Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ava ^




I was so weak and burning from the inside. I’m too stubborn to succumb to Stone’s request just because he tortured me with the furnace.


I wondered why he didn’t let me spend more minutes there.


“Are you referring to me as a fool!” He asked.


“What worst would you do again?” I asked.


“I will show you what worst I can do for you. ” he said.


“Deal with her all you want.” I heard him say and walked out.


“Carry her.” Jan said and two of his boys carried me by my two armpit.


Jan went to sit by a small leather chair and rested with his two hands folded.


“Hum! Now the boss has given me the chance to punish you all I want.” He said and I kept watching him wondering what he’s about to do to me.


“Guys , throw her inside that furnace!” I heard him say to his boys and I furrowed my brow.




“What!” I screamed and he laughed.


“Boss,she will die that way ” one of his boys said.


“Yes, only her death can save us in this house. Remember the boss use to Love me so much before this stupid rude maid came. Ever since this girl came , his affection towards me has reduced and he can’t even stand her go through so much torture. I want to watch her burn to death.” Jan said.


“The heart of man is really wicked. ” I thought weakly and spat to the floor.


His boys carried me and I let them . Just when they were about throwing me inside the furnace. I set myself loose from the grip and stood in a fighting position against them.


They grinned and then began to fight me. I knock them down in just fifty seconds but the place I was ,was seriously burning and I really do not have much strength.


I fell to my knees and dragged myself outside the furnace arena to the area where Jan sat.



Jan grinned mocking and stood. “Even in your weak state ,you defeated my boys. ”


Jan looked around and jugged to where an heavy rod is.




He walked to me and laughed sarcastically.


He hit me on the head and everything went blank.

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