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Chapter TEN


[ Someone Saved Them…But Who? ]






Pardon blunders and inaccuracy




Daniel’s POV:



Let’s see what Crystal thinks of me when I save her a**. She’s gonna be indebted to me for life! Let’s see how she’ll avoid me now.


It’s go time.” I said hoarsely and the commander in chief signalled his men and they went into the building.


I took a step closer to the window and leaned in so I could watch the action about to happen from the shadows.


The commander and his men maneuvered the room stealthily with each of them holding a gun and their arms stretched to it’s full length. The commander looked like he heard something coming from the other side of the house and he signalled his men to follow him.


I moved swiftly to the window adjacent to the backdoor. The window was a bit dirty and dusty and it was hard to see through it.


The policemen shot one of the supposed bad guys and the other two tried to escape but they were caught by the men and handcuffed. I opened the door and went into the room.


I walked towards the bathroom and saw three policemen on the floor, I jumped over them and went into the kitchen where Crystal, the commander, the commander’s policemen, Angelica, a dead man and two other men handcuffed.


Daniel? What are you doing here! Don’t tell me you’re the….Woah! You’re the kidnapper!” On sighting me, Crystal yelled pointing her finger at me.


Chill Crystal..” I tried calming her down but nuh-uh, she didn’t want to listen.


Officers arrest him! I knew it wasn’t that sl*t Kylie.” She added and the officer smiled and tried to calm her down but to no avail.


Calm down coffee bean!” I said and that was when she froze and stared at me. Seems like that name does wonders in her life I knew it’ll get her to shut up finally.



If I was the one who kidnapped Angelica, I wouldn’t have called the police here to come save your butt because I know you make horrible decisions when you’re angry.” I said with a smirk folding my arms bellow my chest while Crystal sneered at me.


Well I guess I owe you one. Thanks for saving me and rescuing my sis.” Crystal thanked me and I smiled.


How did you know that Angelica was kidnapped?” Crystal asked and I chuckled.


Well, I was trying to explain that to you but you were all high and mighty on me you didn’t wanna hear it. Anyways, I was about to enter Miguel’s office when and I overheard everything. The Crystal I know may do stupid things when she’s pissed so I tracked your movements and had the cops come along.” I explained and Crystal keenly listened.


Thanks,” Crystal replied and I smirked.


Uh? Hello! I’m still tied up here.” Angelica said and Crystal rushed over to where she was tied up and loosened her up.


Thanks officers.” I said to the policemen.


Anytime Mr. Daniel. We’ll be leaving now.” The commander said and signalled his men and they left the building.


You know? I wasn’t really expecting you. I was hoping Miguel would come rescue us but he never showed up.” Crystal said as she and Angelica came over.


I don’t know, Miguel isn’t the type that’s committed to doing something he promised to do. If you doubt, check his love life! He can’t love someone for more than a month!” I explained to Crystal and all she did was smile and walk away with Angelica.


You didn’t even say anything.” I said pursuing after her.



That’s because I don’t care about Miguel nor his love life because they are unimportant to me. All I care about it working as his P.A because of all the cash and cool stuff I stand to gain.” She said as the three of us walked out of the building.


Well, okay? Have you figured out who’d try to kidnap Angelica?” I asked trying to change the subject before it gets awkward.


Yeah, the person said Angelica will be released when I sign a paper to resign working with a Miguel. Off course that person wants me away from him and who else would want that except Kylie?” Crystal analyzed and it did seem to make sense except that I don’t get why Kylie would care about Miguel and Crystal’s closeness.


I have to go now, see you again…never.” She added and walked away while I just stood there stunned at what Crystal had become during these past few years.


After Aaron, I was the next guy in Crystal’s heart. We had no feelings for each other but we always had each other’s back! I was like her brother and she was like my sister.. I can’t believe how Aaron’s Mistake changed her badly andnd now….I don’t even know her anymore.


I sighed, entered my car and drove away.




Kylie’s POV:




Chelsea and I entered into the car and zoomed off from the vicinity without anyone seeing us. We drove to Miguel’s mansion and here we are now!


Chelsea has been panicking ever since we got back and she has also refused to say anything and it’s giving me concerns


But Heck


Who cares?



I have a good feeling that Crystal signed those papers and I won’t be seeing her near Miguel anytime soon.


My plan worked!


Kylie! We’re so doomed!” Chelsea exclaimed fearfully and I stared at her confused.


And why do you say that?” I asked her and she sighed then stood up from the couch and began pacing round the room.


Well you know, Crystal could be saved and we’ll loose everything because she won’t sign the papers and Angelica may also be rescued plus, she may even lead the cops right to us just like it happens in the movies or all these books we read on the internet.” Chelsea yammered peevishly and I sighed.


Well Chelsea, this isn’t a movie or a script from one of your films and neither is it a story posted on the internet this is real life! There’s no way Crystal will be rescued! Stop fantasizing.” I said to her and she rolled her eyes and sat down on the couch.


Well Chelsea does have a point


There’s possibility of what she just said happening, But like I said, this is real life and


it’s only in movies and stories that the good guys win always.


This is reality and in reality the bad guys win


The door opened and Miguel stormed in hastily. He tossed his jacket to the couch and ran upstairs. Moments later, he’s back with the keys to his Benz and was about to go outside.


Hold up! Where are you going too?” Chelsea asked and Miguel paused, sighed then faced us.


