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I raised my head up all of a sudden cause of a sudden bite by an insect that I can not fathom.


I found out that the insects were bees ,in few seconds ,they had began to bite me all over my body.


Gosh! That hurts so bad that I wish I can find an escape route. The bees continuing to feed on me till I began to feel weak.


I felt like I would die with their stings cause there is no escape route for them ,I couldn’t run away either.


If the bees and I are stuck there ,then they will bite me to death.


This Stone of a man is really wicked.


Jan’s POV


The boss entered about few minutes later after we had poured bees in that rude maid in the hollow room.


“Have you released her ?” The boss asked.


I wasn’t expecting the boss to come at a time like this. The boss that I know do not even care about anyone , doesn’t care what we do for any maid.




Doesn’t care if we kill the maid or not. But why is he just caring for this girl that seems not to be scared of him and rude to him at the same time.


“Erm…” I was stammering for what to say. I really did not know what perfect answer to give.


Cause I was wondering that if I tell him that we had freed the girl ,he may ask for where the girl is and go check up on her and if I tell him the truth,he may punish my boys and I for disobeying him.


“Jan ,is the girl still at the hollow room?”


“Not really sir.” I answered.


“Not really!” The boss muttered and went to the computer that we were watching from.


He watched as the girl rested to the wall of the hollow room using her mouth to breath as the bees kept biting all her body.



“Jeez! You poured bees on her!” The boss shouted while I adjusted back in fear.


“Have you gone crazy?” He asked me angrily. “Release the girl immediately ”




My boys and I went hastily to open the door of the hollow room and dragged her outside


This time ,her eyes were closed but one would know she is trying to survive. We tamed the bees.


We brought her to the boss.


Stone bent and touched the rude maid in her neck. He then looked up to me.


He bite his lips and said; “you and you,take her to the doctor to get her treated immediately.”


Those he ordered did as he had said then he stood and face me.


“Your hatred for that lady made you disobey me ,Jan.” He said.




“I’m sorry sir!” I pleaded.


“Take Jan inside that hollow room and pour bees on him ,let him know how it feels too.”

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