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Chapter ELEVEN


[ Love Wars -Part One ]



✨Crystal’s POV:✨


I sniggered then asked,


More than friends?”


Yes.” Daniel replied and grinned with and face refuted his expectation of a positive answer.


I leaned my arms on the table and smirked at him, making sure I had direct eye contact with him.


So you want us to be more than friends? Like you want us to date?” I asked and he smiled then gently picked up my left arm from the table and squeezed it gently as well.


Yes,” He replied.


I released my hand from his and gave him a resounding slap on his left cheek. The restaurant’s attention was on us yet again because of the echo of the slap. I eyed him from top to bottom then picked up my bag and strutted out of the restaurant.


What a pathetic attempt to ask me out!


What the hell does he take me for?


A girl who doesn’t know her left from right?


One who doesn’t learn lessons?


His friend gave me an injury that can never be healed and now he has been sent by the demons to completely shatter me!?




I won’t be broken twice, never!


It was raining and the downpour was quite fierce and heavy accompanied with the whistling wind that blew making the old oak trees around bend to it’s force.



My car was parked across the road and it’s very hard to see because like I stated earlier, the rain was damn heavy and I could hardly see coupled with the fact that I was getting soaked.


About to cross the road,


I felt a familiar hand grasp my arm and I turned back and slapped the person. I knew it was Daniel that’s why I slapped him.


Let go off me!” I said shrugging off his grip.


Please Crystal, just let me in! Give me one chance to prove myself worthy of your love. I beg of you.” Daniel said on the top of his lungs probably because the sound of the rain won’t allow me to hear him if he spoke with his normal voice.


But shouting or not, that changes absolutely nothing!


Did you just vomit that gibberish from your word hole?! I should accept you so you can finish the remains of what Aaron left? It will never happen, not even in your wildest dreams.” I fired back at him and tried to cross the road and then he held my hand and made me face him. Grasping my waist, he pulled me closer to him


Please Crystal give me one chance. You’re beautiful, selfless, strong and courageous and I really want us to be more than friends.” He spoke and tucked in loose strands of my hair behind my ear.


I released myself from his grip and pushed him away.


What a ridiculous assay to make me fall for you! Look we aren’t even friends talk less of being more than friends. But if you touch me one more time, I’ll make sure we’re more than enemies.” I warned him sternly nearly pointing my fingers into his eyes.


But Crystal…” He tried protesting but I shut him up.



Don’t ‘But Crystal’ me. Respect your boundaries and go tell Aaron that his plan failed.” I snapped back at him then finally crossed the road. I entered into car and drove off.


I know he doesn’t love me at all!


He was sent by Aaron to come and break my heart for the second time. What has my life turned into?


This all started the very first moment I saw Miguel!


Assuming I hadn’t seen him, I wouldn’t have seen this dumb brother of his!










I arrived home and was glad, at least I’m in my safe heaven. No Miguel, No Daniel and No Kylie. Just me, my bes and my sister.


I walked towards my room and was blocked by Lolita right at the entrance.


She shook her head, hissed and folded her arms then said,


You aren’t going inside your room again without saying a word to any of us. You’ve changed bes.” She said and I sighed.


I haven’t, how about I tell you all that happened today?” I said to her and her face lot up with beaming smiles plus, I really need to talk to someone about everything and Lolita is the right person.




You mean Daniel, Miguel’s brother asked you to be his girlfriend? Epic!” She chortled after I had explained everything.


I never said he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said he asked that we should be more than friends.” I said to her filing my toenails.


Same thing! Besides what did you tell him?” She asked and I chuckled.


I slapped him…twice.” I said feeling proud of myself and my actions.


Typical Crystal! But are you sure you don’t have any feeling for him?”


Tell me which suits my nails. Blue or Pink?” I asked showing her the two bottles of nail polish trying to change the subject.


Any colour. Now stop trying to change the subject and tell me do you like Daniel?” She asked again and I dropped the bottles of nail polish and sighed.


I have no feelings for him or any other guy!” I said emphasizing my seriousness hitting my fist hardly on the bed.


If you say so…time will tell.” Lolita said and winked while I rolled my eyes.


Lolita and I had a lot of catching up to do because for about a week now, I haven’t said anything to her and we shared a lot of chats and laughs. It feels so good to have my best friend back…and my sister as well.


Angelica, Lolita and I watched a movie till late in the night and after that we all retired to bed and got enough rest for the next day.



The Next Day:



The sun rays that emitted from the open window in my bedroom and the somewhat burning sensation caused by the rays when they landed on my cheek was what knocked me out from ‘Dreams Ville’. My eyes fluttered open and I yawned heavily before stretching while trying to sit atop of the bed.


A Brand New Day…” I muttered as I looked outside through the window and witnessed the cool arena because of the rain that fell last night. The birds chirped happily and listened to the soothing sound they produced.


