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I sat at the balcony of the house with my boys after the boss freed me from the hollow room where the bees had devoured me.


“So the boss punished me because of that stupid girl?” I lowered my head angrily.


“I do not seem to understand the boss this days” One of my boys whose name is Bobby said


“As in….This is not the boss we have being working with for many years ” Thomas added. He’s one of my trusted boys too.


“Hey guys , don’t you think the boss is having some sort of feelings for this rude girl….cause I sincerely do not understand why any lady will be rude to him yet doesn’t want her to get punished. ” Timothy said.


I shook my head angrily.


“Seriously ,the boss is surprising me.” I lambasted.


“Boss ,what do we do?” Bobby asked.


“Don’t worry , I want her to embarrass the boss before me next time ,but I won’t even lay my hands on her like I use to do. Then I will see what the boss would do ”


“Yes , I was about to say it. Don’t fight for the boss again. Thomas said.




Ava’s POV.


I was washing the dishes in the house while singing. I heard steps approached the kitchen but I didn’t bother looking back to check who it was.


“Hey!” I heard the person say but I still ignored.


“Ava, I’m calling you.” He said again.


“I do not know you. If you have common sense , you should know that I’m washing the dish. I’m doing my job as a maid.” I said and continued washing the dishes.


“Did you know whom you speaking too?” He asked and before I could reply ,I noticed some sets of people entered.


“Boss , we are done with the garden.” I recognize the voice to be that of Jan so I turned to see him.



I was actually surprised that Stone could actually punish Jan for punishing me.


“Good!” Stone replied Jan and looked at me.


Jan and his three boys were forced to direct their gaze at me also.


“Did you now know whom you are speaking to?” Stone asked.


“And…? ” I asked.


“Excuse me…This is your boss before you.” he said and I kept mute. I turned from him and continued washing the dish. “What are you doing?”


I rinsed my hand and turned to him.


“You are asking me what I’m doing?” I asked but he kept looking at my face without expressing any emotions.




“I’m sweeping the floor , since you can’t see for yourself that I’m washing the dishes.” I said and Jan and his boys bursted into laughter in mockery of their boss.


On a norms ,Jan would have slapped me I’m defense of his boss but I was surprised at his act. But who cares

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