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[ Love Wars -Part Five ]










✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨



Come with me to Los Angeles,” Miguel said again and I was still bewildered on why he wants me to go to Los Angeles with him.


Why?” I asked and he smiled.


ACE Companies have approved the partnership program and we are asked to come down to L.A for the business briefing this Monday.” Miguel said showing me the signed and approved documentations.


And why must I go with you?” I asked as I folded my arms and he sighed.


You’re my P.A, anywhere I go you follow. Now you can go home early and pack-up. Initially, I wanted us to take the first flight tomorrow but I have changed my mind. We’re taking the last flight today so meet me at the City’s airport by 10pm okay?” Miguel commanded and I rolled my eyes and left his office.


I walked straight to my office and sat down on my chair. My phone vibrated and started to ring. I checked the caller, it was Daniel of all people.


” I don’t wanna talk to you.” I said and disconnected the call.



Few moments later, he called again. I grunted and disconnected the call again then turned my phone and made it face the table.


About a minute later, he called again and I was getting frustrated.


Leave me the hell alone Daniel!” I yelled and disconnected the call and switched the phone’s profile to silent.


I was trying to think about my life and how I can rearrange it’s messes up surface but I couldn’t concentrate. Daniel’s face, smile and voice always pops in and I get distracted and start thinking about him.


Why can’t he leave my head?


My fears are coming true…am I falling in love with him?


I know you love him Crystal, but your stubborn self won’t admit it..” Lolita’s words rang in my head.


Don’t fight your inner feelings Crystal.” Daniel’s words rang in my head as well.


These two statements kept on racing through my thoughts. I couldn’t make them stop. They just kept on coming in, repeating themselves over and over again. It was like my brain was gonna explode. I couldn’t think straight, If I wanna think about something else all I hear is Lolita and Daniel’s saying.


Make it stop!


Admit It, Admit It, Admit it,” I kept hearing in Lolita’s voice. Oh no, I’m gonna loose it! I can’t take it anymore.


I love Daniel!!” I yelled hitting my fists on the table. Realizing what I just said, I started to sob.


No, I can’t fall in love again! Not after what Aaron did to me.


I don’t want to fall in love again.


Dear Lord, take this feeling away from my heart!



I bent my head with my arms leaning on the table and my soft sob turned into tears. I’m in a dilemma now, I can’t take the emotional rollercoaster I’m going through right now.


My phone’s screen was on and I turned the phone upright and saw it was another call from Daniel.


I can’t give in to this new feelings I have for you.” I muttered and long pressed the power up button so I could switch off the phone.


As the phone was powering off, a notification of Daniel’s message popped in and I was able to sight it before the phone powered off.



Why aren’t you taking my calls? We need to talk.


But sadly, the phone had already switched off before I could answer it.


What’s the use of talking to you? I love you but you’re meant to be with my best friend. What is there to talk about?” I said to myself as I picked up the phone and put it in my bag.


I really need a distraction from all this happening. If I go with Miguel to Los Angeles, I’ll be able to forget about Daniel and Lolita, I won’t have to listen to Angelica’s tantrums and I don’t have to deal with Kylie for a whole weekend. Although I have to put up with that pimp Miguel but I have his medicine, a slap will totally reset his brain.


Los Angeles, here I come.” I said and picked up my bag, locked up my office then drove home to start parking.



Kylie’s POV:



I took a day off from work today because I have a date with Miguel and after that, we’re gonna hit Club 99 and partaaayy all night!


I checked the clock, it was almost 4pm and Miguel will be here by exactly then and I need to prep up quickly.



I wore my shoes then added a little gel to my hair and I was through. I still had five minutes to spare and that gave me enough time to recite the rules to my little sister Cherise.


Cherise!” I yelled her name and few moments later she scampered to the living room.


I’m going out and I may not be back till tomorrow morning so don’t wait up for me.” I said to her and she nodded and turned to leave.


I’m not done yet, come back here.” I said and she grunted then turned back.


Don’t open the door to anybody and don’t leave the house for any reason okay?” I instructed and she nodded.


But my friend Angelica is coming over. We have a science project together.” She said and I sighed.


Fine, but don’t let anyone else in, because we don’t know who is who anymore. Our uncles may send someone to come take away this house because this is the only thing we have left.” I said to her as I picked up my bag and rose from my sit.


Yeah, Yeah okay.” She said rolling her eyes.


Bye.” I said to her and then I heard a horn outside, I presumed it was Miguel. I rushed out and saw his limo parked outside.


The glass at the rear was wined down and Miguel’s face peered out.


Come on in.” He said and I smiled then entered into the limo.









I have never been in a limo this big and spacious before! It’s so elegant and magnificent, it’s like a house on wheels! One can live here you know.


I really need to get Miguel to get married to me so I can have full access to all his wealth!


I’ll be one of the high lady society queens in New York or even in the whole of America, I’ll be treated with respect and show my Uncles who’s boss!




