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After the usual morning training that Jan lead all workers into.


I was about leaving when Jan walked up to me.


“Hey! You seem gentle this days!” He said.


“How does that affect your living ,young man?” I asked and he grinned dryly.


He gave me a blow in my nose and it made me staggered back.


I touched my nose and saw blood in it.


Jan walked up to me. “I’m not Stone that you can talk to anyhow ,cleared?”


“Cleared. “I answered him and began to rub my nose.


Ouch! It hurts.


He walked away proudly and I walked to my room. On getting to the entrance of my room ,I saw Stone standing and leaning on my door.




“Excuse me?” I said


“I’m here to discuss something with you?” He said and I chuckled softly.


“Do I look like your wife or some sort of business associates that you want to discuss something with? ” I said and stood akimbo. “Man, I’m not interested in whatever you come here to discuss.”


He suddenly brought his head close to mine like he noticed something on it.


“What! What happened to you in your nose?” He asked.


“How does that affect your daily living ,sir?”


He scoff and looked away.



He swallowed and said;”Tell me who did this to you?”


I grinned and said; “Ask Jan.”


“Jan!” He said and brought out his phone. He put a call across to someone I assume to be Jan.


About few minutes later,Jan arrived.


“Jan ,what happened to her in the nose?” Stone asked.


“Sir! When did you start getting so concerned about an ordinary maid?” Jan asked.


“Have you gone out of your mind ? Is that the question I asked you?”


“I’m sorry sir.” Jan replied with a slight bow of his head.


“Answer my question.” Stone requested.


“She’s rude and I hit her.” Jan said.


“You hit her ? ” Stone repeated and looked at me.


“Hit yours back.” Stone said to me.


“Sir!” Jan called like he didn’t hear what Stone said clearly.




“Keep your d@mn mouth shut.” He yelled on Jan and said to me; “Hit …him…back.”


“And what do you stand to gain from that, sir? Is it your nose? Do I complain to you? Do I tell you…. man ,get out of my door.” I said and pushed him away from my door that he almost fell and I walked inside my room.

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