And more importantly, where are you coming from hastily?” I asked as I rose from my sitting position. I gave Chelsea a knowing look and she smiled faintly.



Crystal’s sister has been kidnapped and I was on my way to help them but my car broke down and I wasn’t able to fix it so I left Leo the driver there and called Charles to get me another car but he hasn’t come back and it’s been two hours, so I decided to come home myself.” Miguel explained and just as he was done, Daniel came in.


Hey bro, sis, Kylie.” He greeted waving to each of us respectively as he came in.


Hi, have you heard that Angelica has been kidnapped?” Miguel said to Daniel.


Why is he spreading the news?!


I don’t wanna hear that girl’s name again!


Yeah, Lucky for she and her sister, I saved them with the help of Commander Duke off course!” Daniel said smiling and Chelsea and I were left dumbstruck.


WHAT!?” We both chorused!






















Why are you guys so surprised?” Miguel asked looking at us suspiciously.


Well we were just amazed on how Daniel was able to save Angelica from the kidnapers.” Chelsea chipped in and it seems like Miguel bought it. Thank God she spoke or else we could’ve been busted at the spot!


Finally, she accomplishes something with her horse brain!



Yeah, we’re so amazed!” I said to Miguel and Daniel stood there looking all cheesy. I mouthed “Thank You” to Chelsea and she gave me a thumbs up.


Well Miguel, why don’t I give you a full body massage in your room?” I asked as I went to where Miguel stood and massaged his shoulders.


Not now Kylie, I have to go see whether Crystal and her sister are okay.” Miguel said gently removing my hands from his shoulders.


And don’t you have to be at work Kylie?” Daniel said standing akimbo.


Yeah, you’ve been away from work since the hour of 9:00am and now it’s half past 2pm.” Chelsea said looking at her watch and then it struck me that I’ve been away from work for so long!


I have to go now!” I said and picked up my bag and left the house.


Well, Boss shouldn’t be so angry at me?


Well even if he is, a night with me might change his mind




Crystal’s POV:




Angelica and I returned back home and I was damn exhausted. She didn’t say a word to me while we drove back home and I guess I know why…


Hey Angie,” I called and she looked at me.


I’m sorry.” I added and she sighed.


It’s no use. What has been done, has been done! Besides, I’m safe now. Thanks a lot.” She replied and turned to leave but I held her back.



I realise my mistake okay? I neglected you and it was my fault you were kidnapped because assuming we went to your school together, you would’ve been safe in my arms.” I said to her and held her hand.


No matter what Angelica, I’ll always be there for you from now henceforth! That’s because I love you so much and I’ll do anything for you.” I added and she smiled and hugged me.


I love you too.” I said embracing her.


How about I make it up to you? This Saturday will be Sister Night! Just me and you and we’ll do anything you want.” I said as we disengaged from the hug.


I’m looking forward to it sis,” She said and went into the kitchen.


I sat on the couch and brought out my phone to call Lolita and tell her all that happened but that was when Miguel barged into my house.


You know Mr. Man, there’s this new thing and it’s called knocking!” I yelled at him dropping my phone.


I have no time for your sass and sarcasm sweetheart. How are you doing? Are you alright? Is Angelica fine? Did they hurt you guys?” Miguel asked paranoid and sat beside me.


Fine, Yeah, Yeah aaaand Nope.” I said answering all his questions in one sentence.


Oh Good, I was really worried about you guys!” He said and I smiled.


I know you’re having double thoughts about working with me after all that has happened. This is America and you have some rights. I’ll give you some time to think about working with me. You can still keep the house and car either ways.” Miguel announced and I was speechless.


I just came to check on you guys, and since you all are fine. I’ll be leaving.” Miguel said and left the house.



He is right,


Working with him caused all this.


But should I stop or not?


My phone beeped, it was a message from Daniel.


What in God’s name does he want from me!?


I’m starting to think this dude has ulterior motives!



Hey there” His message read and I sighed before answering it.



What do you want?


A minute later..



I want us to talk, there’s something I wanna tell you.



More lies? Thank you, but I’m not in the mood for that.


Forty-five seconds later.



Please just meet me at Olivia’s Diner again tonight at 8pm. Remember you said you owe me. And this is what I want.


So he wants me to come meet him again? So he can tell me more Aaron


lies!? Hell no!


But I did say I owe him and Crystal doesn’t fall back on her words, Curse my perfect mouth for saying those words earlier.


I went upstairs and dressed into something cozy, I wasn’t going for a fancy dress party. I put on some makeup and was ready to go.



Hey Angie! I have to go somewhere. Lolita will be back any minute.” I yelled from the living room.


Okay! Bye!” She replied and I left the house and drove to Olivia’s diner.


As the last time, he was sitting at the far end of the room and I sighed and went to meet him.


I have things doing and I give you only ten minutes to spit out what you wanna tell me.” I said to him as I sat down.


Jeez relax coffee bean, let’s eat something.” He said trying to signal a waiter.


No, I’ve already eaten before I came here. Besides, I have a load of food at home so I won’t be hungry later. So say what you wanna say.” I said to him a bit frustrated and he sighed.


Okay Crystal, I brought you here to just tell you how I’ve feeling these past few days of remeeting you.” Daniel said and I rolled my eyes and slumped in my chair.


Crystal, I like you and I want us to be more than friends.”










The Devil’s



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