? There’s a girl who just passed out!” Someone from the audience yelled.


Yeah! If she dies her blood is gonna be on the you both.” Another person yelled and everyone began to murmur. I opened my eyes quickly to peek.


Miguel released Aaron and they both ran to where I laid. I shut my eyes quickly.


The both of them tried to carry me and at this point it was becoming to hard to keep still because their grips on me where to hard.


” Let go of her!” Miguel yelled trying to carry me.



No, let go of her you dimwit!” Aaron snapped trying to get hold of me. Miguel pushed Aaron and he fell again.


Stay away from her.” Miguel said and carried me in bridal style.


Let’s go Crystal.” He said and we turned to leave.


Just so you know, the contract between our companies of off. I can’t work with someone who doesn’t have a sense of reasoning.” Aaron said to Miguel and he scoffed and we left the theatre…I guess.


Finally! The movie can begin.” I heard them say in the theatre and the countdown began again.


Kylie’s POV:


WHAT!? Miguel and Crystal kissed again? They even held hands and he pecked her!


I can’t take this!


It’s not even about Crystal being his P.A.


Now I know that being his P.A or not, Miguel will never leave Crystal! He loves her more than he loves me…that’s even if he loves me!


Chelsea needs to hear this!” I said and picked up my phone and dialled her number.


Heyo Kylie! What’s popping?



Chelsea have you read the online news!” I yelled not replying her messages.



No, why ask?



Just read it, I’m waiting for you.



Alright give me a second.” Chelsea said and I wanted patiently for her.


Few minutes later.



WHAT!?” Chelsea yelled and I assumed she had seen the shocker news.



How will Miguel kiss Crystal again!?” Chelsea added yelling.



Yeah and they even held hands and Miguel pecked her.



Uh, there’s more news Kylie. I think you should check your twitter ASAP” Chelsea said and keeping an open mind for the worst, I opened twitter and my eyes met the worst shocker yet.


Multibillionaire Aaron Hemswroth left in shock as he asked Crystal DeMarquez to be his girlfriend at the FF9 Premiere and she fainted. Other news has is that Miguel Nicholas claimed Crystal as his girlfriend and threw punches at Aaron. ”



Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Miguel said Crystal was his girlfriend! He even punched Aaron for her sake!” I yelled over the phone.


Kylie I need you to calm down so you won’t do anything rash okay?



Miguel is a fool! Can you believe ever since we started dating, he refused to show me to the public. We didn’t take pictures and he was supposed to take me to FF9 and not Crystal.


But I thought you said you didn’t like the movie?



That doesn’t matter! You know what? I’m coning back to New York, We need to take care of Crystal for good.” I said to Chelsea and hung up.


Grunting frustratedly, I threw my phone to the bed and gave out a loud scream.



Let’s see how Miguel will feel when he sees his real girlfriend at the Movie!” I said and went to my closet to find a dress to wear.



Daniel’s POV:



Lolita and I were at the smoothie shop having a good time, talking and drinking some smoothie.


The smoothies are so delicious by the way


I’ve been spending time with Lolita for the past few days and trust me she’s good company.


At least she’s distracting me from Crystal who decided to abandon me here and go to L.A with Miguel and is still not answering my texts.


Uh Daniel? You need to see this.” Lolita said and showed me her phone. I looked closer and saw a picture of Miguel and Crystal holding hands.


They’re holding hands?” I asked and Lolita zoomed in the caption.


Read the caption.” She said and I looked closely at the screen.


Business Mogul Miguel Nicholas seen kissing a lady identified as Crystal DeMarquez at the FF9 premiere minutes ago. Other photos of them holding hands and walking into the Galleria bellow. Is the breathtaking, handsome billionaire in a relationship? ”


What in tarnation!” I yelled after reading the caption.


She kissed Miguel again?


I asked her about the first time she kissed Miguel and she tried changing the subject!


That’s not all.” Lolita said and scrolled down.


Multibillionaire Aaron Hemswroth left in shock as he asked Crystal DeMarquez to be his girlfriend at the FF9 Premiere and she fainted. Other news has is that Miguel Nicholas claimed Crystal as his girlfriend and threw punches at Aaron. ”



What!? Aaron! She met Aaron at L.A!” I said and Lolita closed the app and kept her phone in her pocket.


I can’t believe Aaron is asking Crystal to take him back.”


I can’t believe she kissed Miguel.”


Why are you so bothered about her kissing Miguel?” Lolita asked and I sighed.


I thought we shared something special. Now she threw it all away.” I said and stood up from my chair to leave.


Wait up!” Lolita said and I shook my head.


No, I’m going home. Goodbye.” I said to her and left the premises.



Miguel’s POV:


He thinks he’s better than me!?


How dare he calls me names?


My company can buy his company twice!


I’m just partnering with him because he’s the best in L.A and I want my business to extend to L.A.


And now he wants to take Crystal away from me.


You shouldn’t have punched.” I heard Crystal say and I was startled.


What!? Are you awake?” I asked and she sat atop on the chair.


Yes I am.” She replied and I was puzzled.


Well, I punched him because he was making me angry!” I said to her and she scoffed.


And why did you tell him that you’re my boyfriend?” She asked and I sighed.



Well I did that to protect you, it was the best way I could think off. An ex is someone you broke up with because he wronged you, why will you get back together with him!?” I explained to her.


But I love him!” She yelled and I was surprised.


What!? You love that psychopath? Besides, how do you know all this? I thought you fainted?” I asked and she chuckled.


I didn’t faint, I only pretended to faint so I don’t have to say yes to his proposal!” Crystal fired back at me.


But I thought you loved him!” I snapped at her.


I do! And he’s not a psychopath, He’s better than you a million times!” She said and I felt hurt.


He’s better than me?” I asked and she nodded. Just then the limo came to a halt at the hotel’s carpark.


Yes and you can never be like him!” She added and I sighed.


I know what I must do.” I replied her and alighted from the limousine. I went into the hotel and straight to the hotel’s jewelry store.


How much is that ring?” I asked the salesperson pointing at a diamond studded ring.


Two hundred thousand dollars. Its our most expensive one.” He replied and I have him my credit card.


He imputed the price and charged it to my account.


” Here’s your card sir.” He said and gave me back the card.



Thanks.” I said collecting the card from him and I removed the ring from it’s protective glass.


I will propose to her.” I said looking at the ring.


I walked to the elevator so I could go to Kylie’s room but then I saw her coming down from the stairs already dressed up.


Oh so you’re here?” She said on sighting me. I put the ring into my pocket so she won’t see me.


You’re done kissing and romancing Crystal huh? Let me tell you something Miguel, you’re nothing but a cheating scoundrel!” Kylie yelled at me and people started focusing their attention on us.


I know you’re angry Kylie. But I think this will change your mind.” I said and slowly brought out the ring as I knelt on one knee.


Kylie, will you marry me?” I asked and brought out the ring.












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