I checked the time on my alarm clock, it was already few minutes to 8am. I have to get prepped up for work or else I’ll be late and Miguel won’t let me hear the end of it.



I got off my bed and went into the bathroom to have a bath and brush my teeth then got dressed in one of the new clothes I just bought then went downstairs to eat breakfast, solely prepared by Lolita.


She’s the cook around here


She has awesome culinary skills and can whip off anything at all even in the shortest amount of time.


So she handles the cooking.


I ate breakfast and offered to drop Angelica at school today in a bid to make-up for what happened yesterday. After dropping her at school, I decided to pay Kylie a little visit because I know she is the perpetrator.


Even though Angelica has refused to tell me anything about the kidnap so I’ll have to find out myself.


I alighted from my ride and went into the restaurant. I took off my glasses and sighed looking around the rathole or a restaurant. Kylie was coming out of the hole with a tray in her hand coming towards my direction. She was shocked on sighting me but nevertheless, she continued advancing towards the direction.


She served the man sitting beside me with the drinks in the tray and was about to walk away ignoring me.


” Hey stop there.” I said and she froze in her tracks.


She turned back and looked at me then clutched the tray to her chest and sighed.


What do you want?” She asked and I chuckled.


Listen, you may not want to admit it but very soon you will, trust me on this. I know you’re responsible for Angelica’s kidnap.” I said to her and she was about to talk…maybe to lie or deny it but I didn’t give her the chance.


You just shut up and listen! You’re on my watch and you will rot in jail trust me!” I yelled in her face and sh chuckled.



You think I did it huh? Prove it. Prove it!” She said in my face and I didn’t have anything to say because I don’t have any proof but the guts of a woman never lies and my guts say it’s Kylie.


There is nothing to prove! There is nothing at all to prove! The air, the clouds, the skies, the four walls of this rathole restaurant and trees are a witness to this day, this moment when I tell you that you will rot in freaking jail. Mark my words.” I said to her and flipped my hair in her face and strutted out of the restaurant leaving her stunned.


I drove to the office complex and entered into my office. I slumped into my chair and tears dropped from my eyes. Life is so unfair to me, the very moment my mother, father and other siblings were pronounced dead, that very moment an ample part of my happiness and sanity vanished!


I was left with just my sister, I had no one else. That bastard of a boy Aaron broke my heart and I concluded that this life is full of wicked beings especially men.


Now In this twisted life of mine, I came across Miguel and now my life has turned to a living hell.


Everyday there’s new trouble!


But at least, he saved my sister and gave me a roof over my head so it makes it a lot bearable.


Hours into work, my head was spinning. I was thinking about everything going on in my life and no matter how hard I try to avert the thoughts, they keep coming back in ten folds.


I can’t take this anymore!


I have to get a drink.


I went out of my office and took a drive to one of the neatest bars in town. Hillside 99 was the name of the bar, mostly because it was on a hillside.


Whisky.” I told the bar man and he nodded and went to get it.






Wallowing in my sorrows and drinking my senses away, I think I’ve had like six bottles and sincerely I can’t feel any part of my body. I paid the bar man and went outside the bar. It was few minutes past seven pm and the stars and moon had come out to play. I went to the hill to view this wondrous sight.


Few minutes later, the wind began to blow and I lost my balance and slipped off the cliff but someone grabbed me.


I turned back to see…,




Miguel’s POV:



I was in my office drafting out a new strategy for business. I really need Crystal’s help on this.


I dialled her office line and it rang countless times but no answer.


Beatrice!” I yelled summoning her presence and few moments later she scampered into the office.


Boss.” She said as she came in.


Where is Crystal?” I asked her.


She left some hours ago.” She replied and I was surprised. She left without my permission?


You can go now.” I said and she left the office and just then Kylie walked in.


Hey.” She said and sat on the couch. I got off my chair and went to where she sat.


Hi lovely.” I replied her and she pecked my cheek.


How are you?” She asked and I smiled.



I’m fine dear.” I replied.


What about you?” I asked and she sighed and frowned.


Well I’m not too fine.” She replied and I sat beside her and stroke her hair.


What happened to my baby?” I asked and she pouted sadly.


It’s your P.A Crystal. She came to harass me at the restaurant today claiming that I kidnapped her sister. I don’t even know whether she has a sister or not.” She explained and I was shocked.


Typical Crystal.” I muttered to myself and smirked.


What did you say?”


Nothing, don’t worry about it. I’m sure Crystal misunderstood the whole situation.” I said trying to console her.


No, she was serious. She even threatened to get me arrested.” She said and leaned her head on my chest.


Will a kiss make you feel better?” I asked and not waiting for her reply, I kissed her lips softly.


I love you.” She said and I smiled.


I know you do.” I replied and pecked her cheek.


I’ll go see whether Beatrice has some coffee.” She said and strutted out of my office.


I watched her till she left the office. She’s so beautiful and s£xy.


I think…I think I might be falling in love her….for real.










The Devil’s



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