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I noticed a rush of legs behind me and I paused. The person grabbed me by my wrist and turned me to him.


It’s Stone.


I looked into his face while he breathes heavily like someone in anger.


“You are so rude!” He said and I just kept looking at his face.


“You allowed my boys mock me for the very first time. Did you not know what I did for Jan for actually allowing the bees devour you?”


“You did the same for him. Why,though?” I asked.


“Are you asking me why? I don’t want you to get hurt but all you do is to insult me right?”


“Who’s insulting you? You knew I was washing plate yet you asked what I was doing?” I asked.


“Oh!” I think it’s high time I start allowing my boys to punish you.” He said.


“You can’t stand it ” I said and collected my hand from his grip.




I winked at him and walked away.


Stone’s POV


I bite my lips painfully. I feel like telling my boys to beat the hell out of her and watch her suffer but like she said ,I can’t stand it.


But why? What in the world is this girl using on me that will not make me deal mercilessly with her.


The truth is I just can’t stand her being punished. I feel like I’m the one being punished anytime she’s punished.


This is not the Stone I know. This is not me. I’m wicked. I deal mercilessly with ladies and molest them as I wish.


But who in the world is this very rude girl.



“Boss!” I heard Jan’s voice as I turned.


“We are about to leave sir ” Jan said and I shot him a very angry look.


I couldn’t scold him for mocking me since I had punished him for punishing the maid already.


I looked away without giving him a reply. He walked out with his boys anyways.




I continued breathing heavily in anger and start to think of how to safe myself from the new me.


I need to go back to my old self so I can teach Ava some hard lessons of her life.

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