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Chapter TWELVE


[ Love Wars -Part Two ]




✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Someone grabbed my hand and held me tight preventing me from falling. I turned back and saw Daniel.


He pulled me back up and I stood upright then said,


I’m starting to believe that you follow me around this town.” I said folding my arms tapping my feet on the rocky hill.


I don’t think that’s the proper way for saying ‘Thank you for saving my life.’ ” Daniel said and I rolled my eyes. I went closer to the steep and looked down the cliff. It was a really long distance from the cliff to the land beneath it and anyone who falls from it will definitely die.


I guess I do have thank you.” I reluctantly said looking away from the edge of the cliff.


So say it.” He said and I groaned loudly while he chuckled.


Thank you for saving my life. You happy now?” I said to him and walked down the hill and he followed.


Yeah, feels so good to hear that from you.” He said and I rolled my eyes.



Don’t get to cocky about it okay?” I said to him and he sneered at me and I sneered back.


Look even if we can’t be together in a relationship. I really want to be on your good side, can we be friends at least?” He asked me as we got to the bottom of the hill and I sighed then faced him.


Well…I guess I could loosed up a bit to him, Maybe we can be friends but not more than that!


Because I can’t stand being in a relationship without another boy, I’m gonna loose it!


Fine, we can be friends.” I said to him and he smiled.


So can I buy you coffee sometime? Coffee bean.” He said and wore a smirk.


Why not? But not right now, I’m damn drunk and I may have a hangover tomorrow.” I said and he laughed.


You don’t even look like someone who is drunk. You’re so…held together.” Daniel said and I chuckled.


So can I drop you home?” He asked and I shook my head in disapproval.


Nah, I brought my car with me.” I replied and walked away from him.


Good night!” He yelled and I paused then turned and faced him.


Good night.” I replied then went home.



Lolita’s POV:


I just woke up from my evening nap and I got off my bed then grabbed my book and reading glasses then went to the kitchen and took a glass of orange juice and then I was ready.



I wore my glasses and with my book in my left hand and my glass of drink in my right hand, I went to the living room to read this book called ” Tears and Roses” by one of my favorite authors while I waited for Crystal to come back from work. .








Almost done finishing my three hundred and fifty nine paged book, the door creaked open and Crystal walked in looking quite elated.


What’s behind that smile on my bestie’s face?” I asked her closing my book while she blushed a bit.


I’ve never seen that kind of blush since the days of Aaron. So tell me, have you fallen in love again?” I added as she rolled her eyes and sat next to me.


No Lolita, I am not in love with anyone and I never will be.” Crystal said and I gave her a knowing look.


Never say Never bes.” I quoted and removed my glasses.


I made peace with Daniel.” She said and grabbed my glass of orange juice.


I tried to collect it from her but she had already gulped it down, then I said:


That’s mine! Get your own.” I whined and collected the empty glass from her and dropped it on the table while she chuckled.


Stop being a baby and listen to me!” She said and I shrugged and rolled my eyes.


I’m listening…”


I almost died today, I nearly fell off the hill but I don’t know hoe but Daniel was there to save me.” Crystal said and I smiled slyly.



This is the second time he’s saving your life Crystal, doesn’t he deserve a chance in that cage-like heart of yours?” I said and she hit my shoulders playfully and I clutched them immediately because the hit was quite painful.


Shut up! The least I could do was warm up to him and we’re friends


now…nothing more.” Crystal emphasized and I laughed.


L O L Crystal! I can’t believe you left Daniel hanging!” I said to her and she shook her head in disapproval.


I didn’t leave him hanging. I gave him a big NO and two twin slaps.” She replied and I laughed even harder than before.


But do you know I had the strangest dream while I slept.” I said and Crystal nodded then shook the empty glass that once contained my orange juice then pouted sadly.


I’ll listen to your weird dream if you refill this glass with chilled orange juice.” She said and stretched the glass to me and I groaned.






She begged with the puppy dog eyes.


Fine.” I said reluctantly collecting the glass from her and walked to the kitchen.


And add some ice cubes okay?” She yelled and I rolled my eyes then went into the kitchen.











I’m back with your dumb drink.” I said and gave her the glass of drink and she took a sip out of it.


Thanks bes.” She replied as I sat down and she took another sip.


Alright, I’m ready to hear your dream.” She added and I sighed then spoke.


I saw myself getting married to this handsome man, he had really fair skin; his skin wasn’t tanned. He had brown hair and the eyes of a semi god and the lips of an angel. Not to mention he was muscular and……”


Can we get to the main part of the dream?” Crystal chipped in interrupting me. I sighed and continued.


Anyways, my point it my dreams always come through within a short period of time I have them so expect the wedding bells soon!” I announced and Crystal laughed so hard she nearly choked on her drink.


Says the girl who doesn’t even have a boyfriend talk less of a fiancee.” Crystal said with a scornful laugh and I sighed.


Dreams do come true Crystal.” I said as she laughed and got off the couch.


I’m hungry and I’d like to eat, I really want that dream to come true.” She said and laughed her way to Angelica’s room.


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨



Daniel and I hung out more often and we started to know ourselves all over again. He had really changed, he wasn’t the nineteen year old softie I used to know when I was younger. He had acquired a more mature approach to life and I love that! Miguel on the other hand has been a big ol’ jerk as usual. Making pitiful advances to make me ‘moan his name’ as he likes to say. Meanwhile he is dating Kylie.


Such a twisted life huh



Two Weeks Later,



The door opened and Lolita came inside looking excited and happy.


Crystal you won’t believe what happened today!” She announced as she came in.




On my way to the market, I met this fortune teller and I decided to have my fortune read.” Lolita said and I rolled my eyes.


Wow! How awesome.” I said sarcastically.


She predicted that I’ll meet my dream guy sooner than I think.” Lolita said elatedly.


Lolita Abigail Hernandez. Fortune tellers are fakes! They just take your money and give you fake predictions!” I explained to her but she didn’t want to listen. She’s the type who likes to do what’s on her mind and doesn’t want to listen to what anyone else wants to say.


You’ll see. And then, I’ll rub it in your face.” Lolita said and dropped the groceries on the table.


I going back to work.” I said and wore my jacket.


I was wondering why you came back early today.” She said.


I came to pick up something for Miguel.” I replied.


All right see you later.” She said and I left the office.




The door to Miguel’s office opened and Crystal walked in holding some files, the ones she forgot at home.


Here are the dumb files you made me go all the way home to get.” Crystal said and dropped the files on Miguel’s desk and they landed with a thud.



Look this files are very important and I need them to complete the partnership documents for ACE companies.” Miguel explained and Crystal just rolled her eyes.


Whatever just don’t make me go all the way home to get anything for you.” Crystal warned and Miguel smirked then stood up from his chair.


It’s not my fault that you left important documents at home due to your carelessness.” Miguel said as he walked in circles around the office.


It’s not my fault I have a boss that makes me take work supposed to be done in the office to my house!” Crystal fired back at Miguel and he sighed.


I’ll forgive you, if you kiss me.” Miguel said and went closer to Crystal.


Eew No!” Crystal said and pushed Miguel back. But he grabbed her by her waist and held her tight.


Let go off me!” She yelled and hit Miguel but he didn’t let go.


I hate you so much!!” Crystal yelled and continued hitting Miguel, but her resistance was futile. Miguel leaned in and kissed her.


And just then, The door opened and Kylie came in.


WHAT!?” She yelled on sighting Miguel and Kylie kissing.










The Devil’s



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