Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Ava’s POV




I walked inside the compound the following morning with my travelling bag , they had said that I must bring my luggage and come to live officially with their boss.


I kept dragging my box as I walk towards the building.


“Welcome, I’m Jan ” The man that interviewed me and also threatened me yesterday said.


“You know my name already ,jam or Jan. Show me my room” I said and he grinned wickedly.


He gestured for me to walk in to which I did.


“This is your room.” He said and I nodded. I entered and began to arrange my luggage while he stood and watch.


“Anything else?” I ask him.


“Yes ,I need to show you the boss room.” He said and I stopped what I was doing and walked to him.


“You should have told me that since , I’m tired ,I want to sleep . If your boss wants to see me ,tell him I’m here.” I said and he grinned wickedly again.


He walked away while I continued with what I was doing. I really love this place ,just so sweet.




I was about to close the door when two men came into view. It was Jan and one other guy.


“How can I help you?” They carried me instead while I struggled to be free.


My struggling was not successful,they finally landed me in a corner of the house and began to beat me.


After beating me for a period of time ,they left me bruised and walked away




I smirked as I peeked at the pain all over me. I struggled to stand and walk back to my room.


This people do not know me ,I will show them what I’m made of.

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