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Very early in the morning ,I was cleaning the floor and Jan came into view.


“I believed you are fine now?” He asked.


“Like you care.” I answered and continued cleaning the floor.


He giggled and said; ” Yes,I never cared. The boss is requesting for your presence ?”


My heart beat at the moment and I bite my lips softly. Ever since he had said he would fire me as soon as I get better ,I’ve not set my eye on him.


This will be my first time of setting my eyes on him since I get healed. I’m really scared of what my date would be on seeing him.


I dropped the cleaning rod in my hand and followed Jan to where Stone is.


He was seated on a couch with his leg crossed on a desk.


“Thought you would never show up?” He said and I kept mute.


“Have the letter on the table. ” He said and I furrowed my brow.




I said it ,I’m about to get fired. My whole poverty family that had being depending on me would now suffer from my actions.


I looked away with tears almost falling from my face. I accepted my fate and took the letter from the table.


Without saying a word ,I turned and was about to leave when he called.


“Hey!” I paused and turned at him.


“Open that letter and read what is inside .” Stone said.


“I knew it already.” I said and stood still looking inside his face.


He chuckled and looked to the face of Jan ,then to my face.



Jan was expressionless.


“Open and read it.” He said and I exhaled while shaking my head.


I did as he had said and read.


It reads; ” Rude maid , I wish I could fire you but I think the time to fire you is not ripe. One last chance.”


I exhaled happily on seeing the letter but had to hide my feeling of happiness. I do not want him or Jan to know that I’m scared of being fired cause they would easily use that to threaten me.


“Why can’t you just fire me ,huh?” I asked with a Stern face.


He smirked and looked to the face of Jan again. Jan shook his head and Stone came to look at me.


“Seems rudeness runs in your blood.” Stone said and I smirked.




“Rudeness? ” I grinned and walked out.


On getting inside my room ,I began to jubilate that he never fired me.

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