Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Story Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers



Ava’s POV.


“Next!” I heard the man inside say and I walked in.


“Your name ?”


“My name is Ava , but you can call me ‘the chameleon Ava”


The man looked to the face of a very handsome man in suit sitting on the tallest chair there.


“Is she normal?” The handsome man asked the man interviewing me.


“I do not think so” The man that just asked my name replied.


“Chameleon Ava ,can you tell us why you will like to be a maid to our boss here?”


I chuckled and sat. ” Well , If he employs me as his maid , I will ensure I make him eat always ,If he refused to eat a meal ,I may even slap him. You know ; he needs to eat to be healthy ” I said and the two men exchanged glances.


“What can you do apart from cooking?” The man interviewing me asked.




“Well , I can bully … that’s if he tries me though but if he didn’t,he’s safe. “


“We confirmed already that you are not normal , leave and never come back here again. ” The man interviewing me said and I furrowed my brow.


“You would never regret employing me for him.” I said.


“I said ‘leave’ or you want me to call the cops to drag you away from here?”


“Seems you have high temper ,just shouting on somebody anyhow ” I said and stood.


I turned to leave but heard a voice that made me stop.


“What did you say your name is again?” The handsome man asked.



I turned to him and replied. ” I don’t repeat my name twice “




“Yes ,but because you are too handsome , I will tell you. ” I said and took a step further. “My name is Ava ,but please call me the Chameleon Ava or Ava the chameleon “


He smirked and looked to the man that told me to leave.


“Employ her” He said and walked away.


“Sir…sir ” The man interviewing me tried to call the handsome man but he didn’t reply.


The man looked at me angrily and I shot him an angry look too.




“Employ me man, don’t waste my time. ” I said.


“You will hate yourself in this compound. ” He threatened and handed over the letter of employment to me.

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