Twenty minutes later, the limo was parked in front of arguably the biggest restaurant in the whole of America, La Cuisine.


Miguel! Our date is at La Cuisine!” I said excitedly and hugged him.


Yeah, Yeah. I’ll do anything for you!” He said and the chauffeur opened the door for us and we stepped down majestically. Holding hands, we entered into the restaurant.


He had already reserved a table for us earlier. The waiter showed us our reserved table and we sat down.


Get us a bottle of red wine first.” Miguel told the waiter and he nodded then went away.


You look gorgeous in this dress.” Miguel complimented and I looked at my dress, it was actually beautiful but not expensive. I can’t believe Miguel likes it.


Thanks so much. You look charming yourself.” I complimented and he smiled.


Least I forget, I will be traveling later today.” Miguel said and I was confused.


I thought you said we’re going partying today!” I asked.


I have to cancel. See I’m flying to Los Angeles for a business meeting and it came impromptu.” Miguel exclaimed and I pouted sadly because I was so disappointed.


Okay when will you be back?” I asked.



Well the meeting will be on Monday, I was hopping to spend sometime at Los Angeles and attend the Premiere of the new Fast and Furious 9. You know they used one of my houses for the film and I also spent some money for the production of the movie.” Miguel explained and I sighed. The waiter came back with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He popped the


wine and poured it into the glass.


Your drinks kind ma’am and sir.” He said placing the bottle on the table.


Thanks, take this and get yourself something.” Miguel said to the waiter and brought out a bundle of money from his pocket and gave the waiter ten hundred dollars note.


Thanks so much sir!” The waiter said elatedly as he collected the money. Miguel smiled and the waiter bowed and left.


So who are you going with?” I asked him and took a sip out of the wine.


Well, the directorial team, two people from the editing team, my secretary and Crystal.” Miguel said and I spat out my drink on hearing Crystal’s name.




Crystal with Miguel for five whole days in another state!?




Over my dead body will I allow that to happen!


Must Crystal go?” I asked him and he sighed.


There you go again. What is your problem Kylie? She’s my personal assistant and she contributed a lot to making sure this proposal goes well.” Miguel stated and I was frustrated.


I have to do something quick!


” Can I come with you guys?” I asked him and he arched his brows at me.



Don’t give me that look, answer me!” I said half-yelling and he exhaled then took a sip of his wine.


Fine! I need to go prepare the visas and get ready, so meet me at the airport by 10pm, our flight takes off by 10:30pm.” Miguel said to me and he stood up from his chair and turned to go.


Are you leaving me here!?” I asked and he shrugged.


Yes, I believe you know your way back home.” He replied and left the restaurant.




✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


I was packing up for the trip and frankly saying, I was confused on what to bring and what to not bring. Thus trip came on a short notice! Normally when I want to travel, I start packing a week before time.


But today I’m just a confused woman and Angelica isn’t making it any easier. She’s busy ranting about a girl who troubled her at school.




Crystal? Are you even listening to me!” She asked and I sighed arranging my shirts into the suitcase.


Yeah, you said Madison threw your books on the floor and insulted your shirt.” I said uninterestedly arranging the shirts.


Yeah! What is wrong with my shirt, it’s so beautiful and lovely! Anyways, then this cute boy showed up and his name is Jake and he…”


Angelica don’t you have a science project to do with your friend Cherise?” I chipped in cutting her short and she was surprised.


Oh My God! I really have to go now. Please call me when you get to L.A!” Angelica said wearing her jacket.



Yeah I will. And don’t forget to tell Lolita that I travelled.” I said to her and she nodded then left.


With her out of the way, I can now concentrate fully and arrange my clothes.








Two hours later, I was done packing up and was ready to go. I checked the time, it was already 8pm. I quickly hit the showers and freshened up quickly then dressed up. It was all ready and fit to go.


I ordered for and uber to take me to the airport.



The Next Day,



Yesterday was kind of good, It was going smoothly till I discovered that Kylie was coming along with us, so much my “No Kylie” dream.


Anyways, I pray she stays out of my hair throughout our stay here.










Fast Forward.


Monday Morning✨


The weekend was kinda boring because we didn’t go anywhere or do anything fun. We just practiced our presentation for the briefing which was today.


I was already done dressing and was putting on the finishing touches to my makeup.


Uh Crystal, the boss said I should call you. We’re ready to go.” Beatrice said and I nodded and picked up my bag.


Let’s go.” I said and we left the hotel.












We arrived at the office complex of ACE companies and we were escorted to their business hall where the meeting was to take place.


Please get seated while we await our boss.” Cosmos said as we took our seats and awaited their boss.


Yes, Mr. Hemsworth will soon be here.” A colleague of Cosmos said.


Mr. Hemsworth…isn’t that..” Just then the door opened and a man dressed in a dark suit came inside. My eyes nearly fell out on seeing him.


I thought he traveled out of the country?


What is he doing here in Los Angeles.


Crystal, nice to see you again.” He said and wore a proud smirk.


Aaron…you’re here!











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