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On getting to my room , I closed my door and slump to the bed. I slept off.


I woke around 12 PM and I hurriedly adjusted to a sitting position.


Oh my days! I had slept for so many hours. As a maid ,I should have wake up early ,clean the house and stuffs.


But how come no one came to disturb me or something…maybe they are scared of me.


I decided to see the light of the day by going outside,on stepping out ,I saw two men standing at my entrance.


“Did you miss road?” I asked.


They bundled me without saying a word and I just let them do what they want to do. I’m curious to know where they are taking me too.


To my surprise ,they dumped me inside a hollow room,very tiny.


The door was closed on me and I gazed up. The room has a very long height and light was everywhere that I could hardly see what the roof was like.


“Stubborn Maid!” I recognize the voice immediately to be that of Stone.




“Why did you bring me here?” I spoke out loud and my voice echoed through the tiny hollow room.


“As torture. You will be here for three days until you learn to respect me in this house. ” Stone said.


“Ha ha ha” I laughed. “Is this a joke?”


I didn’t hear any more word again.




Stone’s POV


Very stubborn a girl but I kind of like her stubbornness ,reason why I had not fried her.



All other maid that I had being employing fear me so much but this one do not seem to give a d@mn about me.


Around 5 PM in the evening ,my mind was seriously on her. Even though I had directed Jan

to ensure she spends three good days at the hollow room. I couldn’t stand it.


I walk to where Jan and his me were. They were all watching her from the computer as she squatted to the floor helplessly in the hollow room.


“Jan , release that girl.” I said.


“What! Boss…why?” Jan said almost angry. I knew Jan loath that girl so much cause of her rudeness but her rudeness made me like her.


“Do as I’ve said ” I said and was about stepping out when Jan spoke again.


“Boss…the maid….this girl is…” I interrupted him before he could complete his statement.


“Is what? Jan, do as I’ve said. ” I walked away.


Jan’s POV.


“Hey boys! I do not seem to understand the boss anymore. Why did the boss keep pampering this rude girl…did he know her somewhere or something?” I asked my boys.


“And he wouldn’t even fire her” one of my boys said.


“Boss , let’s leave her there. The boss would not know anything.


“Good!” I said.


“In fact , let’s torture her the more there.” Another one said.


“Like what can we do to make her life hell of a living there?” I asked.




“Send bees to the hollow room ,let them bite her to death.” One of my boys said and I laughed.


“You and you! Get the cave of the bees and and throw it to the hollow room ,let’s watch her suffer.” I commanded and the two boys I ordered got into work.

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