Wed. May 29th, 2024

I stood boldly and they all began to hail me. Jan stood sullenly and shouted all of a sudden ; “Stop it.”




Everywhere suddenly remained quiet while I just smile.


He walked to me and shot me a threatening look.


“You will regret this!” He said and faced others. He continued training them and ignored me.


I went to sit at a balcony and watched them afar. I’m even glad I will not be joining them early in the morning for exercise.


I finally noticed Stone walked towards where the exercise was going on.


“Stop!’ Jan yelled and they all sighted the boss.


They went to assemble before him in an orderly manner while I sat still watching them.


“Good morning gentlemen. ” He greeted.


“Highly Welcome Master.” They all echoed.


He peeked around the surrounding and his face met with mine.




“What is this one doing there?” He asked Jan.


“Sir…This girl is crazy! Very stupid ,I think we should just fire her and employ another maid!” Jan replied.


“My question hasn’t being answered.” Stone said softly. “What is she doing there while others are here.”


Jan came to look at me and ran to me ,he kicked me on my head that I fell to the floor.


“Stupid girl ,move!” He said and I stood and joined the line.


“Why didn’t you tell her to join them before ?” The boss persistently ask Jan.


“She wouldn’t listen sir.” Jan replied.



“Can you hear yourself ? How come she listened to you now?” He asked while Jan opened his mouth ,obviously confused of what answer to give. Words weren’t protruding out of his mouth.


Stone faced me and said ; “Why didn’t you join the people here?”




“I didn’t feel like.” I said and stood with my two hands resting on my hips.


He grinned. “You didn’t feel like joining what I commanded. ”


“I don’t care who commanded it,anyways …I need to rest more in my room. See you later.” I said and walked away.

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