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While Donald drive us back home ,I reduced the music he was playing in the car and said; “why is it that everyone doesn’t want us to fall in love?”


“Because it’s against the rules of the camp.”


“Why can’t you stop yourself from falling in love with me?”


“I wish I can but…I had really fallen so deep. Maybe if you had not come back from Kim ,I would have gotten over it. Cause the feelings started by growing gradually.”


“Interesting! And what if I finally fall in love with you ,how do we fight these people?”


“We will elope.” He said.


“Run away? ” I chuckled. “they will find us still….anyways ,I do not love you and I hope you get over your love sh!t too.” I said.


We arrived at his house and we both stepped down .


He came to my side and stood right beside me.


“You are free now Jessica , what next?”




“What next!” I repeated.


“Yes , what next? Are you…erm, are you going to live elsewhere?”


“Why? Are you chasing me away?”


“Oh no! I just think you can get over issues with Jennifer by staying in a new abode since you are now free.” He said.


“Jennifer never knew that I’m free, right?”


“Sure ,she has not known.”


“Are you planning to tell her?”



“Why…why should I?”


“Good. Let’s keep it a secret. It’s not yet time for me to leave this place , alright? I still need to protect you and…probably frustrate Jennifer till she leaves you!” I said.


“Hum! Fine. ” Donald said and we both walked inside.


About five hours later , I suddenly heard shouts , something like a quarrel between two people.


I stood and walked to the direction of the shout only for me to see Donald and Jennifer at the kitchen.


I watched them trying to understand what the shout was for.


“Donald! Why? Why do you have to pay for her freedom?” Jennifer asked like someone in pain.


“It doesn’t affect you.” Donald replied.


Gosh! Why in the world did Donald have to tell this to Jennifer. Thought I told him not to tell Jennifer.


“Now ,that she’s free. You guys can now make your love work right?”


“But she never loved me.”




“Really…she never loved you, right? Hum! ” Jenifer scoffed. “I’m killing her in forty eight hours. Watch!”


Jennifer said and walked out while I quickly hide so she would not see me.

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